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This podcast series has been developed by the NSW Medical Council. The shows discuss good medical practice, professional standards, patient safety and other 'hot button' issues faced by doctors practising in NSW Australia. For further resources visit the Council's good practice library. Specific views, information or opinions expressed in these podcasts do not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the NSW Medical Council. To find out about our work visit

Health & Fitness
Telehealth: the new normal
Host Dr Penelope Elix discusses telehealth and patient care with Dr Anne Tonkin and Dr Michael Wright.
20 min
Trailer - Telehealth
Guest Dr Michael Wright from Avant describes the benefits of telehealth while emphasising care standards.
0 min
Trailer - Doctor Self Care
1 min
Doctor Self Care
Dr Penelope Elix in conversation with AMA NSW President and GP, Dr Michael Bonning about doctor self-care.
37 min
Mental health: beyond the referral
How can doctors best engage with the growing number of patients presenting with mental health concerns, and where to find practical resources and support? Professor Samuel Harvey and Dr Penelope Elix discuss.
32 min
Trailer | Mental health: beyond the referral
Dr Penelope Elix explains how GPs can initiate conversations about mental health with their patients.
1 min
Informed Consent
What does 'Informed Consent' entail? Our expert panel provide insight into how doctors can properly obtain 'Informed Consent'?
38 min
Trailer | When a patient has other doctors: thr...
Professor Anne Duggan explains the importance of having a connected health care system.
0 min
When a patient has other doctors: three things ...
Practical steps to ensure continuity of care for your patients, leading to safer outcomes.
20 min
Trailer for the podcast | Burnout: are you at r...
Dr Peter Baldwin from The Black Dog Institute talks about some of the issues doctors have been facing during the pandemic.
0 min
Burnout: are you at risk — and what you can do ...
Helping doctors find the support they need to manage burnout and maintain good mental health.
29 min
Who's who in NSW health regulation?
In this episode, we explain the role of each health regulator in protecting the public and ensuring health professionals practice safely and how regulation works in NSW. We bust some myths on mandatory notification and also provide tips on what practitioners/students should do if they are the subject of a complaint. Features host Dr Martine Walker and special guests, Dr John Sammut, President, NSW Medical Council, Tony Kofkin, Complaint Operations, Healthcare Complaints Commission (HCCC) and Kym Ayscough, Executive Director, Regulatory Operations, Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra).
23 min
Medical records: are you doing the right thing ...
22 min
Part 2 - Prescribing Opioids & Drugs of Addicti...
19 min
Part 1 - Prescribing Opioids and Drugs of Addic...
22 min