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NerdWallet’s objective finance journalists answer real-world questions empowering you to make smarter decisions with your money and help your finances thrive.

The Nerds are your resource to make the most of your personal finances, while cutting through the clutter and misinformation of today’s economic news and advice. You’ll get clarity on strategies to help you build your wealth, invest wisely, shop for financial products, and plan for major life events.

By the end of each episode, you’ll feel smarter and more informed to make the most of your finances. Future You will thank you.

Join hosts Sean Pyles, Sara Rathner, and other expert Nerds as they discuss everything personal finance, including:

- Credit cards: credit card rewards, different types of credit cards, credit card annual fees

- Investing and retirement: investment strategies, retirement planning, financial independence, investing in the stock market, money market accounts, financial strategies, mutual funds, short-term bonds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Roth IRA investing, robo-advisors, retirement savings

- Personal finance: budgeting methods, emergency funds, paying off debt, frugal living, money management tips, wealth accumulation, money habits, cultivating a money growth mindset, debt-free living, financial resources, budgeting apps and browser extensions, avoiding scams, tax bills, financial success and financial stability

- Banking: high-yield saving accounts, online banking, credit unions

- Loans: student loans, home equity loans, HELOC, student loan forgiveness

- Home: mortgage interest rates, homebuying, home improvement projects, homeowners insurance

- Insurance: travel insurance, pet insurance, auto insurance, home insurance

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