White Flag with Joe Walsh

It’s never easy to talk with people who don’t agree with you; and yet, problems cannot be solved without the search for common ground. Joe Walsh is a former U.S. Congressman, a former Presidential candidate, a radio host, and a man whose personal mission is to LISTEN. With WHITE FLAG with JOE WALSH, he surrenders the urge to fight and strives to find a path to unite, not divide. He talks with notable people that have vastly differing viewpoints from his own. These are passionate conversations with an aim to find compromise... and, in turn, a better America.

33. Wajahat Ali
69 min
32. Bridging the Divide: Alyssa Milano / Wajah...
18 min
31. Alyssa Milano
56 min
30. Bridging the Divide: Joan Walsh / Alyssa M...
13 min
29. Joan Walsh
54 min
28. Santorum Postmortem
Joe Walsh is still angry after his discussion with Senator Rick Santorum. On this episode of WHITE FLAG, exactly one year after The Insurrection, Walsh explains why the previous episode left him angry and frustrated and he reveals the one thing that...
12 min
27. Senator Rick Santorum
Joe Walsh and Rick Santorum are both conservatives who seem to be on different paths. Still, they take some time to discuss authoritarianism, the future of the GOP, and whether Trump is fit (or unfit) to serve another term…and if Santorum would...
45 min
26. Bridging the Divide: Kenny Mayne / Rick Sa...
Joe Walsh takes a look back at his chat with Kenny Mayne and the relationship that seems to be common with politics and show business. Joe also previews a very different episode of WHITE FLAG…next week’s discussion with Rick Santorum. Joe reveals...
11 min
25. Kenny Mayne
Kenny Mayne is best known for his career as an anchor at ESPN but when he sits down with Joe Walsh, they’re not talking sports. They discuss what allowed Trump to win in 2016, what made the January 6th insurrection possible, how modern tribalism...
64 min
24. Bridging the Divide: Parker Molloy / Kenny ...
‘Tis the season for Joe Walsh to take a moment and wish “Merry Christmas” to everyone joining him on the unique and crazy White Flag journey. He also offers a possible fix (if not a solution) to “The War on Christmas” that might actually...
10 min
23. Parker Molloy
Is there a “War on Christmas”?  Joe talks with writer, blogger, and activist Parker Molloy… and while they may disagree on much, their search for common ground is rewarding and enlightening. They also discuss the history of this so-called...
46 min
22. Bridging the Divide: Michael Steele / Parke...
Joe Walsh has been accused of taking every opportunity to cajole and harp on the Democrats. He explains in four steps why he does it, why it’s OK, and why it’s the only way to save our democracy.  Joe also reflects on his discussion with...
19 min
21. Michael Steele
Former Chairman of the RNC and Former Lt. Governor of Maryland Michael Steele describes himself as a “Pragmatic Conservative”.  He is of the belief that The Republican Party has a “complex relationship with itself”.  This week, he...
49 min
20. Bridging the Divide: Jane Lynch / Michael ...
Joe Walsh feels a profound sadness because we, as Americans, live in a political duopoly and the base of one of those two parties has been radicalized. This radicalized base is committed, active, hardcore... and dangerous. Joe explains and also...
20 min
19. Jane Lynch
This week, Joe Walsh sits down with actress/comedian/author (and fellow Chicagoan) Jane Lynch.  She stands for anyone who loves democracy and they discuss whether or not democracy can survive in an age when we are tearing each other apart. ...
52 min
18. Bridging the Divide: Congressman Adam Kinzi...
Politicians can (and often do) say horrible things. Joe Walsh is of the opinion that what isn’t said can be even worse. Silence implies permission…and silence can doom us all. Joe explains and also reflects on his discussion with Congressman Adam...
23 min
17. Congressman Adam Kinzinger
Joe Walsh and Adam Kinzinger are “brothers in arms”, having both served in congress representing Illinois. However, since then, Walsh left the Republican Party and Kinzinger remains a member.  In this discussion, they describe what it feels...
26 min
16. Bridging the Divide: Cenk Uygur / Congress...
27 min
15. Cenk Uygur
Cenk Uygur is a leading progressive and the founder of “The Young Turks”.  Despite their extraordinarily differing political backgrounds, Joe Walsh sits down with Uyger to try to find common ground on Bernie Sanders, the election process,...
56 min
14. Bridging the Divide: Tom Nichols / Cenk Uygur
We are currently living in a revolutionary period in American History: we are more divided than we have been at any time since The Civil War.  It’s no longer simply Democrats vs. Republicans and no one ever knows how a revolution will end, so...
23 min
13. Tom Nichols
Academic Tom Nichols and Joe Walsh may be “Never-Trumpers,” but they think differently about most issues. They converse and try to establish some common ground regarding Populism, the factors that allowed Trump to gain power, why so many people...
55 min
12. Bridging the Divide: Touré / Tom Nichols
The Democrats had “a bad night” on Election Day 2021… especially in Virginia. Joe Walsh knows why and offers his solution for the only way to beat the Republicans: ENGAGE. Joe explains and also reflects on his discussion with Touré and previews...
27 min
11. Touré
Touré is an American writer, music journalist, cultural critic, podcaster, and television personality.  Like Joe Walsh, he is a straight shooter who doesn’t shy away from his opinions. That said, he and Joe don’t agree on much. This week,...
68 min
10. Bridging the Divide: Congressman Eric Swalw...
Everyone is partisan to a degree... And that’s okay unless it forces you to be blind to what’s right and wrong. Joe Walsh wants to get the blinders off of our officials. Also, the easiest part of Democracy wields the most power. Joe explains and...
29 min
9. Congressman Eric Swalwell
Representative Eric Swalwell is an outspoken, passionate Democratic Congressman from California. Joe Walsh was an outspoken, passionate Republican Congressman from Illinois. Politically, they agree on very little… but when they sit down to talk,...
37 min
8. Bridging the Divide: Jon Cryer / Congressman...
Joe Walsh is a guy who wears his emotions on his sleeve, and he’s a little down on things today because of where we’re at in our country. Joe explains and also reflects on his discussion with Jon Cryer and previews his conversation with...
30 min
7. Jon Cryer
The conservative media world seems to share a unified opinion about Hollywood: “They’re a bunch of Libs!”. A few years back, Joe Walsh would’ve said the same thing. But when actor Jon Cryer sits down and talks with Walsh, much is revealed. The...
41 min
6. Bridging the Divide: Fred Guttenberg and Kri...
It’s no secret that politicians love to demonize their opponents, and Joe Walsh has a well-documented history of doing just that. That said, Joe Walsh is making an effort to change this behavior within himself, and even though he may have changed,...
24 min
5. Fred Guttenberg / Kris Brown
Joe Walsh is a self-described “gun guy” and a “big Second Amendment guy”.   In this episode, Joe sits down with Activist Fred Guttenberg (whose daughter was murdered in the 2018 Parkland School shooting) and Kris Brown, the President of...
50 min
4. Bridging the Divide: DL Hughley / Fred Gutte...
Joe has some serious thoughts about Jon Stewart's criticism of the media, reflects on his discussion with DL Hughley, and previews his sit down with Fred Guttenberg.
27 min
3. DL Hughley
Comedian, actor, and political commentator D.L. Hughley talks with Joe Walsh about the current state of race relations in The United States and the importance of looking back before we can move forward.
42 min
2. Bridging the Divide: Andrew Yang / DL Hughley
Joe reflects on his discussion with Andrew Yang and previews his discussion with DL Hughley.
30 min
1. Andrew Yang
Presidential candidate and New York mayoral candidate, Andrew Yang, sits down with Joe Walsh to discuss election reform, the role of social media in modem politicking, and the formation of a third party.
44 min