Personal Best

Personal Best is a show for everyone interested in fitness, health, and wellness. It features interviews with people from across the athletic spectrum from runners, cyclists, and triathletes to climbers, yogis, and masters athletes, to visionaries upending the status quo in their sport and those who’ve devoted their lives to improving the health of others. We get the latest from the experts on nutrition, injury prevention, training, and mental strategies for success no matter what your next goal is. In short, we’re a show for the health conscious. For the active, fit person who is trying to live his or her best life.

Episode 4: The Track Star
Florence Meiler is 83 and a track and field powerhouse.
24 min
Episode 3: The Fitness Guru
Keoni Hudoba lost more than 140 pounds, became a fitness trainer, and now helps others transform their lives.
44 min
Episode 2: The Trailblazer
Ayesha McGowan wants to become the first female African American professional cyclist.
43 min
Episode 1: The Mayor of Running
An interview with the Mayor of Running, Bart Yasso
35 min
Welcome to Personal Best!
Personal Best is a show for everyone interested in fitness, health, and wellness.
1 min
Episode 70: A Crazy Run
What it takes to be really, really good at a beer mile; a final goodbye to our listeners.
54 min
Episode 69: Run Forever
How you can run just three days a week and still maximize your running potential.
49 min
Episode 68: Jeff Galloway
A chat with the lifetime runner and creator of the famous run-walk-run method; a detailed discussion on how to make yourself poop before a run.
59 min
Episode 67: Desiree Linden
The Olympic marathoner goes over proper pacing, her favorite music, and a newfound joy in good bourbon.
56 min
Episode 66: Air Force Tested
Two staffers attempt the Air Force’s physical fitness test.
54 min
Episode 65: Run Your Best Fall Race
We’re answering your general training questions, with a focus on getting you in top shape for fall half and full marathons.
46 min
Episode 64: Running Through Grief
Jordan Hasay discusses her meteoric rise as a runner, and how the sport helped her cope after the death of her mother.
57 min
Episode 64: Running Through Grief
Jordan Hasay discusses her meteoric rise as a runner, and how the sport helped her cope after the death of her mother.
57 min
Episode 63: The Runner’s Heart
A roundtable discussion about the issues of cardiac safety and running.
53 min
Episode 62: Beers, Burgers, and Running
Noah Droddy discusses his breakthrough year over some beers; and how to grill the perfect burger this summer.
42 min
Episode 61: Common Running Terms
We test the Runner’s World staff to see if how well we know the words and phrases we use all the time; elite marathoner Diego Estrada shares how he refocuses when things don’t go according to plan.
65 min
Episode 60: The Secrets for Peak Performance
Discovering the practices and strategies that boost your athletic endeavors; the benefits of massage for runners.
72 min
Episode 59: Deena, Dogs, and Shoes
How to win the mental game of running; the best way to run with your pooch; navigating the speciality running store for new kicks.
43 min
Episode 58: Kara Goucher
The highs and lows of running, and why it’s so easy to fall in love with the sport; answering your most pressing running shoe questions.
66 min
Episode 57: Nick Symmonds
The two-time Olympian talks about goals for his final year, and what’s next when he retires at the end of the year.
55 min
Episode 56: Boston Bound?
David Willey concludes his dramatic "moonshot" training season at the Bayshore Marathon.
57 min
Episode 55: Lauren Fleshman
Life as a mother, coach, writer, and advocate for running; the last installment of David Willey’s “Moonshot” marathon quest before his big race.
102 min
Episode 54: Finding a Competitive Edge
Why top NASCAR drivers use running to help them on the track.
24 min
Episode 53: The Almost 2-Hour Marathon
Breaking down what we learned and what’s to come after Nike’s Breaking2 attempt.
82 min
Episode 52: Nike CEO Mark Parker
One of the visionaries behind the Breaking2 project and his love for the sport; the joys and pitfalls of running while pregnant.
64 min
Episode 51: Shalane Flanagan
The four-time Olympian discusses injuries, doping in the sport, and why she loves Dunkin’ Donuts.
60 min
Episode 50: How to Train Your Best
An entire show dedicated to answering your pressing training questions—from running better in the heat to mastering the morning run.
47 min
Episode 49: Kathrine Switzer
What it means to run Boston 50 years after changing the women’s running landscape; unraveling the mystery of a lingering injury.
79 min
Episode 48: Duel in the Sun
Going inside what may be the most memorable Boston Marathon finish ever; a preview of Season 3 of Human Race
45 min
Episode 47: Running the Numbers With Jared Ward
How one of the top U.S. marathoners analyzes data to run his best; making recovery an essential part of your routine.
61 min
Episode 46: Help From the Team
Dealing with injuries, focusing on recovery, and learning the mental strategies needed to make you ready for race day.
54 min
Episode 45: A Lifetime of Running
What it takes to run 200,000 lifetime miles; how to get your kids started running.
37 min
Episode 44: Testing the Limits
An inside look at Nike’s quest to break the two-hour-marathon barrier, from its latest innovations to the controversy surrounding the project.
71 min
Episode 43: Eating Disorders and Running
A frank discussion on the problems many runners have when dealing with weight and food.
49 min
Episode 42: Breaking the Mold
Mirna Valerio shatters the boundaries of what a runner “should” look like; an update on Nike’s training process to go under 2 hours in the marathon.
77 min
Episode 41: Dreaming Big
Why you should put your running goals out there for the world to see.
72 min
Episode 40: Love on the Run
Stories of on-the-run dating fails and successes; obstacle race and ultrarunning superstar Amelia Boone discusses her competitive nature.
66 min
Episode 39: Running Strong
Dr. Jordan Metzl shares his keys to maximizing your fitness for a healthy running life.
45 min
Episode 38: Moonshot
How hard you have to train to reach your grandest goals; Coach Jenny’s practical advice for every runner.
67 min
Episode 37: Peter Sagal
The host of Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me talks his favorite running adventures; a shopping trip to see how to stock your runner’s pantry.
66 min
Episode 36: Life at the Back of the Pack
The positive spirit of the Sub-30 Club; Ted Spiker on leading from the back.
72 min
Episode 35: New Year, New You
Our panel of experts will help you run your best in 2017; some of the top stories of the year.
73 min
Episode 34: The Spartan Way
Joe De Sena on why you should always push your limits; trying an obstacle course race for the first time.
72 min
Episode 33: Breaking the 2-Hour Marathon
An inside look at Nike’s bold attempt to go past an unthinkable running barrier; a new Broadway musical has a running storyline.
67 min
Episode 32: A Healthy Running Life
How Andrea Barber of “Fuller House” fell in love with the sport; getting to the bottom of one runner’s debilitating heel pain.
51 min
Episode 31: Running and Literature
Writer and masters runner Roger Robinson shares his incredible life in running and literature; what the finish line looks like when the clock officially stops.
64 min
Episode 30: Dominate the Trail
Ultrarunner Karl Meltzer breaks down how he claimed the Appalachian Trail thru-hike record; tips for running any off-road path with more confidence.
45 min
Episode 29: Running Off 200 Pounds
Our 2016 Cover Search winners, Josh LaJaunie and Eileen Moon, share their amazing stories; the Kick recaps the NYC Marathon.
73 min
Episode 28: Running While Female
A frank discussion about on-the-run harassment; an interview with actor and marathoner Theo Rossi; and what to watch for in New York this weekend.
80 min
Episode 27: Run to Remember
How one group honors the sacrifice of America’s service members; what is really going on in your head when running.
60 min
Episode 26: Dean Karnazes
The legendary ultrarunner discusses myths and legends of running; why you need take care of yourself after the run ends; plus the latest news in the Kick.
72 min
Episode 25: Guiding Principals
The unbreakable bond between a blind runner and his guide; why mortals need coaches; a recap of the Chicago Marathon and the backstory to our November anniversary issue.
37 min
Episode 24: The Healing Power of Running
Writer Kristin Armstrong finds the joy in suffering; a daily runner deals with a month off; the latest news in the Kick.
53 min
Episode 23: Running Comedy
Comedian Liz Miele makes running funny, training editor Meghan Kita talks rest day strategy, and the latest running news in the Kick.
42 min
Episode 22: Bart Yasso
Our Mayor of Running shares his best training advice and how the sport has changed; Shalane Flanagan tells us what “Run Fast, Eat Slow” really means.
59 min
Episode 21: Run Your Best Marathon
We answer your questions on what it takes to run your very best (or first) 26.2, and the Kick reveals the best running cities in America.
65 min
Episode 20: Another Mother Runner and Treadmills
A chat with the creators of Another Mother Runner, how to survive the treadmill, and the latest news in the Kick.
48 min
Episode 19: Meb Keflezighi
Meb chats about his Olympic history, and what it’s like to compete in Rio at the age of 41; how speed sessions can ramp up your training; and a cross-country team that got creative with a workout.
48 min
Episode 18: Shalane Flanagan and Frank Shorter
Olympian Shalane Flanagan shares her preparation for the marathon in Rio, and the legendary Frank Shorter discusses his extraordinary life and running career.
61 min
Episode 17: Rio 2016
Olympian Alexi Pappas talks making films; journalist David Epstein explains the recent doping scandals.
66 min
Episode 16: Team Red, White & Blue
An organization helps veterans transition into civilian life through sports like running.
42 min
Episode 15: Upgrade Your Running Routine
How a runner can get the most out of a hike in the woods, the pioneers of running podcasts on their best tips, and inspirational stories in the Kick.
40 min
Episode 14: Find a Balanced Running Life
How an elite runner like Deena Kastor sets priorities for a busy life; recapping the Olympic trials.
45 min
Episode 13: The Legend of Pre
Why Steve Prefontaine still matters today, what it’s like to just miss your biggest goal as an athlete, and the Kick recaps the first half of the track trials.
49 min
Episode 12: Finding a Competitive Edge
Why top NASCAR drivers use running to help them on the track; previewing the Olympic Track Trials in Eugene, Oregon.
31 min
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