Running It Back

What can we learn from legendary sports players and performances? In each episode of Running It Back, Tarlin Ray and Mike Palmer bring us back to moments from the past to find the stories that resonate with the events of today. If you forget history, you may be destined to repeat it. So be sure to run it back with us before you play it forward in these tumultuous times.

Advice for Ja Morant
Reflections on Being 23 and a “Likes to Fight” Guy
35 min
NBA 2023 Trade Deadline Shuffle Up and Deal Edi...
Lessons Learned from the New Look NBA, the Suns Sale, and LeBron's All-Time Scoring Title
31 min
NFL 2023 - Bieniemy of the State Edition
A Deja Vu Look at Black QBs and the Head Coaching Carousel
29 min
The 2022 Sports Year in Review
Reflections and Lessons Learned from the Year in Sports
34 min
LIV Golf, Sportswashing, and Sports Watching
Lessons Learned from the New Golf League
47 min
The Redeem Team
Lessons Learned from Kobe, LeBron, Coach K and more
43 min
Tua's Concussion and the Warrior Ethos of the NFL
Reflections on "An Abundance of Caution" in our Guilty Pleasure
37 min
Running It Back - Season 3 Kickoff
Serena & Roger, the NFL, the NBA, and More
45 min
Running It Back - 50th Episode Celebration
Lessons Learned from Sports Through these Tumultuous Years
40 min
Title IX and the Overturning of Roe v. Wade
Reflecting on 50 Years of Progress and Newfound Challenges
34 min
Lessons in Conscience after Uvalde and Buffalo
Kerr and Kapler's Reactions and the History of Sports Activism
41 min
NBA Season in Review 2022
The Celtics, Luka, CP3's Collapse and More
46 min
When's the Right Time for an Athlete to Hang It...
A Deep Dive into the Mythic Soap Opera of Sports Retirements
40 min
SXSW Running It Back Highlights Show
Moments from the Panel with Clips from our Favorite Episodes
40 min
NBA All-Star Spectacles and the Top 75
A Congregation of NBA Legends Witness Steph, LeBron, and the Evolution of the Game
47 min
The Flores Suit Pre/Post Super Bowl Hangover Ed...
Wrapping Up the NFL Season with One Last Look at Black Head Coaches
37 min
The NFL's Black Head Coach Problem
Another Look at the Rooney Rule and Other Ways to Balance the Playing Field
42 min
Antonio Brown's Walkoff, The NFL and TMZ Culture
Lessons Learned from A Noteworthy Exit
40 min
Running It Back 2021 Year in Review
Lessons Learned from the Year in Sports
29 min
Name, Image, Likeness, and Ed O'Bannon vs the NCAA
Steph, Azzi Fudd, LeBron, Gavin Newsome, and More
28 min
Scottie Pippen's Last Dance Memoir Unguarded
Lessons Learned from A New Perspective on The Last Dance
39 min
Aaron Rodgers Lies to the Media About His COVID...
Lessons Learned From A Quarterback Lying to the Media
31 min
Ben Simmons, Disgruntlement, and The Process
Leadership Lessons from Philadelphia
44 min
Kyrie, The Vaccine, and the NBA
Allowing Players to Walk Backwards in Challenging Times
34 min
NFL 2021 Kickoff - That's My Quarterback Edition
Lessons Learned from TO, Tony, and the CEOs on the Field
43 min