Better Workdays

Better Workdays is a weekly podcast dedicated to helping everyday professionals create better days at work. Whether you’re looking to expand your own skills and knowledge or those of your employees, Better Workdays has you covered with easy-to-absorb and easy-to-apply insights! 

How Can Better Workdays Help You?

For Individual Professionals: Elevate your skills and navigate workplace challenges with confidence. From mastering a growth mindset to effectively handling challenging colleagues, each episode is a stepping stone towards your personal and professional growth.

For Team Leaders and Managers: Gain insights into fostering a thriving team environment. Learn the art of first-time management, effective communication, and creating a productive, positive workplace culture.

Backed by REAL Custom Training: With our foundation in Relevant, Engaging, Actionable, and Lasting learning, "Better Workdays" promises to provide valuable insight that you can apply in the workplace as soon as each episode ends.

Join us every week for a new episode and start creating your own Better Workdays now!

Managing Your Fears Of Public Speaking
16 min
Communication Styles
28 min
How To CYA (Cover Your Assignments)
15 min
Shifting Your Mindset as a New Supervisor
12 min
The 4 Core Types of Workplace Conflict
15 min
Fixed vs Growth Mindset
11 min