Council Conversations

Council Conversations is a podcast series from the healthcare investment firm Council Capital. The host, Tim Schulte, will be joined by a variety of co-hosts and guests for conversations with patients, providers, operators, and investors. Our goal is to showcase different healthcare voices and perspectives in a way that enables us all to learn from each other and to drive positive change in the healthcare industry. We encourage you to join the conversation and follow the series! For more information about Council Capital, follow us on LinkedIn or visit our website.

The content discussed here is for informational purposes only. Full disclosures are outlined in the credits of the episode.

Health & Fitness
Investor Perspectives on Autism
A Conversation with Nick Cooper
29 min
A Clinical Founder's Experience Partnering with...
A Conversation with Dr. Mark Mintz
42 min
Value-Based Care in Autism
A Conversation with Kathleen Stengel, CEO of NeurAbilities
34 min
Succeeding in Today's Labor Market (pt. 2)
A Conversation with Brandon Jones and Josh Millet
39 min
Succeeding in Today's Labor Market (pt. 1)
A Conversation with Brittain Coleman and Shelby Crocker
35 min
Starting Your Own ABA Practice
A Conversation with Jessica Reiss
33 min
Lessons from a Parent's Experience
A Conversation with Stephanie Perkins
27 min
Introducing Council Conversations!
Season 1 ABA Autism Kickoff with Tim Schulte and Christina Thornton
10 min