Rider Rumblings

Rider Rumblings is a weekly podcast on the Saskatchewan Roughriders with Regina Leader-Post sports writers Rob Vanstone and Murray McCormick.

102: Wrapping up the year
Rob and Murray talk about the Grey Cup, and what Jeremy O'Day had to say this week.
36 min
101: Dissecting the loss to the Bombers
Rob and Murray break down the Riders' close loss to the Blue Bombers
51 min
100: We're off to the western final
This week Rob and Murray are joined by the legendary Bob Irving, play-by-play commentator for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
44 min
99: Craig Reynolds on the state of the Roughriders
Roughriders President and CEO Craig Reynolds joins Rob and Murray this week to talk about the overall state of the team as we head into playoffs.
54 min
98: Are Rider fans spoiled?
The Riders have clinched a home playoff game, so why are the fans unimpressed?
37 min
97: Eddie Steele steals the show
Former Roughriders defensive tackle Eddie Steele joins Rob and Murray this week.
36 min
96: There’s still that weak offensive line
The Riders are winning games again, but it doesn’t feel like they’re on fire
39 min
95: It is possible to beat Calgary
Rob and Murray get to talk about the Riders beating Calgary for a change. They also chat about the lack of buzz around CFL games, the upcoming game against Montreal, Micah Johnson’s performance and the kicker situation.
39 min
94: There’s no margin for error now
The season is starting to wind down and the Riders need a win or else they’ll be on the road for the playoffs.  Rob and Murray talk about whether it’s possible to revamp the offensive line at this point, how much the team has cooled off since...
30 min
93: This season is going to the dogs
Other CFL teams have been improving, but it seems like the Riders are stuck. This week Rob is joined by CJME’s The Green Zone host Jamie Nye.  They discuss the Riders’ two recent losses at the hands of the Stampeders, why the team needs a new...
53 min
92: Duke Williams to the rescue!
Rob and Murray discuss the news that veteran receiver Duke Williams has signed with the Roughriders, which will hopefully help the team’s vertical passing game. They also dissect what went wrong in the Riders’ loss to the Stampeders, Fajardo’s...
45 min
91: What a wild win over the Lions
Rob and Murray talk about the Riders’ nail-biting win over the Lions, Craig Dickenson’s record, the team’s upcoming games against the Stampeders, amazing field goals and answer some listener questions. 
43 min
90: Riders poised for pivotal games against Lio...
Rob and Murray talk about the Riders’ win over the Argonauts, the team’s upcoming games against the Lions and Stampeders, the continuing A.C. Leonard situation and fans being toxic towards Cody Fajardo. Also, Rob thinks the CFL has been boring...
49 min
89: Should Fajardo sit out the Argos game?
Rob and Murray talk about the Riders’ second loss to the Blue Bombers, whether the team should play Cody Fajardo against the Argonauts given his recent concussion, A.C. Leonard’s suspension, Chris Jones’ return to the CFL and more!
51 min
88: Is the offensive arsenal depleted?
Rob and Murray dig into the 23-8 loss the Riders suffered against the Bombers during the Labour Day Classic. They discuss Fajardo being off his game, Winnipeg’s excellent defence, problems with the Riders’ offence and holding CFL games during a...
50 min
87: It’s going to be a spicy Labour Day Classic
This year’s Labour Day Classic looks to be a hotly anticipated matchup between two talented CFL teams. Rob and Murray discuss the upcoming game, their favourite Labour Day Classics of yore, Fajardo vs. Collaros and the vaccine pass announcement.
43 min
86: Is it time for a vaccine pass?
The Riders are dominating, but the discourse is being overshadowed by the great vaccine debate. With five CFL teams now saying they will require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test, the Riders and Elks are the outliers. Rob and Murray...
43 min
85: What about the deep strike threat?
Murray and Rob analyze the Roughriders' hot start after the 30-8 victory over the visiting Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The Riders are now off to a 2-0 start despite a lack of deep bombs from franchise quarterback Cody Fajardo. Is the offence still scary...
31 min
84: A tale of two halves in home opener
Murray and Rob discuss the Roughriders' home opener, a 33-29 victory over the visiting B.C. Lions. The score reflects the Riders' struggles in the second half -- not the strength of the offence in the first two quarters. How high is the team's ceiling...
30 min
83: Craig Reynolds on vaccine passports, COVID-...
Roughriders President and CEO Craig Reynolds returns to the podcast to talk about the team’s upcoming season. We asked him about the Riders opting not to ask fans for proof of vaccination, the team’s financial prospects coming off of a cancelled...
46 min
82: Gabbing about the Green and White scrimmage
Rob and Murray chat about what it was like to finally see the Roughriders back in action at their recent scrimmage. They also ask how much enthusiasm there is for attending Rider games, which won’t require proof of vaccination. Other topics include...
45 min
81: Who’s going to protect Fajardo?
In our second training camp episode, Rob and Murray break down each of the team’s positions and speculate on who’s likely to be in the starting lineup. This includes some concerns over the offensive line, and how the team will protect its star...
49 min
80: Live from training camp!
This episode comes to you live from the Mosaic Stadium press box. Rob and Murray chat about who’s been impressing them so far at training camp, last week’s four achilles injuries and the debate over whether the Riders should be asking fans for...
47 min
79: Most exciting training camp ever
In our training camp preview episode, we talk about the surreal fact that the Riders are starting to prepare to play football in front of crowds at Mosaic Stadium again. We also comb over the roster and chat about who could be the number two...
49 min
Reviving the Roughriders
Rob Vanstone and Murray McCormick chat about a new Leader-Post series that looks at how the pandemic has affected the Saskatchewan Roughriders. They talk about how the team has been affected financially, and what needs to happen as the world emerges...
35 min
How did the Riders fare in the draft?
Listen to Murray McCormick and Rob Vanstone as they chat about the Riders' top picks for the CFL draft and the importance of signing players that were born on home soil.
26 min
CFL delays start of 2021 season
Rob Vanstone and Murray McCormick talk about the news that the CFL's 2021 season will now start on Aug. 5. 
27 min
How did the Riders fare during free agency?
Rob and Murray chat about the moves the Riders made during free agency, how the roster is shaping up and what holes still need to be filled. 
22 min
Charleston Hughes news
Rob and Murray chat about Charleston Hughes’ exit from the Riders and his new home with the Toronto Argonauts. They guys also talk about what we can expect when free agency gets underway next week.
42 min
Fajardo's contract extension
Rob and Murray are back for the first Rider Rumblings of 2021 to discuss Cody Fajardo's contract extension, which will see the star quarterback stay with the team through the 2022 season. 
14 min
The state of the CFL
Rob and Murray are back for another episode to discuss Randy Ambrosie’s state of the league town hall. They discuss Ambrosie’s renewed hope for the league thanks to coming COVID-19 vaccines, and what the 2021 CFL season might look like.
31 min
2020 CFL season cancelled
Rob and Murray discuss the news that the 2020 CFL season has been officially cancelled. 
20 min
Should the CFL get bailout money?
Rob and Murray talk about the big debate over whether the CFL should get federal funding due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They also discuss the chances that were will even be a CFL season this year. 
41 min
COVID-19 delays the CFL season
Rob and Murray record a special remote episode of Rider Rumblings to discuss the CFL’s announcement that the start of the 2020 season will be delayed into July. We weren’t able to record video for this episode, but we still uploaded the audio to...
29 min
Free agency roundup
The Riders didn’t make any earth-shattering free agency moves, but Murray and Rob are still here to diligently discuss the signings that did go down.
34 min
Free agency preview special
Brace yourselves…free agency is coming. Rob and Murray sit down to discuss the recent signings the Riders have made leading up to free agency, and speculate what other moves the team might make. We’ll have another episode next Thursday to wrap up...
34 min
Hello Maas, so long McAdoo
Rob and Austin convene for a special episode to discuss a TSN report that Jason Maas has been hired by the Roughriders to replace offensive co-ordinator Stephen McAdoo.  
25 min
78: What to do about McAdoo
Rob and Murray dive into the most heated topic in Rider Nation right now: Should the Riders keep or fire offensive coordinator Stephen McAdoo? After that's out of the way, the guys review all 32 free agents with the Riders, and speculate on who might...
43 min
77: A sad end to a successful season
Rob and Murray sit down to discuss the Riders’ heartbreaking loss to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the West final. The guys talk about the calls from fans to have offensive co-ordinator Stephen McAdoo fired, get into the nitty-gritty of some specific...
29 min
76: Diving deep into the West Final
CKRM colour analyst and former Rougrider Luc Mullinder joins Rob and Murray to chat all things West Division Final. The Riders had a bye week as a reward for finishing first and got to watch the Winnipeg Blue Bombers trounce the Calgary Stampeders at...
37 min
75: Attendance and finishing first
Roughriders president and CEO Craig Reynolds joins Murray and Rob to chat about finishing first in the West, the value of a bye week and the downward trend of attendance across the CFL.
41 min
74: Fight for first
Do the Roughriders need to treat Saturday's regular season finale against the Eskimos like a must-win? How important is it to finish first in the west? Rob and Murray discuss.
45 min
73: The Fajardo honeymoon lives on
Rider fans can breathe easy and not sweat about Cody Fajardo going to the NFL for another two years.  We start off this week's episode with discussing the team’s contract extension with its star quarterback. Then we talk about how the Riders...
38 min
72: The Riders need to figure out Bo Levi Mitchell
Stampeders quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell continues to be a puzzle the Riders can’t quite solve, but that’s going to have to change soon. This week, we recap the Riders’ narrow loss to Calgary, and ask if Cody Fajardo should be the CFL’s most...
40 min
71: Simply the best in the west
The Riders are now in first place in the west division, but how did we get here? We discuss who should get the credit for building such a successful team. Other topics include a recap of the win over the Bombers, Murray’s brush with fame, the price...
32 min
70: Playoff talk has begun
The season is winding down, and the Riders’ remaining games are getting more important. Fortunately, math whiz and CKRM Sports Cage host Derek Taylor is here to explain some potential routes the Riders could take through the playoffs. Other topics...
43 min
69: How do the Riders keep Cody Fajardo?
Cody Fajardo has been a blessing for the Riders, but how can the team keep him from leaving for another CFL club, or even the NFL when his contract expires? We also talk about the Riders’ upcoming game against the Argonauts this weekend, Vernon...
45 min
68: How Cody Fajardo saved the season
Cody Fajardo was already playing in the CFL before joining the Riders, but there's no question that this season has been his big break. In this episode we talk about Fajardo's ascent and where his career could go next, who else in the organization...
56 min
67: What went wrong at the Banjo Bowl
We have a lengthily discussion on what went amiss for the Riders during the Banjo Bowl. Rob has concerns about the team's downward trend for offensive touchdowns and the recent lacklustre performance by the offensive line. We also talk about the CFL's...
0 min
66: A truly classic Labour Day game
Despite the name, the Labour Day Classic isn’t always entertaining football, but it sure was this year. We also talk about Cody Fajardo’s future with the team, if Craig Dickenson ever gets mad, how well the offensive line has come together and...
42 min
65: The Riders will win the Labour Day Classic
CJME’s Jamie Nye joins Rob and Murray to preview this year’s Labour Day Classic. All three think the Riders have this one in the can, which may have something to do with Andrew Harris’ suspension for testing positive on a drug test. We also...
47 min
64: It’s hard to stay mad at Dickenson
Craig Dickenson might make mistakes, but his openness with fans and the media makes it easier to forgive him  CKRM’s Ballsy joins Rob and Murray this week to chat about Dickenson, plus a range of other Rider and CFL topics, including everything...
44 min
Episode 63: Riders weather the Alouettes
CKRM's Luc Mullinder joins Rob to chat about the Roughriders' controversial storm-delay victory over the Montreal Alouettes.(Murray's on bye-week vacay)
52 min
62: A sprinkle of Fajardomania
Now that the Riders have a superstar on their hands, how should they go about marketing Cody Fajardo? We also talk about the improvement of the team’s offensive line, CFL game attendance dropping and the importance of having Roughriders players be...
38 min
Out with Collaros, all in with Fajardo
Rob and Murray sit down for a special episode to discuss Zach Collaros' exit from the Riders and what it means for Cody Fajardo, who is now officially the team's starting quarterback.  We only do these special episodes when big Rider news...
25 min
61: The Tiger-Cats will be the real test
This week’s special guest is CTV Regina News and TSN’s Claire Hanna, who regales Rob and Murray with her story of meeting Dana White. The Riders managed to beat the B.C. Lions twice, but that’s not saying much. The real test will be when the...
43 min
60: Beating B.C. ain’t nothing to brag about
Rob has had enough of Gainer controversies. After that rant is out of the way, we dissect the Riders’ win over the B.C. Lions, and ask whether the victory is much to celebrate since the Lions aren’t a very ferocious team right now This week’s...
33 min
59: How to beat the Lions
Rob, Murray and former Riders director of player personnel Craig Smith talk about the Simoni Lawrence suspension being upheld, the Montreal Alouettes’ GM being fired and what the Riders need to do to beat the B.C. Lions on Saturday. Bottom line: The...
43 min
58: Bad defence is bad
This week Rob and Murray are joined by Piffles Podcast co-host Greg McCulloch. The guys talk about Gainer’s about face, then get into dissecting the Riders’ terrible defence during their game against the Calgary Stampeders. Other topics include...
36 min
Episode 57: Is it Fajardo's team?
Guest Marshall Hamilton joins Rob and Murray. Is Cody Fajardo the bonafide starter? What about if/when Zach Collaros returns to the team from injury?
48 min
56: High hopes for Cody Fajardo
Rob is joined by CBC Saskatchewan’s Dan Plaster this week to talk about Cody Fajardo’s encouraging performance during a disappointing loss to the Ottawa Redblacks. We also chat about hopes for the team’s young offence, the lacklustre defence so...
47 min
55: The Collaros injury aftermath
Now that Zach Collaros is on the six-game injured list, what do the Riders do now? This week we talk about the hit on Collaros, how the CFL disciplined the player who dealt it and who is likely to step up as Collaros' replacement. This week's special...
42 min
53: The pre-season doesn’t matter!
Murray is back from Saskatoon to help Rob unpack the abysmal showing the Riders had in their first pre-season game against the Calgary Stampeders on May 31. We talk about how seriously pre-season games should be taken, the Riders' continued offensive...
35 min
52: Examining Collaros' training camp performance
Murray is still in Saskatoon and brings us more impressions and observations as training camp continues. We discuss how Collaros and the other quarterbacks are faring. Then we talk about receivers, linebackers and everyone’s favourite punter, Jon...
38 min
51: Who's looking good at training camp
Murray phones in from Saskatoon to report what’s going on at the Riders’ training camp and how the backup quarterbacks are looking. Then we move into discussing Jon Ryan signing with the Riders.
33 min
Episode 50: Go Raptors!
Rob and Murray talk about the Raptors win, then get into actual CFL topics such as linebacker Solomon Elimimian signing with the Riders, the league’s labour negotiations, Tyler Crapigna getting released and who they’re looking forward to seeing in...
41 min
49: Evaluating the Riders’ draft picks
Murray and Rob sit down to discuss the Riders’ 2019 CFL draft picks, how the roster is shaping up, the lack of a veteran backup quarterback and Kevin Mitchell’s award-winning coverage of the Humboldt Broncos tragedy.
0 min
48: The new voice of the Riders
This week’s special guest is CKRM’s new Roughriders play-by-play commentator and Sports Cage host Derek Taylor. The guys talked about football stats, Taylor’s time at TSN and why he decided to come to Regina, the CFL’s bargaining talks,...
51 min
47: It’s hip to be Murray
This week the guys talk about bargaining talks between the CFL and players, the Riders’ quarterbacking situation, Canadians who played in the NFL not being allowed in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and answer some questions from Twitter.
45 min
46: The CFL’s ongoing labour issues
Rob Vanstone and Tony Playter are back this week to discuss what labour action or a strike by CFL players would look like if they can’t reach an agreement with the league by the time the season starts. The guys also talk a little about the Winnipeg...
33 min
45: Jon Ryan a Rider?
This week Rob is joined by radioman Ballsy from CKRM and The Wolf.  The two talk about the possibility of Jon Ryan joining the Riders, sports teams nobody roots for anymore, keeping the CFL Canadian and why people don’t support local football.
44 min
44: Our favourite Riders
Rob and Tony Playter are back to talk about their all-time favourite Roughriders players. Then they discuss what role the Riders may have played in an exhibition NFL game not coming to town, and Derek Taylor getting hired as CKRM’s new play-by-play...
42 min
43: All the memories
This week we look back on some of our favourite memories involving the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Murray is away recovering from hip surgery, so Rob is joined by Tony Playter, who previously worked for the Riders in its communications and football...
45 min
42: Wishing for Weston Dressler
Rob and Murray are re-united, and start off with some listener questions about the idea of Weston Dressler ever returning to the team. Then the guys talk about how they think the team’s quarterbacking situation still isn’t in a great place, CFL...
34 min
41: How the team is shaping up
Trent Fraser joins Rob again for another episode.  This week the guys have a broad conversation about the current state of the Riders’ roster, then reminisce about the storybook day that was the 2013 Grey Cup. If you’ve been missing Murray,...
35 min
40: Rise of the Riders
Murray is away on vacation this week, so Rob is joined by former Roughriders marketing manager Trent Fraser. Rob and Trent chat about the marketing behind the Riders, and how the team went from having to hold telethons to becoming a major pro sports...
39 min
39: Backup quarterbacking
Rob and Murray start off with discussing the pros and cons of signing a veteran quarterback vs. developing a younger player. Then they talk about the signing of Manny Arsenault and speculate on which cities could get the 2020 and 2021 Grey Cup games.
29 min
38: Evaluating the Riders’ free agency moves
Rob and Murray discuss how the Riders fared during free agency, starting with the deal that didn’t happen. They talk about fans’ disappointment around the team not being able to nab a new high-profile quarterback such as Bo Levi Mitchell, and...
40 min
37: Super Rumblings
After a maelstrom of Rider news, this week is a bit of a lull before free agency starts in the CFL. Rob and Murray start off by talking about the Super Bowl, then move into the Riders’ search for a new defensive co-ordinator and other positions that...
32 min
36: The dawn of the Craig Dickenson era
This week Murray and Rob share their thoughts on the Riders’ new head coach, Craig Dickenson. There’s also discussion on Chris Jones’ legacy and the ongoing search for a quarterback.
31 min
Rider Rumblings episode 35: The search for a he...
Now that the dust has settled, Murray and Rob discuss who is likely to be hired as the Riders’ next head coach. Stephen McAdoo? Craig Dickenson? There are many possibilities, but there can be only one.   
23 min
Goodbye Chris Jones
We’ve got a special bonus episode this week where Rob and Murray speak at length about the massive news that Chris Jones is leaving the Riders. Why did he do it? What does it mean for the team?  We’ll be back with a regular episode next week.
35 min
Episode 34: Mike Reilly for QB!
Murray is back from covering important CFL meetings in Quebec, and he and Rob start off the podcast by talking about linebacker Adam Bighill signing with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The guys then talk about who the Riders should get for their next...
37 min
Episode 33: The Chris Jones NFL rumours
This week Rob Vanstone is joined by 980 CJME sports reporter Arielle Zerr. The two talk about the rumours that Riders head coach and GM Chris Jones is being vetted by NFL teams, and what impact Jones leaving would have on the Riders. Rob and Arielle...
33 min
Episode 31: The great garbage bag day exodus
This week Murray and Rob start off with answering a couple of questions from listeners, and talk about why the Riders didn’t provide media access to the players when they cleaned out their lockers for the season, an event known as “garbage bag...
30 min
Episode 30: Are CFL players paid enough?
This week Rob is joined by 3DownNation’s Joel Gasson. The guys talk about the Riders’ quarterbacking situation, and if Chris Jones is likely to sign a contract extension. Then it’s onto more general CFL subjects, such as whether the league still...
44 min
Episode 29: Icy turf and operations caps
This week Rob and Murray are joined by former Roughriders general manager and Leader-Post sports columnist Brendan Taman.  The guys start off with talk about the Grey Cup and whether icy conditions played a factor, hits on refs, contract talks...
50 min
Episode 28: Grey Cup picks
This week Murray and Rob talk about the ongoing debate on whether to move the CFL season up three weeks, the struggle to find CFL games on basic cable, the Stampeders’ coaches and finally the guys give their Grey Cup picks.
36 min
Episode 26: Home playoff game!
Rob and Murray are joined by local athlete and social media influencer Amanda Ruller to chat about all the factors at play ahead of Sunday's home playoff game against the Blue Bombers. It's the first playoff game at New Mosaic Stadium!
35 min
Episode 25: So much playoff talk
We’ve got a long episode today that’s fuelled by some young blood. Murray is away on vacation, so we brought in local sports experts Derek Meyers and Darren Dupont for an extended discussion on what might await the Riders in this year’s CFL...
16 min
Episode 24: Charleston Hughes’ charge
Rob and Murray discuss the Riders’ decision to suspend Charleston Hughes after he was charged with impaired driving, then go in-depth on the team’s decisive win over Calgary, just after they were humiliated by Winnipeg. The guys also talk about...
30 min
Episode 23: Examining that putrid performance a...
This week the guys sift through the remains of the Riders’ embarrassing loss to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers last weekend. Is it a one-off, or a sign that something is seriously wrong with the team's offence?  This week’s guest is Warren Woods,...
32 min
Episode 22: The final three games
This week we talk about the Riders’ win over the Edmonton Eskimos, what to expect as the regular season winds down, Willie Jefferson's pick-six and who should be named the team’s most outstanding player. Finally, we talk about the U of R Rams...
33 min
Episode 21: The bid for the 2020 Grey Cup
This week Rob and Murray are joined by Craig Reynolds, the president and CEO of the Roughriders, to talk about the team’s bid for the 2020 Grey Cup. Reynolds also spoke about what it was like for the team during their August slump, keeping the faith...
36 min
Episode 20: It's time to talk playoffs
Now that the Riders are nearly locked in for a playoff spot, the big question is how far will they be able to go in the postseason? Three years into the Chris Jones regime, it feels like the team is finally coming together.
24 min
Episode 19: Why the Riders lost to the Redblacks
This week the guys dissect what went wrong during the Riders’ game against Redblacks, the special teams unit, Zach Collaros, Trevor Harris, the defence, Tre Mason, Marcus Thigpen and predictions for Saturday’s game against the Toronto Argonauts....
30 min
Episode 18: There’s still that weak offence
This week we talked about whether Zach Collaros would start against the Redblacks after the hit he took last week, and of course after we recorded the news broke that he will. We also talked about Chris Jones’ vision for the Riders starting to...
32 min
Episode 17: Where the Riders can still improve
This week we talk about the Riders’ big win at the Labour Day Classic, how the offence still needs improvement, Ed Gainey, the receiving core, Banjo Bowl predictions, rink burgers, Murray’s Ozark addiction and the best athlete names. This week’s...
27 min
Episode 16: All aboard the bandwagon
This week we discuss whether people are jumping back on the Rider hype bandwagon, the Blue Bombers' quarterback controversy and predictions for the Labour Day Classic. This week’s guest is former CBC Saskatchewan anchor Costa Maragos. Finally a...
29 min
Episode 15: The Riders need sustained success
The Riders beat the Stampeders, but can they build on it? This week Rob and Murray are joined by longtime Rider fan Ron Podbielski. There’s a wide-ranging discussion on how each component of the team is doing, whether they can finally get on a hot...
31 min