Two Dads and a Lewis join together to form the Triforce! Filled to the brim with dad chat, gaming rambles, life stories and the comedy sci-fi series: Bodega! Join the series either here or on YouTube:

Video Games
YoGPoD 15: Halloween Special
This is the YoGPoD HALLOWEEN SPECIAL (in August). In which we discuss scary stories, and whatever the hell else we usually talk about. You know the drill.
46 min
YoGPoD 14: Xephos' War Stories
Electrocution, hitting people with axes and holding your poo for a week are in today's exciting new episode!
33 min
YoGPoD 13: The Last Watch
Embark on an exciting adventure as Honeydew reads from Xephos's World of Warcraft fan fiction. Hold on to your buttocks!
57 min
YoGPoD 12: Dungeons & Dragons Part II
Pack your magical whistles and conjured mana bread, we're going on another adventure into the land of dungeons! and dragons! OH MY!
45 min
YoGPoD 10: Hanging to the left
A classic podcast in which Yohi or Drahl or someone discusses the phenomenon in which one's banana and oranges tends to drift in a specific direction depending on your sexual orientation.
26 min
YoGPoD 9: Dungeons & Dragons Part I
The quest begins, and our mighty heroes take their first steps into unknown lands filled with creepy characters and strange weather patterns.
54 min
YoGPoD 8: Dave Yogpod
I am Dave! Yognaut
55 min
YoGPoD 7: The Dragon Quiz
Simon goes through an extremely nerdy quiz to find out how much Lewis knows about dragons.
28 min
YoGPoD 6: Zombies and Drugs
Simon and Lewis discuss the dangers of zombie apocalypse and the lingo used by drug dealers.
15 min
YoGPoD 5: The LHC and politics
A Pakistani Frenchmen calls tech support at the LHC because it's broken.
21 min
YoGPoD 4: Na na na, nana na naa na
The guys cover the usual bum chat with generous amounts of fluff and singing.
32 min
YoGPoD 3: Toaster Bags and Tina Barrett
As usual, Simon and Lewis discuss a wide variety of drivel.
32 min
YoGPoD 2: Sipsgate
Sips, a Canadian man who lives on an island in the English Channel, gets phoned up by two idiots that he knows from an internet game.
21 min
YoGPoD 1: Snowcast
The first episode of the YoGPoD is recorded from snowed-in Great Britain during a freezing February afternoon.
50 min