The District

The District is a seven-part podcast from the Stuff Circuit investigative team. It’s a story about injustice, but mostly it’s a story about people. People who are trying to get on with their lives, but can’t. It centres on an infamous unsolved murder case, in a rural district of New Zealand: examining the colourful characters involved and their unending search for justice, the kicks in the guts, the suspicions, and the fresh clues - could they hold the answer to New Zealand’s most notorious cold case? The District is also about another strange death; another family gripped by a sense of injustice, desperately seeking answers. The two cases end up colliding in the most unexpected way. Injustice is like a disease. There’s always a starting point, patient zero. But it never stops there.

Society & Culture
Bonus Episode 3 - The Other Murder
6 min
Bonus Episode 2 - The Gun
22 min
Bonus Episode 1 - The Aftermath
14 min
Episode Seven - The End of the Ride
30 min
Episode Six - Old Leads, Fresh Leads
23 min
Episode Five - More Sleeping Dogs
25 min
Episode Four - The Tale of Ted Tickle
27 min
Episode Three - The Review
21 min
Episode Two - The Brother
20 min
Episode One - The Sister
18 min
The District - Trailer
1 min