Write Here, Write Now: A Vocal Podcast

Sex, Relationships, Death, Global Warming, Racism: Vocal’s fiction and non-fiction Creators tackle them all. If you like to stop, think and consider things a little differently, join host Erica Wagner as she introduces a new Creator’s story each week. Listen and you’ll be inspired to share your own story on Vocal.media. And who knows, maybe you’ll be featured on the next season of Write Here, Write Now: A Vocal Podcast.

Society & Culture
The Reunion
Swipe left, swipe right- it’s a match. Settle in at a wine bar back table for a Tinder date that’s doomed from the start. Meg Anderson’s take on a classic revenge tale won’t end quite the way you might expect. TW: this story deals with sexual assault.
18 min
The Rarest of Human Qualities (If Cultivated) C...
Author Andy Murphy gives a new spin to age-old wisdom in an essay full of practical tips. In conversation afterwards, host Erica Wagner and Murphy go even deeper to explore the challenges — and satisfactions — of getting what you want.
26 min
The Lonely Funeral Project
Gabrielle Benna explores an unusual way to give meaning to the lives of those who die alone. After the reading, Benna and host Erica Wagner discuss how to search for the roots of optimism even during the most difficult periods of life.
29 min
I Swore I’d Never Get Married. Then I Had Ten W...
Dane Kuttler’s essay takes listeners on an unconventional journey of love and community. An interview with Kuttler follows the reading of the essay. Listen in as host Erica Wagner and Kuttler delve into the craft of writing, and finding the style to match the emotion.
29 min
What is Plant Blindness
Farmer Nick is well known across the internet for his inspiring calls to lead a greener life, but this episode gives a window into Nick’s writing. After a reading of his essay, “What is Plant Blindness,” Farmer Nick sits down with host Erica Wagner to get personal about how a life filled with plants has taught him how to be the person he wants to be.
29 min
Phone Calls with Mom
After a reading of “Phone Calls with Mom,” author J. Delaney-Howe talks with host Erica Wagner about how his deep gratitude to his mother sustains him as well as the power of expressing vulnerability in writing and life.
26 min
Why I’m Never Working a 9-5 Job Again
The transition from corporate to creative is one many dream of, but fewer accomplish. RJ Wade’s “Why I’m Never Working a 9-5 Job Again” not only proves it can be done, but shows how. After the reading, host Erica Wagner gets insight into Wade’s process of learning to trust her work- and herself- and discuss what it takes to build a life she loves.
28 min
Everyone has a Yellow Coat
People aren’t always what you expect; it’s wise to pause before rushing to judgment. After a reading of “Everyone has a Yellow Coat,” host Erica Wagner talks with author Flora Weston about how asking a simple question about an ugly coat actually changed her life.
22 min
My Single Friend
How do you keep that 'first date' feeling alive after 12 years of marriage? What happens when you start to yearn for your single days? In the inaugural episode of Write Here, Write Now, host Erica Wagner sits down with Caitlin Fladager, TikToker extraordinaire, passionate advocate for mental health — and a wife and mother. They cover everything from first date to first child to how her family is today.
22 min
Write Here, Write Now (Season 1 Trailer)
On Write Here, Write Now, host Erica Wagner explores the lives and imaginations of some of Vocal's creators. You'll hear real stories from real people; non fiction essays and fiction that will make you see your daily life in a new light. On Vocal, everyone is welcome. So take a listen, and who knows - maybe you’ll be inspired to create something yourself. Learn more at https://vocal.media/
2 min