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9.9.19- What stays and goes from Week 1
Discussing what the Eagles should continue on the field and what they need to remove from the strategy
36 min
9.8.19- Second half surge pushes Eagles to 1-0
Louie and Gino recap the Eagles 32-27 Week 1 victory of Washington!
34 min
9.7.19- Eagles vs Redskins predictions
Louie and Gino have three predictions each for tomorrows season opener
22 min
9.5.19- A fitting start against Washington
It feels right for Carson Wentz and the Eagles to start things off against the Redskins
22 min
9.4.19- Crossover Wednesday with Locked on Reds...
Previewing Eagles-Redskins with Chris Russell of Locked on Redskins
28 min
9.3.19- 2019 stat predictions
Predicting individual statistics for the 2019 season
44 min
9.2.19- The CB picture clears up
Getting into Doug Pederson's comments on who will start at CB as well as injury updates for key players
28 min
8.31.19- Eagles get to 53
Takeaways from the Eagles cut down to 53 players
32 min
8.29.19- Recapping Eagles-Jets and college foot...
Recapping the Eagles preseason finale and takling college football's kickoff
26 min
8.28.19- 2019 Season Predictions
Louie and Gino give their playoff predictions and yearly awards for the 2019 NFL seaosn
58 min
8.27.19- Cuts, Clowney, and DJax
Cutting the roster down from 90 to 53
40 min
8.26.19- Can the Eagles help the AFC South?
Will the Eagles make a trade with the Colts or Texans?
34 min
8.23.19- Takeaways from Eagles-Ravens
Who stood out for better or worse against Baltimore Thursday night?
32 min
8.21.19- Ravens Wire's Matthew Stevens
Ravens Wire Editor Matthew Stevens joins the show to preview Eagles-Ravens
37 min
8.20.19- What needs to return in 2019
Louie and Gino discuss what they want to see back on the field for the Eagles in 2019
37 min
8.19.19- 5 thoughts on Josh McCown signing
Digging into the Eagles acquisition of QB Josh McCown
23 min
8.16.19- Takeaways from Eagles-Jaguars
Recapping the Eagles 24-10 preseason victory
34 min
8.15.19- A Super Bowl preview?
Could the Eagles and Jaguars see each other again in February?
26 min
8.13.19- Is the QB luxury sustainable?
Can the Eagles continue to be in the top tier of QB rooms?
35 min
8.12.19- Folescast
Reminiscing on Nick Foles and his career in Philadelphia
43 min
8.9.19- Winners and losers from Eagles-Titans
What players stood out for better or worse against the Titans?
30 min
8.8.19- What to watch for in Eagles-Titans
Players to watch for in the Eagles preseason opener against Tennessee
24 min
8.7.19- RPO's Matt Neely
Getting ready for the Eagles-Titans preseason opener tomorrow at the Linc
38 min
8.6.19- The all-preseason heroes team
Louie and Gino create an ultimate team of past preseason heroes for the Eagles
39 min
8.5.19- Open practice recap
Recapping the Eagles open practice at the Linc
22 min
8.1.19- Preseason fantasy
Creating a fantasy football lineup of preseason studs
27 min
7.31.19- Wentz can dominate 3rd down
How Carson Wentz can get back to his 2017 form on 3rd down
25 min
7.30.19- The deepest offenses in the NFL
Which offenses can match the Eagles with their depth on offense?
34 min
7.29.19- Patrick Peterson the Eagle?
Was Patrick Peterson nearly traded to the Eagles in 2011?
41 min
7.25.19- Training Camp Day 1 takeaways
Recapping everything that happened in the opening day of Eagles training camp!
30 min
7.24.19- CB Wars
Diving into the battle royal that will come at CB this training camp
43 min
7.23.19- What to watch at training camp
What players and positional battles should fans be watching closely at Eagles training camp?
34 min
7.22.19- Creating formations on offense
Creating four scary formations for the Eagles on offense
26 min
7.19.19- Sproles is back
Reacting to the Eagles bringing Darren Sproles back for one more season
21 min
7.17.19- Will records be broken?
Who could break franchise records for the Eagles in 2019?
39 min
7.16.19- Silver jerseys and Madden ratings
Louie and Lars get into a potentially new silver Eagles jersey and the 2020 Madden ratings
27 min
7.15.19- What will motivate the 2019 Eagles?
What will fuel a deep run in 2019 for the Birds?
21 min
7.12.19- In the clutch
Who will Carson Wentz go to with the game on the line
35 min
7.11.19- Injuries That Could Lead to a "Nightma...
7.11.19- Injuries That Could Lead to a "Nightmare" Season
27 min
7.10.19- Under The Radar Players of Importance
7.10.19- Under The Radar Players of Importance - Gino gets into some dark horses who will be house hold names after an impressive 2019 season!
25 min
7.8.2019- Tiering Up The Charts
7.8.2019- Tiering Up The Charts - "Tiering up depth charts, without Lou" - Gino sits down and breaks down the roster into tiers. 100%, Probable, Questionable, Doubtful, and "GTDs"
35 min
7.2.19- Turning the Eagles into art
Exclusive interview with Jordan Spector of Spector Sports Art
23 min
7.1.19- Stat-based questions
Posing stat-based Eagles questions on offense and defense
23 min
6.27.19- Ranking top Eagles backups
Ranking the top 10 Eagles backups
30 min
6.26.19- Crossover with Locked on Giants
Gino is joined by Patricia Traina of Locked on Giants
53 min
6.24.19-Defending Andy Reid
Responding to the criticism of Andy Reid as a mentor
16 min
6.21.19- Stoutland is key
2019 is the most important season yet for OL Coach Jeff Stoutland
17 min
6.19.19- Build the ultimate Eagles offense
Louie, Gino, and you the listener build your ultimate Eagles offense
36 min
6.18.19- Locked on Corey Clement
What Corey Clement will the Eagles get in 2019?
26 min
6.16.19- Predicting the 53
Post-Minicamp roster predictions
30 min
6.14.19- JerseyCast
Talking all things Eagles jerseys
43 min
6.13.19- Real contenders or paper pretenders?
The Eagles are very talented on paper. Will that lead to another ring or another over-hyped team falling short?
26 min
6.12.19-Carson's Cap and Jenkins Back at Camp
6.12.19-Carson's Cap and Jenkins Back at Camp
23 min
6.7.19- Wentz deal w/OverTheCap.com's Zack Moore
Over The Cap Capologist Zack Moore joins the show to discuss the Wentz deal
50 min
6.6.19- Wentz secures the bag
Reacting to the Eagles new deal with Carson Wentz
42 min
6.6.19- Do the Eagles need Sproles?
Do the Eagles have a reliable receiving RB?
21 min
6.4.19- Do right by Malcolm Jenkins
The Eagles need to pay Malcolm Jenkins
25 min
6.3.19- Locked on Vinny Curry
Should the Eagles be confident in Curry as DE3?
20 min
5.31.19-"Fast Five Friday"
5.31.19-"Fast Five Friday" Gino gets into 5 burning questions surrounding this Eagles team!
28 min
5.29.19- Building offensive chemistry
How well will the offensive personnel mesh together?
23 min
5.28.19- Don't worry about DE4
Don't be scared about the unknown at DE4
29 min
5.24.19- Is McNabb a HOFer?
Should Donovan McNabb be in the hall of fame?
19 min
5.23.19- Seven player predictions
Who are the most overrated, underrated, most improved, etc. players on the Eagles?
32 min
5.22.19- Another return for DeSean?
Should DeSean Jackson return to punt returning?
23 min
5.21.19- Flying under the radar
Who aren't we talking about that could have a significant role?
26 min
5.17.19- Impact of paying a QB
Does paying a QB big money hurt chances of winning?
27 min
5.16.19- Ranking the NFC East Rosters
Gino ranks the NFC East rosters as they stand (on paper) as the NFL is in the depths of the "talent acquisition" period.
29 min
5.15.19- Ranking the roster
What are the strongest positions on the Eagles?
54 min
5.11.19- QB Tiers
Putting NFL QBs in their proper tiers
60 min
5.10.19- A splash rookie season?
Will any 2019 Eagles rookie make a big splash this season?
30 min
5.6.19- Redoing the Eagles 2019 draft
Louie plays the role of Howie Roseman and drafts the way he would've as the board fell
31 min
5.3.19- Roseman striking value gold
Reacting to the signing of LB Zach Brown
23 min
5.2.19- Players helped and hurt by draft
Which Eagles players benefited from the draft and who didn't?
41 min
4.30.19- Draft winners and losers
Which teams and players had the best and worst draft weekend?
40 min
4.29.19- Eagles draft takeaways
Louie gets into the biggest takeaways for the Eagles 2019 draft class
44 min
4.26.19- Eagles select Sanders and Arcega-White...
Reacting to the Eagles selections of RB Miles Sanders and WR J.J. Arcega Whiteside
45 min
4.25.19- Reacting to Eagles selecting Andre Dil...
Louie, Gino, and Lars react live as the Eagles trade up to select Washington State LT Andre Dillard!
23 min
4.24.19- Rankings and Rumors
Louie gets into the latest draft rumors and where he goes against the grain in his rankings
27 min
4.22.19- Late Round Gems
Who could be the steals of the draft?
38 min
4.19.19- Draft impact on fantasy football
NFL.com Fantasy Football Editor Graham Barfield discusses the rookies you may want in fantasy
23 min
4.18.19- The All-My Guy Team
Louie and Gino build a team of "My Guys" from the past five draft classes
44 min
4.17.19- 2019 schedule reaction
Reacting to the official 2019 regular season schedule for the Eagles
40 min
4.16.19- Is Wentz's back a concern?
Is Wentz not being 100% a concern?
27 min
4.15.19- Frank Clark the Eagle?
Would the Eagles trade for Seahawks DE Frank Clark?
28 min
4.11.19- UDFA Talk with Former Eagles Center, B...
Gino sits down with his high school alumni, Bruce Johnson, former Maine Black Bear and Philadelphia Eagle UDFA. They talk about the life of a UDFA, the draft process, and what happens after the draft.
28 min
4.10.19- Locked On The Mock #5
Louie and Gino go through their fifth 7-round Eagles mock draft
43 min
4.9.19- Building a rookie offense
Louie and Gino have $15 to build an offense of rookies
31 min
4.8.19- The role of a rookie WR
Who the Eagles select at WR could be telling about their long-term plan
28 min
4.6.19- The ideal top 24
Building the most ideal 24 picks before the Eagles 25th selection
31 min
4.5.19- Locked On The Mock #4
Check out another 7-round Eagles mock draft!
56 min
4.2.19- Dream scenarios for first and second ro...
What is the ideal scenario for the Eagles at 25, 53, and 57?
41 min
4.1.19- April Fools Eagles Style
Getting into the "April Fools" jokes that tricked Eagles fans
29 min
3.29.19- Trade-Up Candidates
Discussing potential candidates the Eagles could trade up for
36 min
3.28.19- Eagles trade for RB Jordan Howard
Reacting to the Eagles deal for Bears RB Jordan Howard
36 min
3.26.19- Interview with NDSU RB Bruce Anderson
Sitting down with North Dakota State RB Bruce Anderson
14 min
3.25.19- Over The Cap's Zack Moore
Over The Cap Capologist Zack Moore joins the show
46 min
3.24.19- A farewell to Jeremy Maclin
Taking a look back at Jeremy Maclin's career after the former Eagle announced his retirement
20 min
3.21.19- Digging into the Curry reunion
Analyzing the Eagles move to bring back DE Vinny Curry
24 min
3.20.19-Draft Tendencies of Roseman and Douglas
Gino gets into draft tendencies of Howie Roseman and Joe Douglas as members of a front office. Where do they draft positions? What do they prefer to draft early/late? Find out on this edition of Locked On Eagles.
27 min
3.19.19- Josh Jacobs at 25?
The stars are aligning for Josh Jacobs to become an Eagle
34 min