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WE’VE ALL GOT THE SAME DAMN’ 86,400 SECONDS PER DAY! A few hours of wasted time here and there seems like nothing, but trust me, IT ADDS UP! MISSED opportunity, untapped potential, inhibited growth and development. Time doesn’t stop for ANYONE, time doesn’t discriminate, time doesn’t care about your feelings. The time is ALWAYS right now. Get ready to be inspired, it’s time for your daily dose of MOTIVATION, LET’S GO!Listening to this podcast daily should only take up about 5 of the 1,440 minutes that we’re ALL fortunate enough to be given EACH AND EVERY SINGLE DAY. What you do with the remaining 99.6527% of the day is COMPLETELY up to you. Hold yourself accountable. Take ownership of your situation. Live life UNFILTERED. Join The Motivation #TheMotivationMovement @mRuddo

Society & Culture
051: No Time for BULLSHIT!
Spiffy was not just an aspiring musician, he was a MUSICIAN. It wasn’t just a goal of his to be an artist, he was an ARTIST.
7 min
050: Mental Fortitude Boot Camp
TALENT IS OVERRATED. Your level of Mental FORTITUDE is VASTLY more important.
6 min
049: Persuasion and Influence
Persuasion is like magic; the subject shouldn’t even realize they were influenced to decide on way over another.
7 min
048: Autodidacticism Getting SCHOOLED by YOURSE...
The drive and enthusiasm to broaden one’s knowledge WILL always play a VITAL role in the pursuit of SUCCESS.
6 min
047: Emotional Intelligence POP Quiz - The EQ Test
Who says FACTS don’t care about your feelings?! The FACT is that EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE can help us lead a joyful, successful, and fulfilling life.
7 min
046: Leadership Styles of the Rich and Famous
8 min
045: The Five Forms of Power
If you recognize the different forms of power, you can avoid being influenced by those who use the less positive ones.
7 min
044: The Healing Power of Forgiveness
Animosity + Regret = Poison
6 min
043: Regret as a Motivational Tool
Do you have Coulda' Woulda' Shoulda' Syndrome?!?
6 min
042: Uniquely Unusual Meditation Strategies
Meditation is not a practice reserved for hippy, carpe diem, want-to-be Zen masters, it’s for everyone.
6 min
041: Be a Better Human, Be an ANIMAL!
Collaborate like a longhorn crazy ant. Hustle like a beaver.
6 min
040: Generating Gratitude for Brain Gains
Expressing gratitude is something we are all capable of.
5 min
039: We’re ALL Natural-Born Salespeople
Not all salespeople are like the used car salesmen from the TV shows and movies, manipulative and insincere.
5 min
038: Locus of Control
Do you believe that you, as opposed to external forces, have control over the outcome of events in your live?
7 min
037: Positive Affirmations Are NOT BS!
I think, therefore I am.
5 min
036: Don’t Be Afraid to Fly Out of YOUR Pigeonhole
Don't put all of your eggs in one basket!
5 min
035: Talk to YOURSELF to Build Confidence & Sel...
The days of being called CRAZY for talking to yourself are LONG GONE.
6 min
034: The Flip Side of Suffering & Sacrifice
Your level of sacrifice directly determines your level of success.
6 min
033: Self-Care - I'm Treating Me!
We're all busy. We're all HUSTLIN’, we're all grinding. Honestly, what the fuck does self care even mean? When the hell do I have the time to think about a self care strategy, let alone actually phy Published via Awesound.
5 min
032: Full Blown Burnout BEWARE
Hustle Culture is DYING, Self-Care is LIVING!
6 min
031: Professionally Persistent (PITA)
Be relentlessly persistent and consistent in the pursuit of your ambitions!
5 min
030: The Art of Saying No
Productivity ProTip: STOP making to-do lists. START making DON'T DO lists.
5 min
029: Become a Student of Success
Luck is a result of dedicated hustling. Luck is the product of calculated risk.
5 min
028: Perfection is Poison
Productivity, Focus, Mistakes, Growth
6 min
027: Disrupt - Break the Mold
Lifestyle Design, Disruption, Conviction
4 min