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WE’VE ALL GOT THE SAME DAMN’ 86,400 SECONDS PER DAY! A few hours of wasted time here and there seems like nothing, but trust me, IT ADDS UP! MISSED opportunity, untapped potential, inhibited growth and development. Time doesn’t stop for ANYONE, time doesn’t discriminate, time doesn’t care about your feelings. The time is ALWAYS right now. Get ready to be inspired, it’s time for your daily dose of MOTIVATION, LET’S GO!Listening to this podcast daily should only take up about 5 of the 1,440 minutes that we’re ALL fortunate enough to be given EACH AND EVERY SINGLE DAY. What you do with the remaining 99.6527% of the day is COMPLETELY up to you. Hold yourself accountable. Take ownership of your situation. Live life UNFILTERED. Join The Motivation #TheMotivationMovement @mRuddo

Society & Culture
076: The Great Debate of Free-Will & Determinism
Is FREE WILL an illusion?
7 min
075: Seven Ways to Effectively Deal with Genera...
Fear is interest paid on debt you might not owe. You’re stronger than your anxiety!
7 min
074: Understanding the Mind-Body Connection
True or False: The body achieves what the mind believes!
8 min
073: Zen Principles To Live By
It’s time to ZEN THE F*CK OUT! The PRESENT MOMENT is what’s most important
7 min
072: Advice I'd Give MY 18 Year Old Self
Hey 18-year-old me, enjoy figuring it the f*ck out!
7 min
071: Being Patient in an Impatient World
Patience is POWER. Patience is a VIRTUE.
8 min
070: The 4 Ps of Marketing: Product, Price, Pro...
Offer the RIGHT product or service in the RIGHT place, at the RIGHT price, and at the RIGHT time!
8 min
069: Conducting a Personal SWOT Analysis
Self-analysis is tough, but it’s critical to making progress. Consider this exercise an investment in yourself.
7 min
068: How to Strengthen YOUR Critical Thinking S...
If simple, everyday thought was a friendly, pick-up basketball game with your buddies, critical thinking would be Lebron James training for the NBA Championships.
7 min
067: Fresh Perspectives from Ancient Philosophy
Wisdom that has withstood the test of time, and ALWAYS will . . .
7 min
066: Work Life Integration VS Balance
When your personal identity, health, physical well-being, and work responsibilities are in harmony, the MAGIC happens.
8 min
065: The Two Pebbles - Thinking Outside of the Box
Question Assumptions. Re-IMAGINE the RULES. Work Backwards. Ask for Advice.
6 min
064: Lessons Learned from EXTREME OWNERSHIP
EXTREME OWNERSHIP is about seizing accountability, not avoiding it.
7 min
063: The Secret to Driving Accountability
Set clear expectations and desired outcomes. Lead by example, MODEL DESIRED BEHAVIOR
7 min
062: Mastermind to Maximize by Mutual Improvement
MASTERMINDS provide a highly concentrated dose of PERSPECTIVE
7 min
061: Keeping Your Ego in CHECK!
Are you driven by a desire to PROVE something to someone (or yourself), or by a HIGHER PURPOSE?
7 min
060: FREE Yourself from Toxic Relationships
You have control. Set boundaries. Trust your gut. Ask for help.
7 min
059: Music is MY Motivation
Listen to Mozart, 50 Cent and Super Mario for MAXIMUM Motivation!
8 min
058: Processing Information Overload
Deal with it now, deal with it later, give it to someone else to deal with or decide to NEVER deal with it.
7 min
057: How to Create an ABUNDANCE Focused Mindset!
Abundance VS Absence. Creators VS Complainers. Richness VS Scarcity
7 min
056: Hustlers Need Their Beauty Sleep Too!
Shakespeare’s BEST Advice: Sleep OR Die . . . LITERALLY!
9 min
055: FIVE Natural Methods to Maximize Your Memory
FIVE Natural Methods to Maximize Your Memory
7 min
054: Positioning PIVOT Like a PRO
The Inspirational Story of Wild Bill’s Craft Beverage Co.
8 min
053: Left Brain VS Right Brain
Your BRAIN will get the WHOLE job done, not just half of it!
7 min
052: Predictive Personality Psychometrics
Are you an Analyst, Diplomat, Sentinel or Explorer?
9 min