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What you need to know about Canadian business this week in under 30 minutes. Hosted by the Financial Post's Gabe Friedman.

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Why it might be hard for Canada to capture econ...
High housing prices among challenges that could make it harder for Canada to capture economic opportunities from the energy transition
20 min
What happens to Canada after oil demand peaks?
Economist lays out what he sees happening when demand for fossil fuels starts to decline in 2030
20 min
Why Canada must build faster to reach climate g...
Regulatory review process needs reform for Canada to meet its climate goals, say businesses
17 min
Battery eureka moment found in a bag of potato ...
A Canadian company is breaking ground in the technology of next-generation batteries
19 min
What Canada is doing wrong in its world-leading...
Down to Business looks at the weaknesses and strengths of an immigration policy that's leading the world
39 min
Why more Canadian workers are at risk of mental...
What’s happening to workers across Canada from a mental health standpoint
23 min
Why higher interest rates could be bad for workers
Economist Jim Stanford talks about how higher interest rates could suppress wage growth
22 min
Dispatches from the battery economy: How Nano O...
CEO Dan Blondal talks about how Nano One has been affected by rapid EV adoption in North America
38 min
The pandemic didn't kill the office, it was alr...
Down to Business looks at the past, present and future of the office building
43 min
How the devastation of wildfires ripples throug...
Mortgage delinquencies spiked after the Fort McMurray 2016 wildfire
20 min
'A ticking time-bomb': The rise of the variable...
Jimmy Jean of Desjardins Group talks about the risks of variable-rate, fixed-payment mortgages
18 min
Canada's oilsands poised for age of optimization
S&P Global Commodity Insights raises its oilsands production outlook for the first time in over half a decade
24 min
The hidden beliefs about money that sabotage us...
Financial therapist Aseel El-Baba explains where money troubles come from
15 min
This economist thinks interest rate hikes are d...
Down to Business talks to an economist who argues that Bank of Canada hikes are failing to ease inflation and damaging the economy
22 min
Why are cars so expensive in Canada today?
Economist Charles Bernard on the forces causing vehicle prices to rise
30 min
What Canada gets for its $13-billion investment...
Policy expert says Canadian subsidies won't reap the benefits American handouts will
19 min
Is the world running out of copper just when we...
With demand for the metal critical to the green transition about to surge, the number of new deposits being discovered has dwindled
21 min
How the small movie theatre came back from the ...
The single-screen theatre has survived existential threats like COVID shutdowns, streaming and big chains
23 min
Canada on the road to first net-zero cement in ...
Down to Business looks at the ground-breaking zero emissions cement plant planned for Edmonton, Alberta
26 min
Safety Net: The impact of ransomware attacks on...
Experts discuss the impact of ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure in Canada
29 min
Inside the only rare-earths mine in Canada
Down to Business looks at this highly sought-after commodity and how Canada has one of only two mines in North America
13 min
Critical minerals in spotlight as global miners...
Down to Business talks to PDAC director Jeff Killeen about the hot trends at one of the largest mining conferences in the world
13 min
What lies ahead for Canada's economy as it seek...
Dave Sawyer and Michael Bernstein discuss what lies ahead for Canada's economy as it seeks to reduce carbon emissions
28 min
How immigration and an aging population will af...
Desjardins' Randall Bartlett on why Canada needs to build housing faster than its currently doing to accommodate immigration
19 min
Maybe Canada can pull off a soft landing after ...
TD economist James Orlando on where inflation, interest rates and the economy might be going
23 min