The Radiate Wellness Podcast

What you radiate reflects the best aspects of who you are. Join host Christi Clemons Hoffman, international bestselling author, Reiki Master, Level 3 QHHT practitioner, and owner of Radiate Wellness, as she talks with thought leaders, authors, practitioners, and other inspirational guests about what they bring to the world—radiating health, clarity, hope, and more. Change your life by changing what you radiate. Learn about Radiate Wellness, our other practitioners, and our services at

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Alternative Health
Radiate Spiritual Liberation with Wayne Saalman
Guest Wayne Saalman is a novelist, poet, painter, musician and songwriter.
34 min
Radiate Religion with Jonas Atlas
Jonas Yunus Atlas is a scholar of religion who writes and lectures on religion, politics, and mysticism.
45 min
Radiate Balance with Gail Lynn
46 min
Radiate Wakefulness with Charles Attfield
Charles Attfield became Interested in mysticism while still in his teens and his interest in meditation and eastern philosophy grew rapidly after his later visits to India.
34 min
Radiate Frequency with Christopher Jordan
Christopher Jordan composes instrumental music incorporating everything from frequencies from within the solar system, to binaural beats, and even brainwave frequencies.
47 min
Radiate Design with Raquel Reyna
Raquel Reyna breaks down Human Design to assist you in uncovering shocking truths about yourself.
43 min
Radiate Wisdom with Thomas Freese
In this conversation with Thomas Freese, we talk about tree energy and tree spirits. This is a fascinating discussion.
43 min
Radiate Communication with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke
Lesley Mitchell-Clarke is a Toronto based Certified Hypnotherapist who specializes in in several modalities, including Past Life and Inter life Regression
44 min
Radiate Afterlife with Dr. Raymond Moody
What Happens When We Die? Dr. Raymond Moody is a researcher and international bestselling author who coined the term "near death experience."
61 min
Radiate Mysticism with Phill Webster
Guest Phill Webster is an author, actor, and developing medium. He is the author of Letting Glow.
38 min
Radiate Ineffable Love with Peter Panagore
Peter Panagore is a husband, father, grandfather, a two-time near-death experiencer, storyteller, ordained pastor, writer, and best-selling book author
46 min
Radiate Healing with Carmen Turner-Schott
Welcome back Carmen Turner-Schott to the podcast to talk about her latest book, Moon Signs, Houses & Healing: Gain Emotional Strength and Resilience through Astrology.
49 min
Radiate Reincarnation with Dr. Dave Bettenhaus...
Radiating reincarnation with Dr. Dave Bettenhausen and Carla Bogni-Kidd, the two have a spiritual kinship that has taken them through 29 past lives together.
50 min
Radiate Continuity with Jacob L. Cooper
Jacob L. Cooper, LCSW, shares insight about the mystery of life on the other side of the veil from his near-death experience and past life regressions.
40 min
Radiate Healing and Understanding with Rob Gutro
Rob Gutro is an author, paranormal investigator and medium with Inspired Ghost Tracking of Maryland.
49 min
Radiate Surrender with Kute Blackson
Kute Blackson's new book, The Magic of Surrender, is a guide to move you past inner struggle to discover the power of letting go of control
51 min
Radiate Positive Energy with Elissa Hope
Guest Elissa Hope is a world renowned spiritual motivational healer, speaker, and writer.
54 min
Radiate Curiosity with Mark Vernon
Return guest author Mark Vernon takes us back to the early days of the Christian church
57 min
Radiate H.O.P.E. with Joshua Louis
Guest Joshua Louis, the creator of H.O.P.E., is a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient as well as a conscious medium.
60 min
Radiate Oneness with Lynne Renoir
Author Lynne Renoir talks with Christi about her journey to a realization of her oneness with the whole of reality
47 min
Radiate Creative Wisdom with Iona Jenkins
Iona Jenkins is an author, creative writer, and poet whose passion is sharing a vision of beauty, harmony, peace, and wisdom through creative, mystical writing
47 min
Radiate Connection with Florence Ann Romano
Florence Ann Romano is an author, philanthropist, businesswoman, childcare and village advocate, and personal growth strategist
48 min
Radiate Meaning with Vony Eichel
Christi talks with author Vony Eichel about her book A Reason to Carry On
34 min
Radiate Union with Jeanine Thompson
Guest Jeanine Thompson is a transformational coach, speaker, and author
38 min
Radiate Healing and Hope with Donald Altman
Donald Altman is a psychotherapist, Award-winning writer, international workshop trainer, former Buddhist monk and past Vice-President of The Center for Mindful Eating
48 min