10/3: Canada Covered

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Justin Trudeau, the justice minister and the ma...
Months before a federal election, the Liberal government is embroiled in a potentially damaging scandal.  This one surrounds a major Canadian company, SNC Lavalin, that is facing charges related to business dealings in Libya, and whether the...
24 min
Why putting money launderers in jail is so hard
When it comes to disrupting major organized crime activities, getting drugs off the streets is the easy part. For officers who are tasked with following the money, getting charges laid and getting convictions to stick is a big problem. Dave and...
16 min
Bruce McArthur was 'addicted' to killing
Admitted Toronto serial killer Bruce McArthur was addicted to killing, says Toronto Sun columnist Joe Warmington. McArthur is expected to spend the rest of his life in prison for the brutal murder of eight men from Toronto's gay community. Warmington...
21 min
Why millennials really are screwed
You practically can’t go a day without stumbling along a mocking story about an industry or trend being killed by Millennials. But despite taking a lot of flack from Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers, things aren’t so peachy for those born from the early...
20 min
Working with death haunts cop suffering PTSD
Our police and firefighters and paramedics. They’re the ones who rush to our aid when we’re hurt, or victims of crime, or our homes are burning. And that work — at crime scenes and traumatic injuries and raging infernos — places a heavy burden...
17 min
Legal weed: 100 days later
We’re 100 days into Canada's grand legal pot experiment. And despite a lot of predictions ranging from government blunders to total chaos, is it really all that noticeable? We’ll look at how Canada has fared with legalized cannabis, how the market...
20 min
El Chapo and Canada: A Mexican drug kingpin's r...
Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, the man alleged to be the head of the Sinaloa drug cartel, is on trial in Brooklyn New York He is accused of running an operation that smuggled tons of drugs into the U.S., as well as into Canada. We look at what was being...
25 min
B.C. realtor fugitive pursued by private invest...
Obviously the sales job offered by former B.C. realtor Howard Chong was solid, as he’s accused of 10 counts of fraud. He presented himself as everything from a Chinese pop singer to a rep for a high-end investment firm, a private investigator...
21 min
Why B.C. LNG pipeline fight is so complicated
A major pipeline project saw opposition swell last week, and no, it had nothing to do with Alberta oil. A blockade against a natural gas pipeline from the Peace Country to Kitimat on the West Coast sparked arrests and rallies of support across...
18 min
Rural crime in Alberta: Citizens on patrol
The trial of Gerald Stanley, and the arrest of Eddie Maurice brought the issue of rural crime to the forefront in 2018. Amid the discussion last year, many residents in rural communities said they were worried about an...
20 min
Guilty plea brings relief in Humboldt Broncos t...
It has been nine months since the horrific crash between a semi-trailer and a bus carrying players and personnel from the Humboldt Broncos hockey team. On April 6 2018, the driver of the semi failed to yield at a stop sign along a Saskatchewan Highway...
11 min
Barry and Honey Sherman killing one year on
December marked one year since the slayings of billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman, who were found dead in their North Toronto Mansion on Dec. 15, 2017. And despite a lot of interest in this case from coast to coast, it seems like there has been...
18 min
The cyber threat to Canada's 2019 election
MPs and cyber security officials are worried Canada’s federal election, slated for next fall, could be at risk. Like with the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, there are fears that foreign actors could try to influence our next election using social...
24 min
Oil's well after Quebec Alberta pipeline spat?
Despite many similarities and a shared independent streak, Quebec and Alberta have found themselves on opposite sides in a back and forth over the idea of revamping the Energy East pipeline idea. Quebec’s premier had some harsh words for...
16 min
Should boxing be banned?
Should consenting adults be allowed to strap on a pair of leather gloves, step into the ring and beat the daylights out of each other? Is the entertainment, and payday, worth the risk of potential harm, or even death? These are questions being raised...
17 min
Canada gets on China's bad side with arrest of ...
Earlier this month, a top executive for Chinese tech giant Huawei, Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Vancouver at the request of the U.S. Meng was wanted on fraud charges linked to violating sanctions against Iran. Needless to say, the Chinese government...
18 min
Secret scandal hits B.C. legislature
In Canadian politics, the legislature Clerk, Sergeant at arms and Speaker of the house aren’t often thrust into the spotlight. But in B.C. the men in those three roles have been embroiled in controversy since it was revealed that two of them have...
22 min
Alberta NDP gambles on oil production cuts
Amid a fiscal crisis caused by the low price of oil, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley took the drastic step to cut oil production. The move is seen as an attempt to shrink the difference between the price on Alberta oil and global benchmarks. We...
16 min
What Oshawa plant closing means for Canada's ca...
General Motors announced Monday it is closing its Oshawa assembly plant, which will put nearly 3,000 people out of work. We look at what the closure means for the community and what the future holds for Canada's car manufacturing industry. Dave is...
20 min
Saskatchewan gun culture explained
Recent court cases on the Prairies have raised the issue of gun culture and rural crime across Canada.  But for many farmers and ranchers, a firearm is not seen as a tool for self defence, but a part of the way of life out in the country. We look...
26 min
Canada's ghastly oil discount and what it means
The price gap on Alberta oil has hit a crisis point. Business leaders, politicians and everyday Albertans are demanding action to fix a divide that's costing the Alberta treasury and Canadian economy billions. We look at what's being done to...
18 min
The conservative coalition against the Trudeau ...
Conservative politicians across Canada to fight Justin Trudeau's carbon tax. Last month Trudeau announced that the Liberal government carbon pricing plan will include rebates for people in provinces that do not have their own plan. Dave is joined by...
28 min
Jim Balsillie on why Canada lags on innovation
As the world transitions to a knowledge-based, innovation economy, Canada is lagging behind. The a deep look at how this trend could endanger the country’s economic well-being, and what is needed to help businesses flourish and grow. In this...
21 min
Why Calgary rejected 2026 Olympics deal
It looks like Calgary will not be in the mix to host the 2026 Olympic winter games after all. After months of back and forth, the No side won out in a city-wide plebiscite Tuesday, leaving city council little choice but to scuttle a multi-billion...
17 min
Origins of the Last Post song of remembrance
This Sunday, Buglers or trumpeters will stand stoically at ceremonies across the country and their instruments clarion call will usher in two moments of silence. The plaintive notes of the Last Post will resonate in the hearts and minds of those...
12 min
El Chapo's Canadian cocaine smuggler
As the trial for Sinaloa cartel kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" guzman kicks off in Brooklyn, the National Post has uncovered the story of a Canadian working as a cocaine smuggler in El Chapo's operation. Mykahylo Koretskyy, also known...
20 min
B.C. prof. in hot water for exposing fake journals
The suspension of a B.C. university professor is being investigated over concern his employer violated his academic freedom. Derek Pyne was suspended without pay over research into the practice of his colleagues publishing in so-called predatory...
15 min
Anti-Semitism in Canada
A gunman walked into a Pittsburgh Synagogue last weekend and open fire, killing eight people. While the tragedy at Tree of Life horrified people across north America, many were not surprised, neither by the shooting or the fact it was celebrated by...
16 min
Doug Ford and John Tory mending fences?
Toronto Mayor John Tory easily cruised to a second term as leader of Canada’s largest city last week. He did so amid a fight with the provincial government over a push from Ontario’s premier to shrink the size of city council in the thick of a...
20 min
What to expect from Vancouver's new mayor
Vancouver, a city reeling amid a housing crisis and being on the front lines of the opioid epidemic, has a new mayor. Former NDP MP Kennedy Stewart was elected last weekend as Vancouver's first independent mayor in 30 years. During the campaign he...
22 min
Legal pot sellers are blowing through their supply
One week into legalized cannabis, and business is booming on the prairies. In Alberta, were retail sales are privatized, stores have been lined up out the door since opening day on Oct. 17 and the novelty hasn’t worn off. One major retailer says...
19 min
Mark Norman case could be lose lose for Liberals
The case against Vice Admiral Mark Norman doesn’t hit court until next summer, but it caused a big ruckus in the House of Commons. Norman, the former vice chief of defence staff is charged with breach of trust for allegedly leaking information...
22 min
Ranked ballot election draws all eyes to London
Other countries use it, Political parties use it, even the Oscars and the NHL awards use it. But so far, Canada has been reluctant to adopt the idea of ranked ballots for major elections. That could be changing. Dave is joined by London Free Press...
20 min
Legal cannabis: What to expect
We are down to the last 24 hours until cannabis becomes legal in Canada. But that doesn’t mean that all the smoke has cleared when it comes to retail sales and police enforcement of new laws around the black market. Dave is joined by Megan Henderson...
19 min
Ford and Kenney team up against Trudeau's carbo...
Two of Canada’s most prominent conservative leaders met in Calgary Friday, in front of hundreds of cheering supporters. Doug Ford and Jason Kenney had one other politician politician top of mind: Justin Trudeau and his planned carbon tax....
16 min
$15/hour minimum wage comes to Canada
Last week, Alberta became the province with the highest minimum wage in Canada, with a bump to $15/hour. Labour groups are happy, but some businesses are feeling the pinch more than others. Dave and Edmonton Journal food reporter Liane Faulder take a...
14 min
What a CAQ victory means for Quebec and the res...
Quebec politics got turned upside down this week, with Francois Legault and his Coalition Avenir Quebec taking down the governing Liberals. Legault won on a platform of shrinking the size of government, and fixing health and education, but also...
19 min
You say free trade, I say Us-Ma-Ca
The U.S., Canada, and Mexico have a new agreement to replace NAFTA, but there’s still political fallout to consider. We look at how Canada fared, how the Justin Trudeau government looks in all this, and how this could change future trade agreements....
20 min
The life behind the man charged in Edmonton tru...
“You can ask (her) anything about me, and she will tell you.” Those handful of words are the first Abdulahi Hasan Sharif has spoken to media since Sept. 30, 2017 — the day a city police constable was run down by a car and stabbed outside an...
26 min
Calgary 2026 Olympics bid turning into five-rin...
When people think about sports and Alberta, there are two things that immediately come to mind: The Oilers dynasty of the 1980s, and Calgary’s appearance on the world stage as hosts of the 1988 Olympic Winter Games. While it remains to be seen...
26 min
Tornado takes Ottawa by surprise
A pair of tornadoes touched down in the Ottawa-Gatineau region Friday, the first time a tornado has hit a major Canadian city in decades. Homes were destroyed, people were injured, but miraculously no one has yet died from the the storm.  The...
19 min
NAFTA deadline looms — again
As Canada and the U.S. Negotiate NAFTA behind closed doors, at top U.S. Republican Lawmaker has publicly turned up the heat. The GOP house whip has said there is ‘growing frustration’ in Congress with what he calls Canada’s negotiating tactics....
19 min
What Canada can learn about drugs from Portugal
The two big drug topics that are front and centre in the minds of Canadians are the coming legalization of marijuana, and the opioid crisis, which has seen thousands die of overdoses from fentanyl and other deadly drugs. Is there anything that can be...
26 min
NAFTA invades the Quebec election
As NAFTA talks between Canada and the U.S. roll on, suggestions grow louder that we roll back on supply management in our farming sector That has met with fierce resistance in Quebec, and the issue has become a flashpoint in that province’s ongoing...
20 min
Trans Mountain ruling bad news for Alberta NDP
Just as construction was set to begin on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, the Federal Court of Appeal threw a wrench into the process. Dave and Edmonton Journal columnist Graham Thomson look at what the court ruling means for the future of the...
22 min
Roadside marijuana testing faces court challenges
On Monday, federal Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould approved the Dräger DrugTest 5000, a device that will soon be available to police forces across the country to combat drug-impaired driving, as the government prepares for cannabis...
17 min
How Andrew Scheer bested Maxime Bernier
The Conservative Party of Canada headed to Halifax hoping for a display of unity and momentum as electioneering heats up. But outspoken Quebec MP Maxime Bernier rained on their parade in a big way, announcing he was leaving the party. Dave is joined...
26 min
Ford fight in Canada's biggest city
A war of words is waging between Ontario Premier Doug Ford, and Toronto city council.   The fight, over shrinking that city’s council, to just 25 seats from a proposed 47, will spill into a courtroom later this month.   Dave is joined...
22 min
The trouble with banning handguns
Since last's month's spree shooting in Toronto that left two people dead and 13 others injured, there has been renewed calls for a handgun ban in Canada. Dave is joined by National Post columnist Chris Selley, who argues why a handgun ban might not...
18 min
Mohawk band goes its own way on selling cannabis
As the floodgates on Canada's legal cannabis market are set to open this fall, Mohawks on the Kahnawake territory near Montreal say they don't plan on submitting to outside regulation.   Rather than abide by Quebec's system of government-run and...
16 min
Tragedy in Fredericton
On Friday morning four people were shot dead in Fredericton, including two police officers. Little is known about the alleged shooter, or what might have motivated these crimes. Dave is joined by Canadian Press reporter Morgan Lowrie who covered the...
13 min
How Canada ended up in this weird spat with Sa...
Tweets from the federal government calling on Saudi Arabia to release imprisoned political activists have landed Canada in a growing spat with the Gulf kingdom. The Saudis have expelled the Canadian ambassador, frozen new business deals, and recalled...
20 min
Slain Canadian gangsters caught up in internati...
Two Canadian gangsters wound up dead weeks after they allegedly pulled the trigger killing a Turkish drug trafficker in Dubai.  Dave talks to Vancouver Sun crime reporter Kim Bolan about the B.C. gang members’ involvement in the international...
23 min
Doug Ford's Ontario makeover
It has been nearly a month since Doug Ford officially became premier of Ontario. On this episode Toronto Sun editor-in-chief Adrienne Batra joins host Dave Breakenridge. They discuss how Ford came to power despite opposition from Ontario's more...
25 min
Canadian Holocaust denier on trial in Germany
Canadian Monika Schaefer is on trial in Germany for Holocaust denial, and has been held in jail for more than six months without bail. Edmonton Journal columnist Paula Simons joins Dave Breakenridge to discuss how the former Green Party candidate...
20 min
Accused in Humboldt Broncos crash appears in court
Jaskirat Singh Sidhu, the truck driver charged in the crash that killed 16 members of the Humboldt Broncos hockey team and injured 13 others, made his first appearance in court Tuesday. Saskatoon Star Phoenix justice reporter Bre McAdam joins host...
22 min
29 charges in Humboldt Broncos bus crash
On Friday RCMP announced that they have laid more than two dozen charges in connection with the crash that killed 16 members of the Humboldt Broncos hockey team. Jaskirat Sidhu, a 29-year-old man from Calgary, has been charged with 16 counts of...
13 min
Groping allegation plagues Trudeau
Justin Trudeau responded on Canada Day to allegations he groped a female reporter 18 years ago at a B.C. festival by saying he doesn't remember any "negative interactions" from that time.   The issue has plagued the prime minister since...
22 min
A Trump trade war looms over the auto industry
Canada's auto industry is bracing itself in the wake of threats from U.S. president Donald Trump of steep tariffs. Windsor Star reporter Trevor Wilhelm says it would be a "nightmare" scenario.  Also joining Dave Breakenridge on this episode...
20 min
Beer trade unfree
A court has ruled Alberta’s beer taxation system is unconstitutional, and ordered restitution be paid to breweries in Ontario and Saskatchewan. We look at what sparked the ruling, and why it’s so hard to navigate policymaking around beer drinking....
24 min
Ottawa Senators family fractured
Melinda Karlsson, wife of Ottawa Senators captain Erik Karlsson, has accused the fiancee of another player of a targeted campaign of online harassment. Melinda Karlsson has filed an application for a peace bond against Monika Caryk, the longtime...
26 min
Trans Mountain pipeline deal done. Now what?
A deal has been made for the Trans Mountain pipeline to be purchased by the federal government. Alberta's NDP government is celebrating, but the pipeline is still far from complete. B.C.'s government as well as protesters are digging in their heels....
28 min
Introducing 10/3
Host Dave Breakenridge introduces 10/3, Postmedia’s Canadian current affairs podcast. The name of the show represents Canada’s provinces and territories, and each episode will bring you a closer look at some of the biggest stories in the...
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