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Rahm Emanuel weighs in on 2020
The former Chicago mayor and former chief of staff to President Barack Obama — talks to POLITICO founding editor John Harris about his new book, "The Nation City: Why Mayors Are Now Running the World," his "toy phone" in Bill Clinton's White House and his thoughts on the 2020 field.
20 min
A new tone from some in GOP on climate change -...
Some senior Republicans are showing a willingness to consider incremental legislation
34 min
Which 2020 Democrat should Donald Trump most be...
We talked shop with the strategists from four losing 2016 GOP primary campaigns in a Washington cigar bar -- a literal smoke-filled room.
39 min
This is what Kirsten Gillibrand hates about run...
24 min
Is John Hickenlooper too normal to be president?
In a crowded field of Democratic presidential contenders, former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper makes an impression on voters as a genuine candidate, even if he's a bit quirky.
22 min
How it feels to win (and lose) a House majority
For our post-midterms edition of Off Message, we talk to Corry Bliss and Charlie Kelly, the two men who led the largest House campaign organizations in 2018, about what just happened.
55 min
David Axelrod: Voters don't want a ‘Democratic ...
The strategist behind Obama's presidential campaigns gives his midterms predictions, shares his lightning-round thoughts on 2020 candidates and tells Tim whether he thinks any politician can recapture the Obama magic.
56 min
Meet the next Ted Cruz
Chip Roy, Cruz's former chief of staff, is likely to be elected to the House in Nov. Top Republicans worry that he'll be to the right of the Freedom Caucus.
45 min
Steve Scalise thinks he knows who'll be the nex...
Steve Scalise on Trump, returning to the scene of his summer 2017 shooting, and who he thinks will be the next GOP House speaker.
48 min
John Kerry on 2020, Trump and why we need to as...
The former secretary of state has led a Forrest Gump-like life. He went to high school with Bob Mueller. He introduced John Lennon at a Vietnam protest. He ran for president and almost won. Will he run again in 2020?
46 min
Elijah Cummings is ready to investigate Trump
If Democrats retake the House, the Maryland congressman will likely become the new chair of the Oversight committee. Here, a preview of what to expect from their coming investigations of the Trump administration.
47 min
Ken Starr: If I was Trump's lawyer, ‘I would be...
The Clinton-era independent counsel weighs in on Brett Kavanaugh, why Trump has an obligation to answer Mueller's questions and whether he plans to support Trump in 2020.
45 min
Mazie Hirono: Brett Kavanaugh is fudging the truth
The Hawaii senator gets candid about why she believes Kavanaugh's accuser, what it's like being the only immigrant in the Senate and her own #MeToo story.
58 min
Ben Jealous: ‘Americans are suffering under the...
Ben Jealous is a venture capitalist. Opponents call him a socialist. He says that’s the cost of wanting “people to be treated in a way that’s just.”
55 min
Seth Meyers: Trump wanted me to apologize for m...
A reprise episode: The “Late Night” host talks about President Trump and the time Michael Cohen tried to negotiate a mea culpa from the comedian.
42 min
Tony Perkins: Trump gets ‘a mulligan’ on Stormy...
A reprise episode: The head of the Family Research Council says that evangelical conservatives are willing to overlook Trump’s past behavior so long as he delivers for them on policy.
45 min
Why Michael Hayden says Trump is helping Russia...
A reprise episode: Former CIA Director Michael Hayden doesn’t know whether Donald Trump colluded with the Russian attack on the 2016 election—but he’s sure the president helped the Kremlin and is continuing to do so every day.
40 min
Randi Weingarten: For unions, this is a ‘which ...
The president of the American Federation of Teachers says that union members haven’t just cooled on Trump—they’ve turned on him.
49 min
Shannon Watts: How to create an ‘army of angry ...
The founder of Moms Demand Action talks about how she created one of the most successful gun control groups in the country—and where they go from here.
50 min
John Dean: Nixon ‘might have survived if there'...
An encore of our first interview of 2018. John Dean — the Nixon aide who flipped, became the Watergate prosecution’s star witness and brought down a president — gets real about the Trump-Russia scandal and the differences between it and Watergate.
43 min
Marty Walsh: Working-class Trump voters ‘forgot...
The progressive Boston mayor fits the profile of a Trump voter. And if Democrats want to win them back, he says they need to stop with the abstract talk and get real.
45 min
Francis Suarez: Miami's almost-millennial, Lati...
He's a registered Republican, but he didn't vote for Trump.
40 min
Kate Andersen Brower: Making sense of the Trump...
How does Mike Pence keep his boss happy? By staying out of the spotlight, for starters, says journalist Kate Andersen Brower, whose new book looks at the relationships between presidents and vice presidents.
38 min
Tom Arnold: 'Donald Trump is a D-list president...
49 min
Seth Moulton: ‘We have a commander in chief tha...
Rep. Seth Moulton is amassing an army of service-oriented Dem candidates. His goal isn’t simply to defeat Trump; it’s to change politics — and maybe form his own national campaign in the process.
53 min