Behind the Setlist

At Behind the Setlist, we talk to artists to get the stories about the songs they play live. Most artists are known best for their recordings, but they love to be on stage. That's where the music feels at home. That's where they connect with the audience. How do they pick the songs to take the audience on a journey? Why do they cover other artists' songs? How many new songs can an artist fit into a 16-song set when people want to hear the classics? We find out.

Hosted by Glenn Peoples (Billboard) and Jay Gilbert (Label Logic).

Music Interviews
Music History
Ani DiFranco
Ani talks about her newest album, Revolutionary Love, her anti-gun violence song "To The Teeth" and more.
37 min
Curt Smith (of Tears For Fears)
The band's co-founder talks writing the new songs, covering Radiohead and being covered by Lorde.
30 min
Ann Wilson
Going song-by-song through Ann's show at the Neptune Theatre on Oct. 13, 2021.
31 min
Andy Grammer
Andy Grammer talks about building a setlist, reading poetry, choosing covers and how to connect with an audience.
29 min
Behind the Setlist preview
Billboard has a new podcast about concert setlists and the songs artists perform.
1 min