The Saudi Project

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In recent months it can feel like Saudi Arabia is intent on buying the world. Its Public Investment Fund (PIF) has bought up much of golf, sports teams, many of the globe’s best soccer players to its domestic league, and it owns huge chunks of many of the most famous companies on the planet. But Saudi Arabia is not just on a shopping spree. The once insular, oil rich kingdom is transforming into a major diplomatic player, a pivotal actor in the energy transition, an ever-stronger military power, and a host to high-end cultural events, like the FIFA World Cup in 2034.

It feels like the era of the Saudi Project. And the country will become a bigger part of all of our lives. But what exactly is the kingdom trying to achieve? And will it succeed? This series speaks to world leading experts to go past the headlines and help listeners understand Saudi Arabia and it's ambitions more clearly. Providing unique analysis and insight into the complex moral questions all Western nations will have to answer as they work with a rising Saudi Arabia in the years ahead.

Society & Culture
The Dubai Model
22 min
The Birth of a Nation
16 min
Coming Soon: The Saudi Project
1 min