Mythology & Fiction Explained

The Mythology & Fiction Explained podcast is a weekly show that aims to cover all sorts of Mythological tales and crazy fiction. Many of these episodes have come from the popular Youtube channel Mythology & Fiction Explained.

Episode 50: The Children of Loki | A Tale of Ne...
Today we take a look at Loki's children, some are fairly monstrous and others less so
18 min
Episode 49: Paradise Lost | The Story of Lucife...
Today we take a look at John Milton classic poem, Paradise Lost.
27 min
Episode 48: The Many Love Affairs of Zeus | The...
Today we take a look at the various stories surrounding Zeus and his lovers, some strange and some quite tragic.
12 min
Episode 47: The History of Fairies | The Dark &...
Today we take a look at the history of fairies, what exactly they are and where they came from.
18 min
Episode 46: Zeus vs Thor | Who is the True Lord...
Zeus vs Thor | Who would win?
14 min
Episode 45: Samael, Angel of Death or the Fathe...
Today we explore the angel Samael, the angel of death.
10 min
Episode 44: Anansi the Spider-Man, The Story of...
Today we take a look at some West African Folklore with the Ghanaian legend of the trickster spirit Anansi the spider.
17 min
Episode 43: The Forgotten Cryptids & Legends of...
Today we explore five legends & cryptids from Britain
15 min
Episode 42: 5 Wonderfully Weird Christmas & Fes...
Today we take a look at 5 festive legends!
8 min
Episode 41: The Strange Creatures of the Witche...
Today we take a look at some of the creatures that may feature in the second season of the Witcher as well as some we have already seen.
10 min
Episode 40: The Strange & Terrifying Creatures ...
Today we continue our Strange & Terrifying creature series with 6 figures from Native American Folklore.
13 min
Episode 39: Who are the 7 Archangels & What Do ...
Today we explore the Seven Archangels mentioned throughout various texts & fiction.
11 min
Episode 38: What is the Leviathan? - (Exploring...
Today we take a look at a gargantuan mythical monster of the sea known as the Leviathan.
7 min
Episode 37: The Crazy Creatures of North Americ...
Today we take a look at five Creatures from North American folklore!
12 min
Episode 36: The Strange & Terrifying Creatures ...
Today we explore the strange and terrifying creatures and legends native to Sweden.
11 min
Episode 35: Why Biblically Accurate Angels Look...
Today we take a look at how angels were described in various religious texts and they look nothing like you'd expect, unless you imagined nightmarish Lovecraftian beings
7 min
Episode 34: Ovid's Metamorphoses: A Collection ...
Today we finally take a look at Ovid's Metamorphoses a selection of cautionary transformation tales.
15 min
Episode 33: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - (...
Today we will be exploring the tale of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
10 min
Episode 32: The Seven Deadly Sins - What Are Th...
Today we take a look at the Seven Deadly Sins with one main goal, to find out why they were considered so deadly.
12 min
Episode 31: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse...
Today we take a look the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!
11 min
Episode 30: Purgatorio - A Summary of the Divin...
Today we finally return to Dante's Divine Comedy with Purgatorio
33 min
Episode 29: Hera: The Queen of Gods - (Greek My...
Today we explore the queen of Olympus herself Hera!
14 min
Episode 28: The Worst Punishments of Greek Myth...
Today we explore the most gruesome and horrifying punishments in Greek Mythology
12 min
Episode 27: Mermaids: The Dark & Messed Up Orig...
Today we explore the myths behind mermaids from all around the world.
13 min
Episode 26: The Watchers - The Angels who Aband...
Today we explore the Watchers, the angels who betrayed God and Abandoned their heavenly duties.
10 min
Episode 25: A Christmas Carol - The Story of Eb...
Today we retell the great Christmas story by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol.
10 min
Episode 24: Trolls - The Origins of Europe's Ma...
Today we explore the numerous legends behind trolls in scandinavian folklore
9 min
Episode 23: Jinn - From Evil Spirits to Genie -...
Today we explore the numerous legends behind the Jinn in middle eastern folklore.
11 min
Episode 22: Vampires - A Brief History of Obses...
Today we explore the numerous legends surrounding Vampire folklore.
12 min
Episode 21: Who Are The Seven Princes of Hell? ...
Today we explore the seven princes of hell!
10 min
Episode 20: Koschei The Immortal Sorcerer & How...
Today prince Ivan must save his wife and find a way to defeat Koschei the immortal.
27 min
Episode 19: Dante's Inferno - A Summary of the ...
Today we take a look at the first part of the Divine Comedy... Dante's inferno.
40 min
Episode 18: Curse of the Wendigo - Dark World Ep.2
In today's episode of Dark World our protagonist Chase struggles with his own personal demons while what he believes to be a Wendigo stalks his family.
82 min
Episode 17: Satyrs & Fauns - The Goatmen of Gre...
Today we explore the stories behind both the Satyr and Faun.
10 min
Episode 16: Amazons - The Most Feared Warrior W...
Today we take a look at a tribe of fierce warrior women that the ancient Greeks referred to as the Amazons.
13 min
Episode 15: The Strange Locations of the Cthulh...
Today we take a look at some of the most popular strange locations that appear in the work of H.P Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos.
13 min
Episode 14: Lucifer - The Story Behind the Fall...
Today we take a look at the fall of Lucifer and how he went from the most beautiful angel in heaven to a grotesque demon who ruled hell.
12 min
Episode 13: Hestia - Goddess of the Hearth & Sa...
In today's episode we take a look at some Greek mythology with Hestia, the Goddess of the Hearth & Sacrificial Flame.
12 min
Episode 12: The Jersey Devil - The History Behi...
Today we take look at the history and alleged sighting involving New Jersey's most famous Cryptid, the Jersey Devil!
12 min
Episode 11: Poseidon: Lord of the Sea
Today we take a look at some more Greek mythology with one of its most iconic deities... Poseidon lord of the sea!
16 min
Episode 10: Krampus: Exploring the Legend of th...
Watch out boys and girls because he certainly knows if you've been naughty... In today's episode we examine the legend of the Christmas demon Krampus!
14 min
Episode 9: Succubus: The Story Behind the Infam...
In today's episode we take a look at the stories behind a demon who comes to men in their dreams and feeds off them in order to sustain themselves and create more demons, the Succubus.
14 min
Episode 8: The Giants of Greek Mythology
In today's episode we take a look at the giants of Greek mythology, their creation, battles, personalities and the most famous stories they appear in.
22 min
Episode 7: The Kraken - Exploring the Origins B...
In today's episode we explore the origins of the most legendary sea monster of all time, the Kraken!
13 min
Episode 6: Goblins: The Story Behind the Creepy...
Today in this episode we take a look at a set of creatures that have become a staple in modern fantasy, Goblins.
16 min
Episode 5: Baba Yaga: The Wild Witch of the Sla...
Today we delve into some Slavic folklore with tale of Baba Yaga the wild witch of the woods. In this episodes we take a look at her many different depictions, origins and the classical stories that she appeared in.
20 min
Episode 4: The Many Faces of Medusa - Monster, ...
Today we explore the many stories surrounding one of Greek Mythology's most iconic and misrepresented figures, Medusa. Was she always a monster? Perhaps an unfortunate victim who was in the wrong place at the wrong time? Or did the ancient Greeks view her as a protector who could keep evil away?
11 min
Episode 3: Spring Heeled Jack: The Demon Terror...
Today we explore the stories behind the Victorian legend of Spring Heeled Jack the demon terror of London. A mysterious shadowy figure who stalked the rooftop of London in search for his next victim.
15 min
Episode 2: Lilith: The Mother of Demons or The ...
Today we explore Lilith as we try and understand her origins and whether she was the mother of monsters or the first wife of Adam?
12 min
Episode 1: Jason & The Argonauts - The Epic Que...
Today we explore the story behind the Greek Hero Jason and his crew of Argonauts as they embark on an epic and perilous quest to recover the golden fleece and reclaim the kingdom that was stolen from Jason.
34 min