The Nordic Asia Podcast

The Nordic Asia Podcast is a collaboration sharing expertise on Asia across the Nordic region, brought to you by the following academic partners:

-Asia Centre, University of Tartu (Estonia)

-Asian studies, University of Helsinki (Finland)

-Centre for Asian Studies, Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania)

-Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies, Lund University (Sweden)

-Centre for East Asian Studies, University of Turku (Finland)

-Norwegian Network for Asian Studies

Social Sciences
Society & Culture
Waiting for Corona in India with Marjaana Jauho...
An interview with Marjaana Jauhola and Shyam Gadhavi
16 min
China-Norway Relations with Henrik Stålhane Hiim
An interview with Henrik Stålhane Hiim
26 min
Money politics in Southeast Asia with Allen Hicken
An interview with Allen Hicken
29 min
Lockdown in India with Sirpa Tenhunen and Jelen...
An interview with Sirpa Tenhunen, Jelena Salmi and Xenia Zeiler
25 min
Impacts of Covid-19 on Japanese society with Ka...
An interview with Kamila Szczepanska and Yoko Demelius
36 min
Migrant labour and care with Megha Amrith
An interview with Megha Amrith
33 min
China and the global economy with Mikael Mattlin
In this wide-ranging podcast conversation, Mikael Mattlin talks to Outi Luova about the impact of COVID-19 on China and the global economy. The COVID-19 crisis may help restructure societies to become more environmentally friendly, but is also boosting...
31 min
Thailand’s Politically Less Privileged People w...
An interview with Saowanee Alexander
30 min
Rohingya Crisis in Bangladesh with Arild Ruud
In this podcast, Arild Ruud talks to Duncan McCargo about the humanitarian crisis facing the Rohingya: why did around a million displaced people end up fleeing from Burma to Bangladesh in 2017? What kind of lives are they having in refugee camps in...
24 min
Epidemic Management in China with Lauri Paltemaa
An interview with Lauri Paltemaa
29 min
Following Future Forward with Aim Sinpeng
In the latest Nordic Asia podcast, Aim Sinpeng from the University of Sydney joins Duncan McCargo to talk about the Future Forward Party - a progressive new party that took third place in the March 2019 Thai elections, only to be banned less than a year...
36 min
The Global Sushi Hype with Tine Walravens
In this episode of The Nordic Asia Podcast, Tine Walravens joins Petra Desatova for a conversation on the global sushi hype. Although often thought of as the quintessential symbol of Japanese culture, a quick dive into the history of this iconic food...
26 min
Branding Post-Coup Thailand with Petra Desatova
An interview with Petra Desatova
30 min
China-Denmark Relations with Andreas Bøje Forsby
An interview with Andreas Bøje Forsby
35 min
South Korean Elections with Sabine Burghart
An interview with Sabine Burghart
28 min