Human Race

Human Race is a podcast from Runner's World. Hosted by Rachel Swaby, Human Race focuses on long-form storytelling. It brings the depth and reporting you’ve come to expect from ambitious features in the magazine—but with the intimate and immersive aspects only audio can provide. Each week, we share a story about runners and the world of running.

Episode 29: See You on the Road
The last episode.
49 min
Episode 28: Crash & Return
How one terrible event remade a runner.
29 min
Episode 27: From The Rubble
When Amy Downs thinks about her life, it splits into two distinct sections: before the bombing and after the bombing.
34 min
Episode 26: Pacers
A relationship formed in the most excruciating moments of a runner’s life.
42 min
New episode coming next week
Human Race is taking this week off
0 min
Episode 25: Rosco's Runners
A run club participates in a crazy ass sport with crazy ass people and crazy ass asses.
45 min
Episode 24: What would it take?
Early flights, injury, illness? Karen Queally has no plans to stop her 20-year running streak.
38 min
Episode 23: Don’t Call it a Comeback
Brandon Hudgins has a rare autoimmune disease. He refuses to stop chasing a dream that he knows might not happen.
46 min
Episode 22: Skid Row Marathon
A judge starts a running club for the homeless and its impact expands far beyond Skid Row.
36 min
Episode 21: Twenty-Four Years
Brent Burmaster decided he’d run at least 3 miles every day for the rest of his life. But what started out as fun, soon turned into survival.
45 min
Episode 20: Rosie
At age 70, the adventurer Rosie Swale Pope accelerates.
47 min
Episode 19: Little Mo
A 13-year old breaks a world record, then disappears from the running scene.
49 min
Boston Bonus Episode
A special episode for Marathon Monday
24 min
Episode 18: Runner Down
When Richard Sikorski collapsed during the 2015 Chicago Marathon, his race stopped and another one began: the race to save his life.
46 min
Quick Update
Rachel is back; tell Human Race about your running club
1 min
Episode 17: Witold and Urszula
For this elite 82-year-old, greatness comes with a price.
59 min
Episode 16: Running Clean
One man's journey from prison to qualifying for the Boston Marathon
34 min
Episode 15: Endurance
Why human beings run and a surprising marathon goal after volunteering for a major surgery to save a mother-in-law's life
37 min
Episode 3: Sylvia
A dedicated masters runner with an unbelievable backstory.
41 min
Episode 1: Tinman
The story of a man who lost his heart and what he gained in its place
39 min
Episode 14: Recovery Run
A woman who lost it all in a tragic accident finds running helps her rediscover the most essential part of herself is still there.
36 min
Episode 13: Bravo
This is the story of a man who changed his whole life, starting with a few Harvard Stadium steps.
21 min
Episode 12: Villains and Vigilantes
Runners are retroactively disqualified from races. A mom with a blog is attacked by a vicious online mob. But this is not your classic good versus evil storyline.
43 min
Episode 11: Bright Eyes
How one runner’s life is transformed after a sudden loss. And what he gained in its place.
45 min
Episode 10: The Cut Off Queen
What it's like to hold one of the most thankless jobs in running—and why it's not at all what you think.
41 min