Join The Cast 2024

Listen to all the pilots from the HeadStuff Join The Cast competition and choose your favourite.

You can rate each show idea on and help get your favourite idea made into a real show this year.

The Pitch:

Everybody thinks they’ve got a podcast in them, do you? Or maybe you and your friend have an idea that the world just needs to hear? Well this is the time to get your podcast made.

At HeadStuff, Ireland’s premier podcast network, we are looking for fresh talent to be part of a new pilot series.

Join the Cast is your chance to win a €50,000 recording deal for your own podcast series.

The Class of 2024 are:

FREAKS by Sophie Hearne

The Junior B Things Podcast by James McDowell

Scanrach by Cherise Hanvey and Kori Schagunn

Threads by Danielle Olavario

Who's in a Name by Ben Butler

Society & Culture
Who's in a Name - Pilot
By Ben Butler
13 min
The Junior B Things Podcast
By James Mc Dowell
33 min
Threads - Pilot
By Danielle Olavario
28 min
FREAKS - Pilot
By Sophie Hearne
37 min
Scanrach - Pilot
By Cherise Hanvey & Kori Schagunn
35 min