Wrestling Friends with Matt Koon

Matt Koon is a wrestling fan who has gotten to live a wrestling fans dream; create music for tv wrestlers, host podcasts with legends, and most importantly make a ton of wrestling friends! Join Matt and one of his Wrestling Friends each week (some you may know, some you might not)  as they explore topics in wrestling today, fanship, the IWC, and content creation in a fun conversation. Join us each week for Wrestling Friends with Matt Koon and become a wrestling friend too!

Asked and Answered: Tajiri, AEW/WWE, British co...
On this episode of Gentleman Villain, Mr. Regal answers listener question on the very first installment of Asked & Answered! Topics include pairing with Tajiri, working for AEW vs. WWE, British comedians, dream program, and much more! ZYN...
85 min
"Just sort yourself out"
“There’s all kinds of things going in life…If you just get a grip, and stop making excuses, just sort yourself out, just stop making excuses, and sometimes I need someone to tell me that.” Join Mr. Regal this week as he talks about “The...
106 min
Gentleman Villain with William Regal COMING SOON!
The "Gentleman Villain" William Regal will be featured in what is sure to be one of the most talked about wrestling podcasts in the world.  Regal, originally from Blackpool, England, will share stories of his...
0 min