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A podcast about how to build a career in filmmaking. No Film School shares the latest opportunities and trends for anyone working in film and TV. We break news on cameras, lighting, and apps. We interview leaders in screenwriting, directing, cinematography, editing, and producing. And we answer your questions! We are dedicated to sharing knowledge with filmmakers around the globe, “no film school” required.

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Career-Sustaining Advice for a Consolidating Fi...
If you are at square one in your filmmaking journey, you are probably confused about where to start. You’re not sure how you are going to pay the bills, let alone finance your projects. You’re also worried about the state of the industry and wondering if you have a shot at success. Our guest, Ana Liza Muravina, believes that if you’re serious about filmmaking, “it’s your responsibility to understand what kind of business you’re getting into.”
59 min
How To Ensure People Can Watch Your Movie (Hope...
There’s a very important lesson can we learn from films like 28 Days Later, which is not available in physical format or on streamer. It’s hard to believe a film starring award-winning talent like Cillian Murphy, who is nominated for an Oscar this year, is not commercially available to audiences. Let’s find out how you can make sure your movie doesn’t succumb to the same fate.
52 min
How First-Time Feature Director Katie Burrell S...
Weak Layers is Katie Burrell’s feature film, which she not only directed but co-wrote and acted in. The film invites us to truly understand ski culture, unlike many unrealistic ski movies of the past. With this film, Katie proves that a novice director can stay true to their vision while also leading with transparency, humility, and positivity along the way.
45 min
Are Super Bowl Ads Creative Anymore? Plus, a Ne...
If you’re anything like us, we only watch the Super Bowl for the awesome commercials, but sadly this year’s ads leave much to be desired. While we are disappointed by the Super Bowl commercials, we are happily surprised by two major announcements in the filmmaking space. One announcement comes from The Academy Awards, and the other announcement comes from Kodak.
38 min
‘The Florida Project’ Producer Francesca Silves...
Every year at Sundance, we aim to speak with indie filmmaking teams who have collaborated on some of our favorite movies. Learning from these successful collaborations can help us in our own future projects. Let’s take a look at the collaboration between filmmakers Francesca Silvestri and Laura Chinn, and how their undeniable chemistry helped them in the production of the film, Suncoast.
22 min
Indecision Is Death: ‘Argylle’ Director Matthew...
Matthew Vaughn, known for films like Snatch, Kick-Ass, and the Kingsman franchise, didn’t actually think he would become a director when he started working in film. Vaughn first became a producer and then transitioned to directing, and are we glad he did! His recent film, Argylle, is a star-packed, action-comedy that you don’t want to miss!
43 min
Neon’s Horror Subversion ‘Handling the Undead’ ...
How do we deal with losing someone we love? Is it even possible to move on? These questions are explored in Handling the Undead, a film that meditates on topics such as grief and loss and the impossible wish of wanting the past to become the present. Handling the Undead, which is based on the best-selling Norwegian novel of the same name, premiered at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival.
32 min
'Expats' Director Lulu Wang on the Power of Say...
Let’s say you’re an indie filmmaker and Nicole Kidman asks you to direct her tv show. You say “hell yeah” right? Well, that wasn’t Lulu Wang’s first response when she was approached to direct the Amazon Prime limited series, Expats.
30 min
Oscars Snobbery or Misogyny? Plus, Doug Liman's...
Are the Oscars the leading edge of culture, or are they trailing behind? While some of this year's nominations happily surprised us, other nominations have left us wondering if the academy is just voting for what’s familiar. Also, what’s up with big films skipping a theatrical release and going straight to streaming?
49 min
Lollapalooza, Oil, & Life-Or-Death Stakes: Thes...
Not all documentary filmmakers planned to be in the documentary space. Some didn’t even know they would be in the film industry to begin with. This is what we talked about in our round table discussion at Sundance, with a group of documentary film directors. Each of these award-winning directors have decades of experience in filmmaking.
54 min
E-Girl Investigators of Sundance Premiere Neon ...
Jazmin Joes and Olivia McKayla Ross are the creative minds behind the documentary, Seeking Mavis Beacon. The feature, which premiered at Sundance 2024, investigates the disappearance and reexamines the legacy of one of the most influential Black women in technology. The documentary also explores topics like ethics, consent, and having a healthy relationship with technology.
32 min
From Landing the Job to Boosting Morale: Sundan...
At No Film School, we enjoy diving into both the hard skills and soft skills required to be successful in this industry. For example, we enjoy the technical talk of cinematography. We also like diving into things like leadership skills, collaboration decisions, and how to hire or fire. These are some of the things we discuss with a roundtable of cinematographers whose films premiered at Sundance and Slamdance this year.
55 min
When Sundance Is the End of Your Festival Run: ...
Molly Manning Walker is the Writer-Director of How to Have Sex. The story follows three British teen girls who find themselves navigating the complexities of sex, consent, and self-discovery while on holiday in Greece. The film has won awards across various film festivals, including British Independent Film Awards, Cannes Film Festival, Athens International Film Festival, and others. It premiered at Sundance 2024 in the Spotlight film section.
27 min
NFS @ Sundance: Community and Creativity at the...
This year No Film School hosted an alumni party at Sundance, and it was amazing to see the community come together in person. The connections made at the party truly embody the ethos behind No Film School - accessibility, humility, and vulnerability.
34 min
‘Layla’ Director Amrou Al-Kadhi and Cast on Ope...
Amrou Al-Kadhi is the Writer-Director of Layla, a story that explores the conflict between desire and identity. The film stars actor Bilal Hasna who plays Layla, a London drag queen, and actor Louis Greatorex, who plays Max, the love interest. The film premiered at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival.
32 min
NFS @ Sundance: Risks, Giveaways and What the F...
It’s that time of year again! The time of year we get to meet emerging filmmakers and watch their creative, original, risk-taking films at the Sundance Film Festival. Not only are we networking and enjoying amazing films, but we are bringing some fun surprises to the festival this year.
41 min
‘Blackfish’ Director Gabriela Cowperthwaite Tur...
Not all award-winning filmmakers planned for a career in film when they were younger. Director Gabriela Cowperthwaite found her love of film in her thirties, and has since directed films such as Blackfish, Our Friend, and many others. She recently directed I.S.S., a high-stakes thriller set in the International Space Station, which will be released in theaters on Jan 19.
42 min
Surviving Our Lowest Lows
It’s a given that there will be a series of both highs and lows when you work in film. While the lows can feel brutal, it’s important to remember that they don’t last forever. More often than not, these low moments end up becoming powerful lessons that make us stronger filmmakers in the long run.
45 min
Crucial Advice on Pitching Your TV Show
If you want to network, grow, and succeed as a filmmaker, you have to learn to get comfortable talking about your work. Luckily there are programs, like the Moonshot Initiative, which help emerging filmmakers successfully pitch their projects without feeling confused or afraid.
38 min
Industry Etiquette Tips for Social Media and Fe...
If you are a beginner filmmaker who is afraid to receive feedback on your work, you may find you are operating within a bubble. Feedback is such a critical part of the process of becoming a better storyteller. We invite you to get out of that bubble and practice asking for and receiving feedback like a professional.
49 min
How To Make a Movie... For TikTok?
Lately, we keep hearing the advice to grab an iPhone and just start shooting a movie. Well that’s exactly what the team behind The Mountain Murder Tapes did. Not only was filming very simple, but they kept post production really scrappy and distributed their project on TikTok!
36 min
Filmmaker Resolutions for 2024
Are you planning on making any new year's resolutions for 2024? Maybe you want to integrate more positive practices into your life? Are there any habits that are hurting you, that you want to work on reducing?
27 min
Micro Budget by Design With the Screenwriting L...
If you are a micro budget filmmaker, you may think your lack of money is holding you back from having the tools or resources you need. Instead of approaching your project from this limited mindset, we want to challenge you to view your “limitations” as an opportunity, not an obstacle.
48 min
Why Breaking Story Is Like Breaking a Horse
Breaking story is not easy. When it does finally happen, you feel so good you can’t help but walk around with your chin up in the air and your chest puffed out! Sounds amazing, right! So what does it take to get there? Let’s find out!
58 min
Indie Horror Duo the LeVecks: From Production T...
Damien and Natalie LeVeck are the masterminds behind the film, A Creature Was Stirring. The film is a holiday horror that explores topics such as secrets, guilt, and mental illness. We had the honor of interviewing each filmmaker separately in the past. Now, this married duo is back to discuss all things production, including planning, shooting, and distributing.
37 min