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A podcast about how to build a career in filmmaking. No Film School shares the latest opportunities and trends for anyone working in film and TV. We break news on cameras, lighting, and apps. We interview leaders in screenwriting, directing, cinematography, editing, and producing. And we answer your questions! We are dedicated to sharing knowledge with filmmakers around the globe, “no film school” required.

TV & Film
IATSE’s New Contract
Today’s episode sees the return of Good Deal, Bad Deal, along with other important industry and tech news!
49 min
Justin Long, Christian Long, and Justin Chon fo...
Tune in for a discussion about two great movies with three great guests - some of whom are actors who have now moved behind the camera!
43 min
Should You Pay For Script Coverage?
58 min
Fuqua, Gyllenhaal, and Melfi on THE GUILTY and ...
Antoine Fuqua and Jake Gyllenhaal discuss the surprising results of filming in COVID confined spaces and Theodore Melfi shares his experience of writing and going for the yes...
39 min
Bond is Back And We're Chatting With No Time To...
This mini bonus episode features two awesome guests who both worked on the new James Bond film, Linus the cinematographer and Chris the special effects supervisor.
21 min
STRIKE! And Russians in Space... With Cameras?
Lots of big and exciting news in the film industry this week, including the recent strike authorization vote by IATSE!
51 min
Sara Colangelo Tells The Truth in 'Worth'
Today’s topic is a recent film that does a great job with one of the trickiest types of stories to tell in film-making - true stories which the audience is already familiar with.
33 min
What Does the Huge CAA News Mean For You?
What does the Big Four becoming the Big Three mean for filmmakers? Will IATSE’s potential strike really change the underpaid long hours of film production? And news about Aputure’s new bright light...
44 min
How Two Friends Turned an Inside Joke into a Fe...
Patricia Gomez and Elza Kephat share the 15-year journey that led to their new horror film SLAXX.
35 min
Ed Burns Shares the Art of Indie Film Compromise
Guest Ed Burns is one of a very small number of filmmakers who have been in the thick of the Indie film scene since the 90s and he has invaluable knowledge to share.
37 min
Just How Cinematic IS This New iPhone 13?!
Take a deep dive into the advanced film-making features on the new iPhone, plus learn about some important union news for two different unions in the film industry.
37 min
Welcome To The Wild West Of Streaming Wars and ...
There’s lots of important news in the film world this week that the gang is going to tackle and break down for you, many of which have implications for the future of the art of filmmaking.
41 min
How to Carve a Sundance Worthy Doc From Hours o...
Matt Yoka, director, producer and editor of Whirlybird discusses why he made a film centered on high-speed chases and the family behind this medium of reporting and filmmaking, and how he mastered zen and the art of movie marketing during lockdown.
29 min
Working on Labor Day
What made Shang-Chi’s opening so successful and when’s the last time you played Dance Dance Revolution?
55 min
Paul Schrader Tells Us the Keys To Character St...
Every once and awhile, a movie comes along that resonates and connects with people, becoming an instant classic. A screenwriter who makes multiple of these movies is even rarer, but Paul Schrader is one of those gems.
29 min
What Could Blockchain Coming to Hollywood Mean ...
Should you be a writer’s room PA? What’s up with blockchain technology and what does it mean for Hollywood? Also, is it really okay to skip out on watching work you helped create but had no control over?
66 min
Turning Disappointment into Growth with Shawn L...
Shawn Levy, director, co-writer and producer of “Free Guy”, joins the show to discuss how to approach failure, humility and why you’ve got to really know yourself to suceed.
38 min
Free Range Production Assistants and Billion Do...
48 min
Creating an Epic Landscape in ‘The Green Knight’
Cinematographer Andrew Droz Palermo takes us through his collaboration with David Lowery on 'The Green Knight’ in today’s interview.
32 min
Toxic Fandom, Tarantino's Mother Issues, and We...
Make sure you listen to the whole episode for a new segment that we’re debuting at the end.
58 min
From Caviar With Arnold To 'Cruising' With The ...
Two of the film industry’s most prolific producers - John Davis and John Fox of Disney's 'Jungle Cruise' tell us what goes into producing the biggest summer movies.
46 min
Are Director's 'Hot Takes' Good For Their Movies?
Today’s episode covers a range of film current event topics and some important food for thought for your film career.
68 min
How They Made the Camera Sing and Dance in 'In ...
The DP of In the Heights, Alice Brooks, is chatting today about all the things that make this new movie musical so special.
35 min
ScarJo Takes on Disney and What Makes a 'Good' ...
George, Todd, Kath and Charles discuss the drama surrounding Scarlett Johansson’s lawsuit against Disney, Amanda Knox and the burden filmmakers have for research and talking to sources, how deep fakes have led to legit jobs and some exciting tech news!
61 min
What Comes After an Entry-Level Job?
Many Americans grew up with the idea that there is a set career ladder that they can climb if they work hard enough - but unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work this way in the film industry.
37 min
How 'Stillwater' Keeps You Riveted and How 'Let...
Learn from Oscar-Winning filmmaker Tom McCarthy and then writer/director of 'Let Us in' Craig Moss
61 min
Nine Days is the Film Of Our Times. How the Hec...
68 min
M. Night Shyamalan Explains his Directing Choic...
There are multiple filmmakers on the podcast today who have lots of mic drop moments about these two new releases
48 min
How to Take and Give Notes, What is the Future ...
There are all kinds of pertinent topics discussed in today’s episode, including how filmmakers can support each other.
61 min
'Gunpowder Milkshake' Director Navot Papushado ...
New film Gunpowder Milkshake is a love letter to violence on screen, and the film’s director is here today to chat about the making of the movie!
33 min
No Sudden Move Writer Ed Solomon Teaches Us Abo...
Host George Edelman welcomes Ed Solomon to share how lessons from both success and failure—along with one wild night at an Alaskan Strip Club—have had a hand in shaping the writer he is today.
74 min
TCM Host Ben Mankiewicz Takes Us Behind The Sce...
George chats with Ben Mankiewicz and Julie Salamon about their podcast The Plot Thickens, and how Julie’s book The Devil’s Candy is the best book on movie making... ever
55 min
How Many Ks Do You Need? Blackmagic Week Specia...
Charles, George, Jo and Kath break down all things Blackmagic such as using the 6K Pro for a night walk and talk, clarifying misinformation about 12K, and also whether you should bother learning Fusion and Fairlight.
57 min
How Has Visual Effects Photography Has Evolved ...
Guest David Stump has worked on some of the biggest visual effects movies as well as being at the forefront of the shift to the digital medium, helping to develop the tech being used by filmmakers today.
34 min
You're Not a DP Until You've Cut Your Own Material
DP John Brawley drops wisdom from years in the trenches, plus insights into the development of Blackmagic Design.
42 min
Are Netflix and Actors Are Both Trying to Hide ...
No, it’s not a conspiracy - but Netflix and Actors are each trying to hide something different.
63 min
'Wonder Showzen' and 'False Positive' Co-Creato...
John Lee talks about his latest film and his career
78 min
Edgar Wright Shares His Inspiration and Passion...
One of the most dynamic filmmakers working in the industry, Edgar Wright, is making a documentary about the band Sparks. All three are joining today to discuss this film, The Sparks Brothers!
35 min
Renny Harlin Says He Could Live Without Food......
Renny Harlin is one of the great action film directors who has had a huge influence on the genre and continues to have a lot of love and passion for his craft. He’s bringing that enthusiasm and lots of helpful insights to the conversation today.
33 min
What Makes This New Drone So Special?
Tune in for some of the most exciting drone news in a while, plus discussions about a recent article exposing MoviePass and deep cuts by black filmmakers to honor Juneteenth.
33 min
Safe Sex on Sets and Creative Cloud Questions
The group is chatting about hot topics in the industry (and world), like safety and consent for sex scenes.
35 min
AMC is Buying Arclight and How Do Filmmakers As...
AMC’s buying spree, how to go about finding new clients, tips on asking for raises, and more!
51 min
Screenwriting Guru Robert McKee Demystifies Cha...
There are countless books, guides, and templates on writing screenplays - but how important are they?
53 min
Choosing Your First Industry Job
How did you choose? Plus Amazon's big buy.
50 min
How to Budget Your Indie Feature
Learn about seeking representation, and budgeting for independent features.
65 min
Director Timur Bekmambetov Is Loving This New I...
A new kind of filmmaking for our era.
30 min
How Ratings and Algorithms Impact Your Filmmaki...
Charles Haine, a writer at No Film School, is joined by Editor-in-Chief George Edelman to chat about a fun assortment of topics like the Pacino-ing phenomenon, new products by tech company Atamos, and what’s going on with IMDB ratings! If you have concerns about how the dreaded algorithm is affecting your career, you’ll definitely want to check out this episode.
54 min
Who Will Save Arclight Cinemas?
A weekly No Film School Podcast episode: resurrecting the Arclight, combatting franchise fatigue, FilmConvert iPhone software and scholarships.
40 min
'Miss Juneteenth' Writer/Director Shows Us How ...
An interview with 'Miss Juneteenth' writer/director Channing Godfrey Peoples and producer Neil Creque Williams
68 min
I'm Producing A Feature... What First Steps Do ...
A weekly No Film School Podcast episode: Oscars, an Apple law suit, indie feature producing and movies that stunned us.
55 min
The Guys Who Edited Borat Tell All
An interview with the editors of Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.
46 min
The Pros and Cons of Integrating AI into Filmma...
A weekly No Film School Podcast episode: AI screenwriting, Dynascore and product placement in old movies!
47 min
Following a True Story Landed This Writer/Direc...
An interview with the team behind Concrete Cowboy.
52 min
How to Break In... As a PA
A weekly No Film School Podcast episode: boycotting Georgia, Bong's wisdom, DJI's newest drone and breaking in at the entry level.
58 min
Ridley Scott's Longtime DP Darius Wolski Has Wa...
An interview with director of photography Darius Wolski.
44 min
Why Rian Johnson Can't Stop Winning
A weekly No Film School Podcast episode: Oscar skepticism, peak Rian Johnson, autofocus and shutter speed.
48 min
Success Happened Because There Was No Plan B
An interview with director of photography Nancy Schreiber, master of many formats.
60 min
Do Directors Need a Certain Personality Type To...
We debunk a common myth
58 min
Creating the Physical Look of David Fincher's '...
An interview with production designer Donald Graham Burt and set decorator Jan Pascale about their work on 'Mank.'
54 min
Is Zach Snyder's 'Justice League' a Good Movie?
A weekly No Film School Podcast episode: 'Justice League', Oscar Nominations, a de-clicker plug-in and steadicams.
46 min
Mark Toia Self-Financed a VFX-Heavy Robot Actio...
An interview with Mark Toia, the writer-director-producer about his new film 'Monsters of Man'.
33 min
How WandaVision Achieved Its Kaleidoscope of Lo...
A weekly No Film School Podcast episode: WandaVision, deep fakes
48 min
How Michael Stephenson Turned a Child Actor Nig...
An interview with Michael Stephenson, former child star of 'Troll 2' and director of the documentary 'Attack of the Murder Hornets'.
46 min
TCM Chooses to Discuss Rather Than 'Cancel' and...
A weekly No Film School Podcast episode: TCM tackles problematic films, IMAX makes summer predictions and Godard plans for retirement.
50 min
Mark Ruffalo's Doc on The Rights of Nature Brea...
An interview with Josh Pribanic and Melissa Troutman on their new documentary 'The Invisible Hand.'
48 min
Is George Lucas Returning to Star Wars? We Disc...
A weekly No Film School Podcast episode: Lucas' possible return to the Disney universe, DJI innovations and soundproofing your house.
47 min
What Do Producers Want? We Ask One
An interview with Shivani Rawat about her producing career, making everything from 'Captain Fantastic' and 'Trumbo' happen.
47 min
Sorry Dude, Amazon Prime Video Direct Does Not ...
A weekly No Film School Podcast episode: HPFA's diversity problem, Amazon's new no-doc policy and more!
51 min
The United States vs. Billie Holiday DP Says Ce...
An interview with cinematographer Andrew Dunn on his accomplished and varied career.
45 min
Was Gina Carano's Firing Fair?
A weekly No Film School Podcast episode: Gina vs. 'The Mandalorian', Oscar shortlists, a new feature from and romantic movies!
47 min
'Ma Rainey's Black Bottom' DP Tobias Schliessle...
An interview with Tobias Schiessler, a DP who has worked with directors such as Peter Berg, Bill Condon and George C. Wolfe.
57 min
Meet Matt Ritter: The Man Who Almost Scored the...
This episode of the weekly No Film School Podcast: an awesome Swedish film festival, the Forza 300B and a conversation with screenwriter Matt Ritter.
52 min
Oscar-Winning Director of 'The Mauritanian' and...
Macdonald shares his insights on capturing great performances, and treading on dangerous ground.
46 min
Why Remote Sundance is Awesome For Filmmakers a...
A weekly No Film School Podcast episode: Sundance, COVID compliance officers, Levee and the perils of plagiarism.
51 min
'Search Party' DP Jonathan Furmanski Discusses ...
Jonathan Furmanski shoots the popular series 'Search Party' but his background in docs helped him hone his craft.
57 min
What You Need to Know About the Sony Alpha 1
A weekly No Film School Podcast episode: Sundance goes virtual, AMC's big gamble, the Sony Alpha 1, and lying on your resume.
55 min
Frank Oz, Voice of Yoda and Muppet Co-Founder, ...
Frank Oz and Derek DelGaudio divulge the nuances of 'In & Of Itself'
56 min
Is There Anything Left in the Superhero Genre t...
This episode of the weekly No Film School Podcast: boat movies of 2003, superheroes, Chinese IP knockoffs, an artificial sun and Wifi 6.
46 min
How to Work Your Way Up at a Production Company...
An interview with the producer and director of the new film 'Blindfire'.
62 min
Is Quentin Tarantino Giving Us Bad Career Advice?
A weekly No Film School Podcast episode in which we talk about HBO Max residuals, spec screenplays, Sony drones, crowdfunding and more!
46 min
Can Cinema Make You Immortal? A Deep Chat With ...
An interview with director Kirsten Johnson about her latest film, 'Dick Johnson Is Dead' and other existential quandaries.
60 min
Did Patty Jenkins Try to Save 'Wonder Woman'?
This episode of the weekly No Film School Podcast: 'Wonder Woman 1984', the Golden Globes vs. 'Minari' and more!
42 min
The Producers of 'Black Bear' Tell You What It ...
An interview with Julie Christeas and Jonny Blitstein, producers of 'Black Bear' starring Aubrey Plaza.
46 min
How Writer-Director Tara Miele Brought Her Pass...
48 min
Why ScriptHop Will Help Get Your Screenplay Rea...
An interview with the creators of ScriptHop.
40 min
What Is Up with Tom Cruise and Why Did His COVI...
This episode of the weekly No Film School Podcast: Tom Cruise, 'The Mandalorian' finale, RED Komodo's new autofocus feature and how to light dark rooms.
49 min
Why Disney's New Wave of Content Matters (For B...
A weekly No Film School Podcast episode: Disney shows, sound, Xelmus lenses and shrimp boats.
38 min
Oscar-Winning Sound Supervisor Mark Mangini Giv...
An interview with sound designer Mark Mangini, Oscar-winning ear behind "Mad Max: Fury Road," "Aladdin" and many, many more.
61 min
How Watson Wu Captures Your Favorite Sounds
An interview with Watson Wu, the man behind the sounds of great video games and movies.
44 min
Heavyweight Directors Vs. Warner Bros: Who Will...
The beef between directors and studios over streaming
59 min
Why 'The Crown' Takes Liberties with Historical...
45 min
How Oscar Winning DP Chris Menges Mastered Natu...
52 min
One Director's Honest, Harsh, and Heartwarming ...
54 min
How Michael Angelo Covino and Kyle Marvin Ascen...
46 min
What's the Best Cinema Camera for Under 10K?
61 min
Phedon Papamichael is an Actor's Cinematographe...
61 min
How 'The Queen's Gambit' Editor Michelle Tesoro...
68 min
Why Did Leonardo DiCaprio Want 'Killers of the ...
43 min
How Ross Emery Became a Go-To Cameraman for Mod...
62 min
Malin Akerman Explains How to Attach Talent to ...
43 min