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What you need to know about Canadian business this week in under 30 minutes. Hosted by the Financial Post's Gabe Friedman.

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EV sector could mean a quarter of a million job...
What it would take for Canada to establish an EV supply chain and what it would mean to the economy
13 min
Office buildings are having an existential cris...
Down to Business looks at the decline of office buildings which started before the rise of work from home arrangements amplified the crisis
17 min
Canada's home sales and prices are falling. Has...
Murtaza Haider explains why he thinks housing prices in Canada will return to their space-ward trajectory
22 min
'The lines between travelling and living are bl...
Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky explains how the pandemic has reshaped the way we travel, work and live
32 min
Should Canada invest in hydrogen? Here are the ...
Two chemical engineers explain the pros and cons of hydrogen
29 min
The modern tragedy of Long COVID
Down to Business looks at how Long COVID is affecting lives, our healthcare system and our economy
31 min
'Soft landing is wishful thinking,' says former...
A former economist at the Bank of Canada on how central banks fell behind the curve and missed crucial signals about the economy
18 min
Without government aid, Canada's car industry w...
19 min
The new oil? How demand for copper could reshap...
Down to Business talks to veteran energy analyst Daniel Yergin about how copper, the metal of electrification, will reshape geopolitics
16 min
How high a price will Canadians have to pay to ...
Down to Business looks at what could happen to Canada's economy and housing market as the Bank of Canada hikes rates
20 min
What the future holds for western Canadian oil ...
What the future holds for western Canadian oil producers if pipelines and other critical infrastructure are no longer on the table
22 min
How Bill Browder began warning the world about ...
Bill Browder, once Russia’s largest foreign investor, describes how he started his campaign to convince the world that Russian President Vladimir Putin is dangerously corrupt.
23 min
Pulling back the curtain on Tim Hortons' nation...
This week on Down to Business former Financial Post reporter James McLeod talks about his investigation into Tim Hortons’ data collection practices that sparked a nation-wide privacy probe
26 min
Lessons from the Port of Vancouver's annus horr...
Down to Business looks at the challenges facing ports in the pandemic and extreme weather
20 min
What the death of the penny taught us about our...
Not too long ago, there were billions of pennies floating around in people’s wallets
34 min
Long waits in the airplane await travellers as ...
Down to Business looks at the business of flying after the pandemic
14 min
Canada in unique position to be world's 'EV sup...
This week Down to Business looks at the shift underway in the auto sector
21 min
Trying to make sense of why Elon Musk is offeri...
This week Down to Business podcast considers the possible business cases
16 min
What rapidly rising inflation tells us about th...
How rising inflation impacts the global economy and the pace of globalization
18 min
Why Canadians are losing faith in the housing m...
Housing price expert Tsur Somerville on blind bidding, real estate agents and so-called affordable housing
22 min
What challenges lie ahead in trying to build Ca...
Guests discuss Canada's new critical minerals and electric vehicle supply chain
25 min
The real problem behind Canada's out-of-control...
Down to Business explores the many theories about why prices have been rising for as long as they have
21 min
What the new emissions reduction plan means to ...
In this special bonus episode of Down to Business, Gabriel Friedman looks at Ottawa's plan to cut 2005 level-emissions by 40 per cent by the end of the decade
15 min
The deal that could launch Canada into the auto...
This week, Down to Business delves into the auto sector’s pivot to electric vehicles, one of the largest industrial transformations in history.
18 min
Three first-time homebuyers tell their stories ...
The trials and tribulations of buying a home in Canada
42 min
How gold prices connect to inflation, interest ...
Even as it nears an all-time high, gold had been trending down for much of the past year
20 min
What rising interest rates mean for housing and...
Tu Nyugen and Jason Del Vicario talk about how rising interest rates will affect the housing market and the economy
17 min
What the Ukraine-Russia conflict means for geop...
Mark Manger, Alex Tuckett and Robert Huebert talk about the economic consequences of Russia's invasion of Ukraine
25 min
Stephen Poloz explains why volatility is trendi...
Former Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz identifies five "tectonic" forces that are going to create new crises for at least a decade
33 min
What it will take to get Canada to net zero
This week on Down to Business two electricity experts Bruce Lourie and Gretchen Bakke talk about the many hurdles Canada will have to clear to get to net zero
31 min
Tougher Fed is not good news for big tech
BMO chief economist Douglas Porter talks about why tech stocks are taking a beating
22 min
How Uber's deal with a union could change the g...
Veena Dubal on what Uber's deal with UFCW means for the company, its workers and other similar businesses
26 min
Air taxis will need 60,000 new pilots this deca...
21 min
How the COVID-19 pandemic is changing commercia...
Cushman & Wakefield's Samantha Sannella talks about how our office may look different once we return
19 min
Web 3.0 — A decentralized internet that could b...
Lex Sokolin and Victoria Lemieux on how blockchain could have profound implications on the way the internet works
43 min
Labour shortage threatens to become economy's b...
This week on Down to Business, Scotiabank chief economist Jean-Francois Perrault talks about lessons from a shock that had no playbook
20 min
Canadians will feel the bite of rising prices e...
20 min
The Crypto Files: If you think it doesn't affec...
Andreas Park, who co-authored a design proposal for a digital currency for the Bank of Canada, breaks down what blockchain means for the financial system
26 min
What the U.S. EV tax credit means for Canada
Flavio Volpe explains how the U.S. infrastructure bill will affect Canada's auto industry
21 min
Why blockchain development technology is crucia...
Ethan Lou explains why he thinks blockchain technology holds so much promise
23 min
Canada's biggest risk in green transition is mi...
Rachel Samson, research director for clean growth at the Canadian Institute for Climate Choices, talks about the COP26 summit
18 min
Why the post-pandemic economy is humbling forec...
This week on Down to Business, Beata Caranici, chief economist of TD Bank, talks about the uncertainty the economy is facing as it struggles to emerge from the pandemic.
23 min
Why Calgary's new mayor wants to declare a 'cli...
This week on Down to Business, host Gabriel Friedman talks with Calgary's first female mayor Jyoti Gondek about the polarization around climate change and fossil fuels and how she plans to attract investors to the city’s burgeoning cleantech economy.
15 min
This tech company grew fivefold in just over a ...
This week on Down to Business, Lightspeed CEO Dax DaSilva talks about his company's remarkable growth spurt, how it is attracting and keeping talent and why Canada is actually an amazing place to headquarter your tech company.
19 min
Addressing single use plastics left behind by t...
This week on Down to Business podcast, Megan Takeda-Tully talks about starting a company during a pandemic, the challenges of her endeavor and what’s at stake
14 min
Canada's unemployment is high but the number of...
This week on Down To Business, Prof. Jennifer Robson talks about whether employers may end up hiking wages, the labour shortage and the Canada Recovery Benefit.
16 min
Canada is addicted to high-rising home prices —...
This week on Down To Business Prof. Paul Kershaw talks about how rising real estate prices are distorting Canada’s economic growth and hurting younger generations.
21 min
Uncovering Canada's role in supporting slavery ...
This week on Down to Business, University of Toronto's Padraic Scanlan talks about the controversy around Henry Dundas and some unsettling chapters of Canada’s past.  
18 min
'That world is over:' Airbnb CEO on how the pan...
This week on Down to Business Brian Chesky, co-founder and CEO of Airbnb, talks about how his tech startup survived the most disruptive time for travel since World War II — and came out stronger
33 min
How facial recognition technology impacts our d...
This week on Down to Business, Wendy Wong, a professor of political science at the University of Toronto where she is also a research lead at the Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society and Canada Research Chair in Global Governance and...
19 min
Smaller housing markets set for a shock when li...
With the Federal Election around the corner, leaders are rolling out their political platforms, including promises on housing and affordability. This week on Down to Business we talk to John Pasalis, president of Realosophy, about whether government...
12 min
'The pandemic is going to be a catalyst to chan...
This week on "Down to Business," Deloitte chief economist Craig Alexander talks with Financial Post's Larysa Harapyn about the election issues dominating Canada's economic landscape: the recovery, underinvestment in business and infrastructure, and...
18 min
The jobs most at risk of being transformed by a...
This week on Down to Business, Natalia Mishagina, research director at the Institute for Research on Public Policy in Montreal, where she focuses on the future of skills and adult learning, speaks with host Gabriel Friedman to discuss technology's...
15 min
Pave paradise … how parking lots are choking ou...
This week on Down to Business, urban planner Ashley Salvador talks about how Edmonton, a city with 50% more parking than it needs, is the first city in Canada to ditch minimum parking requirements. Most cities have way more mandated parking than...
19 min
People need to accept that Canada is the fourth...
This week on Down to Business, Seamus O’Regan, Canada's Minister of Natural Resources, talks about the importance of the oil and gas industry to the economy and why he believes the carbon tax is the “most elegant solution” to emissions. 
21 min
'We're in trouble:' Ag expert warns there's no ...
This week on Down to Business, Lenore Newman, director of the Food and Agriculture Institute at University of the Fraser Valley, explains what climate change and extreme weather mean for Canada’s food supply.
21 min
The huge human, social and economic costs of go...
This week, on Down to Business, Heather Reisman, chief executive of Toronto-based Indigo Books and Music Inc. speaks with host Gabriel Friedman about how her business fared during the pandemic, when customer browsing abruptly came to a halt.
19 min
Deciphering the mysteries of the pandemic job c...
This week on Down to Business, Fabian Lange, Canadian Research Chair in Labour and Personnel Economics at McGill University, talks about how the pandemic has affected employment across Canada.  
14 min
Canada can't escape China, so here's how it can...
This week, on Down to Business, Sharon Zhengyang Sun, trade policy economist for the Canada West Foundation, and a distinguished fellow for the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, speaks to host Gabriel Friedman about the implications of Canada’s...
18 min
Not since Expo '67: pandemic leads to first tra...
This week on Down to Business, David Jacobson, a former U.S Ambassador to Canada, talks about the economic impact, both directly and indirectly, of closing our borders with our biggest trading partner.
16 min
'Stark, unmistakeable and tragic': The failure ...
This week Down to Business talks to Alex Himelfarb, a former clerk of the privy council, about why more than two-thirds of Canada's deaths during the COVID-19 crisis occurred in long-term care homes, 50 per cent more than in other OECD countries.
14 min
Canada is showing the world how carbon pricing ...
This week on Down to Business, Yale economist William Nordhaus discusses the economics of climate change.
19 min
Death of the office, no. But there will be an e...
This week on Down to Business, Financial Post's Larysa Harapyn talks to RioCan CEO Jonathan Gitlin about how the pandemic is changing the commercial real estate landscape.
16 min
Canadian restaurants closed for more than 365 d...
As we look forward to a summer of possibly "getting back to normal," businesses struggle with the prospect of reopening, only to close again. In this first of a two-part series on reopening, Down to Business talks to Todd Barclay, CEO of Restaurant...
17 min
Working from home and the office not as easy as...
This week Down to Business talks to workplace expert Doron Melnick who says a hybrid between working from home and in the office could be the best of both worlds. But before we get there employers need to address the challenges of integrating a...
14 min
Myths about Canada's pandemic 'recession': Spro...
This week, on Down to Business, Ian Lee, an associate professor of Management at Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business, offers his passionate take on how Canada has squandered precious resources on a recession that wasn't a recession.  
17 min
Why everybody is stressing out about rare earth...
This week on Down to Business, Neo Performance Materials CEO Constantine Karayannopoulos talks about brewing international tensions over rare earths and why we need them for the future.  
20 min
ESG 'fantasy' distracts from real climate chang...
This week on Down to Business,Tariq Fancy, the former chief investment officer for sustainable investing at Blackrock, explains how he became a cynic about ESG investments.
21 min
How 'urban mining' could someday replace pullin...
This week on Down to Business, Li-Cycle's Ajay Kochar talks about the race to remake the North American recycling landscape.
15 min
Forget bubbles, Canada has a housing affordabil...
High home prices and child care costs hurt Canada more than people think, economically hampering our next generation of workers and spenders, warns Manulife's chief economist.  
28 min
Days are numbered for fossil-fuel cars. Is Cana...
This week, on Down to Business, Brian Kingston, president and chief executive of the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers Association, and Benjamin Sharpe, a senior researcher and Canada Regional Lead at the International Council on Clean Transportation,...
18 min
'Amazing economic opportunity for Canada' in Bi...
This week on Down to Business Clean Energy Canada's Sarah Petrevan talks about the economic imperative of nations going green. Canada, she says, is uniquely positioned to benefit from U.S. President Joe Biden's plan to transition to a low-carbon...
18 min
Watch for more fallout as tensions between Chin...
This week, on Down to Business, Wesley Wark, an expert on national security and intelligence, explores the nature of Canada’s tensions with China.
13 min
CP's 'historic and transformational' merger cou...
This week, on Down to Business, it’s a story about creating the first transcontinental railroad, the corporate titans who invest in rail, the North American supply chains and trade they serve and about Hunter Harrison, who transformed the industry....
22 min
'Big, big changes' in the pipeline as COVID acc...
This week on Down to Business, Jumana Saleheen, chief economist for the commodity research firm CRU, talks about the impacts, paradoxes and opportunities in the transition away from fossil fuels.
15 min
Pandemic showed the inability of the world to a...
This week on Down to Business, to mark PDAC's virtual mining conference, Barrick Gold CEO Mark Bristow explains why he does not think the crisis is over and how the gold industry still has a lot of work to do.
24 min
Buttergate, the Canadian dairy controversy that...
This week Down to Business talks to Sylvain Charlebois, professor and director at the Dalhousie University's Agri-Food Analytics Lab, about 'Buttergate,' the hard butter controversy that cast a global spotlight on Canada's dairy business.  
18 min
COVID-weary Canada should brace for 'worst wave...
This week Down to Business looks at how we are coping with the pandemic one year on and the challenges of vaccine rollout in Canada, perhaps the single biggest issue right now affecting the economic recovery
26 min
How Alberta's old oil wells could feed the worl...
This week on Down to Business, Chris Doornbros explains how his company Calgary-based E3 Metals is working on technology to extract lithium from old oil and gas reservoirs in Alberta, and how this process could help revolutionize the way we use...
17 min
Brace yourself for 'very dismal' economic numbe...
Deloitte chief economist Craig Alexander talks about what lies ahead as we battle a second wave of the coronavirus and how the pandemic's legacy will be deep economic scars, but also opportunities and innovation.    
19 min
Market manipulation or David vs Goliath? Unpack...
This week on Down to Business, host Gabriel Friedman talks to two financial experts with very different takes on the wild run-up in stocks brought on by Reddit message boards and online trading.
30 min
David Dodge on the challenges ahead for Canada'...
This week on Down to Business, economist David Dodge, former governor of the Bank of Canada, talks about missed opportunities during the pandemic and how the government now must find a way to invest money so that it increases the country’s productivity.
18 min
'Real potential for on-going terrorist acts' in...
This week on Down to Business, Carleton political science professor Laura Macdonald talks about the angry mobs storming the Capitol and what U.S. instability means for Canada, and for the North American regional economy.
11 min
Outlook for the economy brighter than many thin...
This week on Down to Business CIBC senior economist Royce Mendes tells us why he is more optimistic than many of his peers and how the economic recovery is already within sight.
20 min
How COVID will change how small business is con...
This week on Down to Business Andy Yan of Simon Fraser University, who has earned a reputation as a keen observer of trends in real estate and small business, talks about how the pandemic has interrupted, accelerated and amplified trends and what our...
16 min
Hoping 'this nightmare will be over soon': On t...
On this week’s episode of Down to Business, Trevor David, the owner, and self-described “chief cook and bottlewasher” at The Art of BBQ smokehouse in locked-down Toronto, describes how restaurants who have had their business cut by more than...
17 min
The 'inspiration and anxiety' of running a high...
This week on Down to Business, Maple Leaf Foods CEO Michael McCain, a billionaire known for his ability to handle a crisis, says 2020 has generated new levels of anxiety and inspiration.  
22 min
The best way to get people the help they need i...
This week on Down to Business, Shari Eli, an economist at the University of Toronto, explains what history says about the long-term effects of welfare and work programs and talks about the recovery from the pandemic and who is affected most.
18 min
Misconceptions about the COVID vaccines now hit...
This week on Down To Business, Tom Blackwell, a reporter for the National Post, talks about how we are not getting the whole story on the new COVID-19 vaccines and how it’s a mistake to think they can end the pandemic.
20 min
Canada could be stuck with holdovers from Trump...
This week, on Down to Business, Meredith Lilly, a former trade adviser for Stephen Harper, discusses how Canada’s trade relationship with the U.S. has evolved.
22 min
Stephen Poloz on interest rates, our oil indust...
This week on Down to Business, the former governor of the Bank of Canada talks about the state of Canada’s affairs, including its economic recovery and any potential impacts from the U.S. election.
33 min
What went wrong with Ontario's COVID-19 testing
On this week’s Down to Business, the National Post's Richard Warnica talks about how the province has not been able to meet its testing needs and the lack of foresight behind it.
22 min
How luxury parka maker Canada Goose filled a cr...
This week, on Down to Business, Dani Reiss, chief executive of Canada Goose, talks about how his company stepped up when the country found itself facing a critical shortage of personal protective equipment.
23 min
Unpacking the ugly conflict over lobster fisher...
This week on Down to Business, Dalhousie’s Megan Bailey sets the record straight on the historical, legal and environmental facts of the dispute that has sparked shocking violence in southern Nova Scotia.  
25 min
Will Canada's housing friendly recession last? ...
This week on Down To Business, Gabriel Friedman talks to CIBC Deputy Chief Economist Bejamin Tal about how high housing prices in the middle of one of the worst recessions in history have exposed Canada’s income inequality crisis and where the...
22 min
Oil’s demise will be more gradual than many ima...
This week on Down To Business, Gabriel Friedman talks to pulitzer prize-winning analyst Daniel Yergin on the future of energy and Canada’s oilsands and how pipelines have become the new political battleground.
22 min
How Canada can pull from behind the curve to a ...
This week on Down to Business, Cedric Smith, an analyst at the clean energy think tank, Pembina Institute, talks about the opportunities for this country in the green economy.
15 min
Oil and Blood: Saudi Arabia's crown prince pose...
This week, on Down to Business, Justin Scheck, a reporter at the Wall Street Journal and co-author of Blood and Oil, a new book about Saudi Arabia, discusses how the oil-rich nation is trying to diversify its economy. The book takes a closer look at...
21 min
How consumer behaviour has changed during COVID...
The last recession gave birth to the gig economy, in which companies like Airbnb and Uber convinced people to monetize their houses and cars. COVID will make changes too, in commerce and beyond. This week, on Down to Business, Anindya Sen, an...
18 min
Why the world’s resource king is so interested ...
BHP Group, one of the world’s largest mining corporations, is known for iron ore and copper, petroleum and coal, not potash. But that may be changing. This week on Down to Business, host Gabriel Friedman talks to BHP’s new chief executive Mike...
21 min