FTR with Dax Harwood

He’s outspoken, he’s passionate, and some people consider him one of the best wrestlers in the world. He is one half of the greatest tag team in the world, FTR’s Dax Harwood.

Join Dax each week as he talks openly and honestly about the most memorable, controversial, and compelling moments of his career and his opinions on wrestling then and now as well as all aspects of his life behind the name “Dax.”

Join Dax Harwood as he tells stories, shares opinions, and tells you all about the life of a man who happens to be a wrestler with his co-host Matt Koon each Thursday.

AEW Debut
The Revival leaves WWE and heads to
124 min
FTRKO and the controversial summer of 2019
130 min
The Revival Begins!!
How FTR began as The Revival and so much More!
110 min
Dog Collar
Dog Collar Match: FTR vs. Briscoes
123 min
FTR with DAX Debut Episode! Ep 1: PUNK
99 min
FTR with Dax Harwood is coming Thursday!
1 min
The last Gentleman Villain, announcing the new ...
The last Gentleman Villain, announcing the new podcast with ....
58 min
Mr. Regal's Do's and Don't of professional wres...
On this, the second to last Gentleman Villain WITHOUT William Regal episode ever, Co-Host Matt Koon reads Mr. Regal's "Do's and Don'ts of Professional Wrestling", which is as chock full as you'd expect...
32 min
Mr. Regal in AEW
Today's episode is Gentleman Villain WITHOUT William Regal. Join Matt Koon with guest Jon Alba as the cover Mr. Regal's run in AEW, his exit, the information we now know about Mr, Regal's future, as well as the future of the...
71 min
Lord of the TV Title again, again AND again!
This week on Gentleman Villain, Mr, Regal talks about his last three TV title reigns as only he can do. Hear all about the magical time in WCW, as well as the wide variety of folks he had to wrestle to defend that title. Of Course, it being...
94 min
Megasode!!! Claudio, Mox, and MJF
Celebrate Thanksgiving with Mr Regal as we share three recent episodes involving people very much in Mr. Regal's life in one way or another the past few months. Claudio, Mox, and MJF from their respective episodes of GV. Were there...
271 min
Lord Steven Regal: TV Champion
On todays episode of Gentleman Villain, Mr. Regal talks all about his run as TV Champion! Hear about winning the title from Ricky Steamboat, breaking his neck, defending the title, and the only story in the world involving both Johnny B....
123 min
Regal Watches Wrestling: WCW Saturday Night 10/...
It’s a first time ever, as Mr. Regal does his first watchalong, and we picked a fun one, a WCW Saturday night episode which is not only a snapshot of a simpler time, but a 15 minute draw between Arn Anderson and Mr. Regal as well. Listen...
100 min
On this episode of Gentleman Villain, Mr. Regal addresses the confrontation he had on AEW Dynamite last week with one, Maxwell Jacob Friedman. Hear his side of their shared history covering the emails, the entitlement, and the upcoming...
99 min
The beginning of it all: NXT San Jose
Join Mr. Regal this week as he talks about one of the most important shows in recent wrestling history NXT San Jose. This show has never been televised or been on the network, but it was this show that proved to WWE and fans around the...
112 min
The Power of the Punch and the “Kiss My A--" Club
This week on Gentleman Villain we attempt to talk about the “power of the punch” era of Mr. Regal’s career, but take a left turn and learn everything you ever wanted to know about the VKM kiss my ass club as well. All this and more on the...
113 min
This week on Gentleman Villain, Mr. Regal talks about one of the most memorable points of his career: the inexplicable, hilarious, and perfect pairing with the Japanese Buzzsaw, Yoshihiro Tajiri! BLUECHEW - Try BlueChew FREE when you use...
88 min
Mr. Regal becomes an "Unamerican"
On this week's episode of Gentleman Villain, Mr. Regal talks about being one of "The Un-Americans" as well as several other topics to get us started. Among the topics are why the Unamericans didn't last longer, teaming with...
120 min
Real Glass and Tyranny: Fit and Lord Steven in WCW
On this hilarious episode of Gentleman Villain, Mr. Regal talks about his three month feud with Fit Finlay in WCW. Included is a never before told story about an abrupt ending to their uncensored match as well as a blow by blow account...
126 min
Japanese wrestling in the UK and Mr. Regal in J...
On this week's episode of Gentleman VIllain, Mr. Regal talks about the first Japanese wrestlers he saw and wrestled in his home country, and the opportunity he had to work in Japan while a part of WCW. Covered are wrestling Inoki, and...
158 min
This week on Gentleman Regal, Mr. Regal discusses the intent and effect of the formation of NXT UK. BLUECHEW - So if you could benefit from extra confidence when it’s time to perform, BlueChew can help! And we’ve got a special deal for...
85 min
Asked and Answered: Don't ruin him
This week on Gentleman Villain with William Regal, Mr. Regal answers questions from fans about a variety of subjects including Mick Foley, Music, Nick Wayne, and all points in between. Included is of course many lessons for young wrestlers...
73 min
Becoming a Blue Blood with Jean-Paul and Bobby
On Today's episode of Gentleman Villain, Mr. Regal gets into the early years of The Blue Bloods and how they formed, among other subjects. Hear all about the initial version featuring a young Triple H as well as the almost immediate...
141 min
A Brief History of British Wrestling...and FIT
In what is sure to be one of many episodes on the subject, this week we begin to talk about Fit Finlay. In true Gentleman Villain form the episode takes a segue into the history of British Wrestling in the 80's where we learn about...
136 min
"Use wrestling, don't let wrestling use you"
On this episode of Gentleman Villain, Mr. Regal begins to talk about what he thinks it takes to become a pro wrestler, and offers advice to wrestlers that is compelling listening for the wrestling fan. How to get started, developing character,...
80 min
Film Study: Regal vs. Cesaro
Today in gentleman villain we bring a unique concept in podcasting, the film study. The film study is a concept where Mr. Regal will break down a match, at some points move for move, to give a better understanding to the listener if the...
147 min
Join us this week as Mr. Regal offers his unique and extraordinary storytelling and wrestling advice centered loosely around his arrival in WCW in the early 90’s. Listen to Mr. Regal talk about his incredible first meeting with Dusty,...
160 min
“asked and answered: all you ever wanted to kno...
On this episode of Gentleman Villain, Mr. Regal answers listener questions on another installment of Asked & Answered! Topics include William vs. Steven, scouting talent, old women and handbags, Walter/Gunther, and much more! ZYN -...
76 min
“Keeping the strength of the job.”
On this episode of Gentleman Villain, William and Matt discuss the first NXT Takeover event from May 29, 2014 at Full Sail University! Topics include the talent roster, how big a deal Takeover was for NXT, Mr. Regal's role at the time...
151 min
Asked and Answered: Tajiri, AEW/WWE, British co...
On this episode of Gentleman Villain, Mr. Regal answers listener question on the very first installment of Asked & Answered! Topics include pairing with Tajiri, working for AEW vs. WWE, British comedians, dream program, and much more! ZYN...
85 min
"Just sort yourself out"
“There’s all kinds of things going in life…If you just get a grip, and stop making excuses, just sort yourself out, just stop making excuses, and sometimes I need someone to tell me that.” Join Mr. Regal this week as he talks about “The...
106 min
Gentleman Villain with William Regal COMING SOON!
The "Gentleman Villain" William Regal will be featured in what is sure to be one of the most talked about wrestling podcasts in the world.  Regal, originally from Blackpool, England, will share stories of his...
0 min