Showtime Podcast with Michael Cooper ...

Legendary Lakers swingman, "Coop," lends his view on today’s NBA game in comparison to how basketball was played in the 1980s. From lighthearted comments to serious analytics he and a co-host Ari Temkin as well as guests including Showtime Lakers Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Pat Riley and Byron Scott, will discuss current basketball games both from a player and a coaches perspective. Known for his defensive skills, highlight dunks and tenacious defense, Coop will break down the do's and don’ts of the game of basketball. Coop shares a ‘view from the bench’ with intimate stories from the Laker days and from the WNBA, D-league and the Big 3 as a head coach. On occasion current events in and around the sports world will also be covered e.g. behaviors off and on the court, the business of sports, travel youth ball, high school ball and his experience as a coach in the Big3. As the only person to win a championship, as either a coach or a player, in the NBA, WNBA, and the NBA D-League, Coop’s positive outlook on life and infectious personality is sure to provide unique and humorous insights as a podcaster. Topics: Basketball, Showtime, Coop 5’Ds, Student-athletes/Education, Attitude/Motivation, Success/Failure, Teamwork/Teambuilding, Black in America/Race, Spirituality/Purpose, Giving Back and Overcoming Challenges (cancer, Injuries, divorce, Bankruptcy etc.)

Michael Cooper on Celtics vs Mavs, NBA Finals +...
45 min
Larry Nance Sr Joins Showtime, Tells NBA 1980's...
24 min
Coop Welcomes 1987 Boston Celtics' Forward Dar...
1987 Boston Celtics' Darren Daye**
33 min
Robert Parish and Coop Detail the Celtics Laker...
8 min
Lakers Honor Coop at Halftime of Nuggets Series
Lakers honor Michael Cooper for HOF Induction
37 min
Michael Cooper on his Basketball Hall of Fame I...
Coop explains how he found out he was inducted into HOF...
22 min
Former Pepperdine Coach Lorenzo Romar
Former NBA player and former Pepperdine Coach Joins Coop
30 min
Michael Cooper Welcomes NBA History Author with...
Coop has a very special announcement on todays Showtime Podcast
26 min
Michael Ray Richardson - "Sugar" Joins Michael ...
Sugar joins Coop to reminisce about the glory days of the NBA
32 min
Earl "The Twirl" Cureton Talks NBA 1980s Glory ...
34 min
Celtics Rival Cedric "Cornbread" Maxwell Talk C...
Celtics travel to Los Angeles for Christmas Day matchup; Cornbread and Coop talk trash...
43 min
Showtime Larry Krystkowiak
Michael Cooper welcomes Larry Krystkowiak
39 min
Coop's Comps: NBA 80's + NBA 2024 Player Compar...
Who does Jaylen Brown, Draymond Green & Jimmy Butler remind Michael Cooper of from back in the 1980s?
10 min
Showtime Lakers Reserve Jim Chones Chills with ...
Michael Cooper welcomes Jim Chones
38 min
Showtime Lakers Reserve Mike Smrek Chills with...
Michael Cooper and Nick Gelso welcome Mike Smrek
35 min
Coop Reacts to NBA's New Load Management Rules ...
Coop and Gelso breakdown the new NBA rules on resting players...
24 min
Isiah Thomas Interview Rewind
Isiah Thomas & Michael Cooper relive the great battles of the Lakers and Pistons in the 1980s
41 min
Charles Oakley - Part 1
Welcome to Showtime w Coop! This episode features a deep-dive into Charles Oakley's legendary career.
35 min
Grading the Lakers & Celtics Off-Season
Lakers legend, Michael Cooper weighs in on the NBA off-season
23 min
AC Green & Michael Cooper Tell Showtime Lakers ...
46 min
Test your knowledge of NBA history with Lakers'...
8 min
NBA History Trivia with Historian Josh Schnitma...
26 min
Dee Brown on End of Larry Bird Era with Celtics...
Dee Brown returns to Showtime for part 2
24 min
Dee Brown Talks Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and ...
Dee Brown joins Michael Cooper and Nick Gelso for a cool discussion about NBA current and history...
25 min
Michael Cooper's Epic Lakers Vent Session
Coop is frustrated and dejected as his Lakers go down 0-3 to the Denver Nuggets...
24 min