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Interview with the lieutenant general cancelled...
36 min
The truth in Xi's 'very naive' insult to Trudeau
45 min
Black people can be racist, after all. (Antisem...
44 min
Why Trump’s ‘new right’ politics are still a force
41 min
A weaker Biden can be better for Canada
39 min
The Emergencies Act inquiry exposes a broken sy...
32 min
How central bankers broke the economy
49 min
How I barely survived a bear eating me alive
43 min
Parents are fighting to take back race-obsessed...
30 min
Iran’s ‘revolution in the making’ isn’t just ab...
33 min
Our parole system makes Canadians ‘literal sitt...
48 min
Poilievre turns conservatism into ‘a choice, no...
34 min
Reasons to keep calm over COVID
38 min
Oops, we hired a raving bigot to teach anti-racism
52 min
Inside the new telescope that probes the wonder...
28 min
Supporting Taiwan in the face of Xi’s overbear...
36 min
“This is a hill to die on” – the looming fight ...
31 min
The open-minded Canada I immigrated to is no more
34 min
LIV Golf is ‘sportwashing’ a bloody Saudi regime
28 min
‘Used by the CBC’: Wendy Mesley after the ‘n-wo...
41 min
Things you can't say about residential school g...
42 min
Airport hell is not going away
36 min
Conservatives have a real chance to win — or die
39 min
More lockdowns are coming. Danielle Smith says ...
33 min
The whole truckin' story behind the Freedom Convoy
39 min
Justin Trudeau is ‘gaslighting law-abiding gun ...
28 min
Scott ‘peacemaker’ Aitchison wants to make us l...
32 min
What Doug Ford has that Jason Kenney doesn’t
34 min
Killing off the sad and the poor with MAID
52 min
The nightmare of inflation was made worse in Ot...
41 min
‘There’s going to be payback’ against our polit...
41 min
The Trudeau Liberals’ ‘clear overreach’ to cont...
39 min
‘Canada’s democracy is in doubt’ says Tory cand...
34 min
The joys of ‘duking it out’ over Jason Kenney
37 min
Will Smith’s slap smacks of celebrity cancel cu...
25 min
This probably won’t end well for Vladimir Putin
37 min
How the Liberal-NDP deal could damage democracy
41 min
Leslyn Lewis says her social conservatism means...
38 min
Signs of hope for Canada’s hopeless young homeb...
35 min
Report from inside Ukraine under attack
33 min
Our ‘remarkable period of peace’ could be comin...
40 min
The Emergencies Act is far more dangerous than ...
44 min
Pierre Poilievre says his freedom fight include...
31 min
Truckers rip the mask off the COVID consensus
48 min
Olympians competing in the shadow of lockdowns,...
32 min
The ethical failures in Canada’s pandemic response
40 min
The ’60s left-wing activist turned Canadian hou...
32 min
Time to end our ‘warped risk perception’ of COVID
45 min
The professor fighting to stop woke warriors fr...
44 min
Why Omicron means ‘we have to stop counting cases’
41 min
A vaccine-passport surveillance state isn’t jus...
35 min
A trans person, a Christian and a feminist walk...
44 min
Let’s definitely not copy what they’re doing in...
35 min
Bob Woodward on ‘Question Man’ Biden and Trump ...
26 min
Why this nurse chose firing over a vaccine
49 min
The coming death of ‘citizenship’ and how to st...
The concept of the “citizen” is found rarely throughout human history, and those lucky enough to have it must guard it jealously. It is one of the most cherished ideals of our liberal, democratic societies. But the forces of globalization and...
53 min
Preparing for war with China over Taiwan
Beijing’s threats to invade Taiwan are getting serious. Military tensions are ramping up. And a war — perhaps even a Third World War — is not out of the question. It could even be inevitable. Scott Simon, co-chair of Taiwan studies at the...
38 min
Chef Michael Hunter fights for the ‘right to ea...
He became famous for refusing to back down to animal-rights protestors picketing his meat-focused Toronto restaurant, defiantly butchering and eating a leg of deer in front of them in 2018. But the climate for Michael Hunter's Antler restaurant, and...
42 min
How to rescue Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives from...
After their latest election loss, Canada’s Conservatives are discovering that they simply don’t have what Stephen Harper and Brian Mulroney once relied on to win federal elections. And Erin O’Toole’s shape-shifting, from a hard-right...
32 min
The end of affordability in Canada—and what to ...
Housing prices keep soaring. Inflation is hot again. Even the upper middle class is struggling to keep up. Today, life in Canada is becoming harder than living elsewhere. Meanwhile, governments keep making matters worse by pumping out money, raising...
44 min
Maxime Bernier’s anti-lockdown People’s Party i...
The People’s Party of Canada didn’t elect any MPs in Canada’s recent federal vote, but its platform opposing vaccine passports and promoting free markets and reduced immigration got nearly a million votes, roughly tripling the PPC’s support...
37 min
Global terrorism gets a new lease on life in Af...
Peter Bergen was the first journalist to produce a TV interview with Osama bin Laden in 1997, where the terrorist leader first declared war on America. In his reporting from Afghanistan since the ’90s, Bergen witnessed how the Taliban-controlled...
35 min
Trudeau resorts to ‘Project Fear’ for his rescue
With his journey to a majority government hitting the rocks, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is ditching his sunny ways and doing all he can to spook swing voters away from the Conservatives and frighten NDP voters into saving his Liberals from a split...
30 min
Why vaccine passports make things worse
The majority of Canadians have been clamouring for vaccine passports as a way to make them feel safer about COVID-19. But while feeling safe isn’t the same as actually being safe, politicians are rushing ahead with these polarizing policies anyway....
33 min
What Mark Norman thinks now
In 2017, Mark Norman was in line to be Canada’s next chief of defence staff — until he was accused of and criminally charged with leaking government secrets. It was an accusation that was widely seen as a political witch-hunt by the Liberal...
57 min
Erin O’Toole on Afghanistan, COVID and the case...
Federal Conservative leader Erin O’Toole takes a break from the campaign trail for an exclusive one-on-one conversation with Anthony to discuss Ottawa abandoning Canada’s allies to the Taliban, and how Conservatives, if elected, will offer a more...
27 min
Preston Manning on the broken state of Canadian...
Description: Separatism is rising in the West. Federal leaders wield fear to win power. Division and dirty politics are only getting worse. And all indications are that this election could intensify distress and disunity. Preston Manning, founder of...
45 min
That virus that mutated the movies
Hollywood’s box-office formula is infected with COVID. The pandemic got audiences more used to streaming at home, instead of heading out for a pricey night at the theatre. And it doesn’t look like they’ll be racing back to the cineplex soon just...
39 min
Time to stop being always afraid of COVID
Negativity seems to be the only thing we hear from media and public officials about the virus: An endless narrative of more fear, more warnings and more waves. Throughout the pandemic, Canada has acted entirely out of proportion to the problem. And...
53 min
Why Justin Trudeau ‘prime minister for life’ mi...
It’s obvious: the Trudeau Liberals are prepping to call an election, apparently confident they can cruise to another victory. But Jenni Byrne knows polls and pundits have been wrong before — very wrong. Byrne was a key manager in national...
39 min
Rex Murphy on the 'progressives' that are reckl...
Legendary journalist Rex Murphy joins Anthony to discuss what he sees as the deliberate destruction of Canada's history and institutions. Murphy says it's the work of a radical minority determined to impose a Great Reset on not just the national...
49 min
What ‘Burn It All Down’ Church-Hating Extremist...
The fanatics burning down churches on Indigenous reserves and the Twitter pseudo-intellectuals who cheer them on have one thing in common: They presume to speak on behalf of Aboriginal people. Not letting First Nations speak for themselves is nothing...
41 min
The perils of ‘white saviours,’ Black Lives Mat...
What happens when a young, Black academic dares to criticize Black Lives Matter in the media? Her words get deleted, of course. That’s what happened to Sonia Orlu, a PhD student at Simon Fraser University, whose interview with a Canadian news...
47 min
How Communist China drives drugs, violence and ...
It’s a story so shocking it’s hard to believe. A Canadian politician laundering Asian drug money. A crime boss running Chinese gang wars from his Vancouver home. A local fentanyl super-factory capable of killing scores of Canadians. What they all...
49 min
The Overthrow of Free Speech, Merit, and Equali...
There is a revolution afoot in Canada. Long-held principles about what it means to be a liberal democracy — free expression, equality under the law — are getting pushed out. Amazingly, it’s a revolt not being led by the masses, but by...
51 min
An ICU Doctor explains mistakes we've made (and...
Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng has been at ground zero throughout the pandemic, as a critical care and palliative care doctor who has seen the worst of what COVID can do. He also has serious concerns with how governments handled an outbreak that was fatal...
35 min
Full Comment with Anthony Furey: The Transforma...
With a viral pandemic raging, casual relationships suddenly faced a whole new level of danger. Dating, hook-ups, and even strip clubs were thrown into turmoil. When just a coffee with someone new could present frightening risks, let alone touching,...
32 min
How Canadians’ basic freedoms have been locked ...
Random police stops. Provincial border guards. Free-speech restrictions. The last 15 months have arguably represented the most intense throttling of Canadian civil liberties by governments — ever. And it hasn’t stopped yet. This has all been done...
37 min
How China seizes on global ‘chaos’ so it can do...
China has been holding Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig captive for two years as it plays “hostage diplomacy.” Ottawa seems paralyzed even as pressure mounts for difficult decisions about allowing Chinese telecom into Canada’s 5G...
35 min
Ian Lee reveals the alarming economic reality f...
What if everything the government told you about why it’s racking up huge deficits and debts wasn’t actually true? Dr. Ian Lee, a professor at Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business, explains how the federal Liberals’ recent budget is...
40 min
Lindsay Shepherd on the battle against campus c...
Lindsay Shepherd went from being an unknown graduate student at an Ontario university, to becoming a subject of international controversy, all for playing a five-minute clip during a class discussion, recorded from a mainstream Canadian news program....
45 min
Episode 2: Dr. Jennifer Grant
For over a year, Canadian governments have responded to the COVID pandemic with the same lockdowns and restrictions, but are they really the best approach? Anthony talks to Dr. Jennifer Grant, a microbiologist and infectious diseases physician at UBC,...
41 min
Episode 1: Celina Caesar-Chavannes
In the debut episode of Full Comment with Anthony Furey, Anthony interviews Celina Caesar-Chavannes. Caesar-Chavannes, a former Liberal MP an parliamentary secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, talks about her disillusionment with Trudeau's...
48 min
Introducing Full Comment
Host Anthony Furey introduces Full Comment, Postmedia's new podcast for compelling interviews, controversial opinions and fascinating discussions. We'll go where other media outlets won't, ask the tough questions, and feature the colourful opinions...
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