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Mikhaila Peterson speaks with thought leaders, influencers and industry changers - continually finding the best ways to improve the human experience. From stay at home moms to CEOs, fitness enthusiasts to spiritual guides, nutrition researchers to health professionals - Mikhaila has interview-style conversations aimed at provoking thought, addressing difficult subjects, and delving into topics that are generally shied away from.

Health & Fitness
Alternative Health
Tom Bilyeu
Tom Bilyeu is a serial-entrepreneur, producer, director, and host of the popular podcast and founder of Impact Theory. He is also the co-founder of the billion-dollar brand Quest Nutrition. Mikhaila Peterson and Tom Bilyeu discuss Tom’s work habits,...
62 min
Tucker Max
Tucker Max is an author, speaker, and co-founder of Scribe Media. He first made a name for himself publishing stories about his college-age exploits online on his Website  Mikhaila Peterson and Tucker Max discuss his new publishing...
67 min
Shane Mauss and The Purple God Lady
Shane Mauss (stand-up comedian, psychonaut, science enthusiast) and Mikhaila Peterson discuss their experiences with psychedelics, some of the pseudo-science behind these trips, and how they both encountered while experimenting with different...
83 min
Ayishat Akanbi
Ayishat Akanbi (writer, cultural commentator, fashion stylist) and Mikhaila discuss how Ayishat has crafted her social media presence to address the cultural issues that are occurring internationally, how the United States has encouraged other nations...
59 min
Opposing Views: Pornhub
Welcome to the Mikhaila Peterson Podcast. This is a bit of a different style episode. A couple of months ago there was big news about PornHub. Visa and Mastercard dropped them for apparently hosting child pornography PornHub removed ten million...
43 min
Ben Greenfield: Boundless
Ben Greenfield is a biohacker, human body and brain performance coach, ex-bodybuilder, Ironman triathlete, speaker, and author. Ben Greenfield and Mikhaila Peterson discuss a number of biohacking topics including health food, similarities in many of...
61 min
Jim Kwik: Becoming Limitless
Jim Kwik (author of Limitless and founder of Kwik Learning) and Mikhaila discuss how to improve your reading speed and level of comprehension, tools to improve concentration and memory retention, avoiding information overload, and how to improve your...
67 min
Chris Voss and Jordan B. Peterson on Negotiating
Chris Voss (former lead FBI hostage and kidnapping negotiator, author, and CEO of Black Swan Ltd.) sits down with  Jordan B. Peterson and Mikhaila Peterson, to discuss his book Never Split the Difference, highlighting some of his guiding...
81 min
Dr. Benjamin Bikman: Insulin Resistance and Why...
Dr. Benjamin Bikman (author of ) sits down with Mikhaila Peterson to discuss insulin resistance and sensitivity, curing type 2 diabetes, why our current method of diabetes treatment doesn’t help, how some people can gain weight easier and faster...
69 min
Dr. Dome: Biological Dentistry
Dr. Dominik Nischwitz (Dr. Dome) is a practitioner of a unique type of dentistry called biological dentistry. Dr. Dome and I discuss biological dentistry’s unique features, the teeth and mouths' huge role in digestive and full-body health, many of...
63 min
Yeonmi Park: Escaping North Korea
Yeonmi Park is a North Korean defector, human rights activist, and the author of . Yeonmi and I discuss her incredible story of escaping North Korea, and her current opinions on issues in modern eastern and western society. Find more Yeonmi Park in...
64 min
Dr. James DiNicolantonio: Everything Salt
Dr. James DiNicolantonio, (author of , , and ) and I sit down to discuss electrolyte intake, the unfair demonization of salt, and testing for deficiencies. Find Dr. James DiNicolantonio on his website on Twitter and on Instagram - This episode is...
66 min
Jennette McCurdy: Writing Your Own Story
Jennette McCurdy (American actress, singer, songwriter, YouTuber, producer, and writer) and I sit down and discuss working as a child actor, her experiences growing up in a Mormon family, how she battled anxiety and eating disorders, why she quit...
57 min
Andrew Huberman: Neurotransmitters and Stress
Dr. Andrew Huberman (professor of Neurobiology and Ophthalmology at Stanford University of Medicine) and I discuss how our brains function, the effects of chronic stress and drugs, and beneficial habits to incorporate into your routine for positive...
69 min
Marian Tupy: Things Are Not As Bad As They Appear
Marian Tupy (senior policy analyst at the @The Cato Institute ’s Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity) co-author of Ten Global Trends (Every Smart Person Should Know) and I discuss global trends, economic inequality between countries, and a...
63 min
Wim Hof with Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson
Wim Hof is an absolute legend, holding twenty-six world records for performing unbelievable feats of human conditioning and breaking barriers that science did not believe possible. He sits down with Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson to discuss these...
70 min
Dr. Olli Sovijärvi: What Is Biohacking?
Dr. Olli Sovijärvi (author of Biohackers Handbook) and I discuss the many elements of biohacking including sleep, nutrition, stress management, and optimal recovery. He explains in practical terms what can easily be adopted by anyone to start...
66 min
Coleman Hughes with Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson
Coleman Hughes and Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson discuss some of the global issues caused by polarizing opinions in race, politics, and western culture. Find Coleman Hughes on his podcast Conversations with Coleman, on Twitter @coldxman, and at his...
62 min
Shawn Baker: The Carnivore Diet
Shawn Baker (author of The Carnivore Diet, multisport elite level athlete, orthopedic surgeon, and veteran) and I discuss the roots and benefits of an all-meat diet. All-meat diets are gaining more popularity with professional and amateur athletes and...
68 min
Matthew McConaughey
Matthew McConaughey (actor, producer, and best-selling author of ) and I spoke about his new book “Green Lights”, and how to live a good life. Matthew shared some hilariously absurd stories from his life, anecdotes, we spoke about people, places,...
58 min
Dr. Jill Crista: Mold Toxicity
Dr. Jill Crista (author of Break the Mold, toxic mold specialist, international educator for mold treatment) and I discuss the very serious effects of toxic mold including the symptoms and potential long-term illnesses related to mold infection, how...
58 min
Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride: GAPS Diet
Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride (author of Gut and Psychology Syndrome) and I discuss the GAPS diet, her opinion on mainstream medicine, the consequences of mistreating the microbiome, her opinion on North American cows and she breaks down the many...
56 min
Dr. Saifedean Ammous: The Economics of Bitcoin
Dr. Saifedean Ammous (economist and author of The Bitcoin Standard) and I discuss trying to time the bitcoin market, dollar-cost averaging, alt-coins, and the eventuality of the bitcoin takeover. Find Dr. Saifedean Ammous at his website:  , and...
63 min
Michael “Bitstein” Goldstein: An Intro to Bitcoin
Michael Goldstein (Bitcoin developer, educator, and evangelist) and I discuss the benefits of bitcoin, different strategies for utilizing bitcoin’s strengths, what a “node” is, his experience with the Carnivore diet (4+ years), and he answers...
61 min
Dr. Bjorn Lomborg: Climate Change Not Climate P...
Dr. Bjorn Lomborg (academic, social scientist and author of “False Alarm”) and I discuss the truth about climate change, the cost of climate panic, green energy, interpreting data properly and why innovation will always be the best solution. Find...
63 min
Jocko Willink
Jocko (retired Navy SEAL, author, podcaster, entrepreneur) and I discuss friends that stick with you through tough times, balancing work and life with equal intensity, stress management, and how to take ownership of the worst possible life...
72 min
Andrew Doyle: The Man Behind Titania McGrath
Andrew Doyle (British comedian, playwright, journalist, political satirist, and voice of Titania McGrath) and I discuss Titania McGrath, how Titania started, Titania’s banned/not banned cycle on twitter, the history of the social justice movement,...
68 min
Dr. Michael Ruscio Answers Microbiome FAQs
Dr. Michael Ruscio (Author of and Host of ) and I discuss conventional vs. natural medicine and therapies, the functional benefits of probiotics, the microbiome and its effects on multiple health systems and parasites. Find Dr. Ruscio at , on Twitter...
64 min
Dr. Marc Mani: The Art of Plastic Surgery
Dr. Marc Mani (Plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA. Renowned for Scarless HD Lift & MIST) Mikhaila discuss scarless facial surgery, the most popular surgeries in Hollywood, and is Botox actually preventative? Find Dr. Mani at his website and on...
58 min
Dr. Paul Saladino Answers Carnivore Diet FAQ
Paul Saladino (Host of “Fundamental Health” and author of “Carnivore Code”) and I discuss the “nose to tail carnivore” diet, misconceptions about the dangers of eating primarily meat, the plant toxicity spectrum, and reintroducing plant...
60 min
Nicole Arbour: Drinks with a Cheerleader
@Nicole Arbour (Canadian Comedian, Actress, and YouTuber) and I get together in person to discuss using alternative therapies to heal from a horrific car accident, volunteering with Scientologists, personality differences between people from Los...
84 min
Michele Romanow: Artificial Intelligence and En...
Michele Romanow and I discuss the creation of Clearbanc (a $400 million VC firm), working side-by-side on your business with your romantic partner, her experience on the hit show Dragon’s Den and the best and worst companies that she has seen...
61 min
Dr. Jeff McNairy: Rythmia and Ayahuasca
Dr. Jeff McNairy Psy.D., M.P.H. (Chief Medical Officer at in Costa Rica) sits down with Mikhaila to discuss how he and his partner developed the Ayahuasca therapy center, the intense transformations that happen during these therapeutic sessions, and...
61 min
Chloe Valdary: the Theory of Enchantment
Chloé Valdary (American writer and entrepreneur) and I discuss her Theory of Enchantment, Stoicism and meditation, effective Twitter strategies, White Fragility and Beyonce’s Black is King. Find Chloe at her website
57 min
Dan Crenshaw: Fortitude and Mental Stillness
U.S. Representative Dan Crenshaw (Congressman, Author, and Navy Seal) and Mikhaila talk about his book , the explosion that led to him losing his eye, being injury prone and the art of skydiving without having depth perception, and Mikhila asks...
50 min
Mark Bell: The Powerlifting Entrepreneur
Mark Bell is an American professional powerlifter, holds a number of patents and trademarks, is the owner of Super Training Gym, and a former professional wrestler. We delve into his background, his kratom product MindBullet, steroids, where he got...
70 min
Isaac Butterfield: Why to Joke About Tragedy
Isaac Butterfield (Australian Comedian and YouTuber) and Mikhaila discuss , dealing with tragedy in an honest way, what jokes are off limits (if any), and the proper way to deal with PC culture. Find Isaac at his website , and on YouTube at
55 min
Cole Robinson: Snake Diet
Cole Robinson (Creator of the Snake Diet) and Mikhaila discuss fasting, losing weight and helping others lose weight, why he chooses to be vulgar, and the importance of salt. Find Cole on YouTube , and on Instagram -- "The snake diet has been...
87 min
Michael Malice: The North Korean Experience
Michael Malice (author of The New Right and Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il) and Mikhaila discuss his experience in North Korea and writing Kim Jong Il’s autobiography, personality assessments, aliens, and anarchism. Find...
61 min
Robb Wolf: Sacred Cow - The Case For Better Meat
Robb Wolf (Author of The Paleo Solution, Wired to Eat, and Sacred Cow) and Mikhaila discuss the science behind eating beef, the inaccurate concerns regarding climate and the beef industry, changing the landscape of the United States to support new...
59 min
Lauren Southern: The Art of The Public Hiatus
Lauren Southern is a best selling-author, an internationally famous journalist, and recently the creator of Borderless, the most comprehensive documentary to date to detail the European border crisis. Lauren recently stepped out of the public eye to...
64 min
Dave Rubin: Inciting Courage
Dave Rubin (host of the , Author of New York Times Best Seller “”) and Mikhaila discuss Dave’s experience touring with Jordan Peterson, the health detriments of stress, being courageous as a rule, the difficulties of controversy, and Dave...
62 min
Chris Williamson: Life Changing Productivity an...
Chris Williamson, a productivity master, and Mikhaila discuss The Ultimate Life Hacks List, experiencing true solitude, debunking multitasking, productivity apps, and going gluten-free.  Find Chris at his website, and on...
63 min
Zuby: Viral Fame and Ultra-Low Neuroticism
Zuby (Rapper, Author, Podcaster) sits down with Mikhaila to discuss his “controversial” tweet that went viral internationally, growing up in Saudi Arabia, making adjustments for the extremities of personality, and raps that are inspired by Jordan...
64 min
Dr. Jason Fung: Normalizing Fasting
Dr. Jason Fung sits down with Mikhaila to discuss fasting and its benefits. They delve into the health benefits of skipping breakfast, fasting for weight loss, fasting for people with a low body-fat percentage, the importance of salt intake during a...
62 min
Suzanne Venker: What Relationships Actually Loo...
Suzanne Venker (Author of , and The ) sits down with Mikhaila to discuss the culture of Gender Equality, Relationships post-children, and where NOT to find a mate! Find Suzanne Venker at her website | on Instagram  | and on Twitter
59 min
Hamilton Morris: Psychedelics, Nootropics, and ...
Hamilton Morris (Creator of Hamilton's Pharmacopeia) sits down with Mikhaila to discuss psychedelic therapeutics, the efficacy of Nootropics, and measured experimentation! Find Hamilton on , on Instagram , and on Twitter
62 min
Greg O’Gallagher: Fitness, Nutrition, and the E...
Greg O'Gallagher (Founder of Kinobody) sits down with Mikhaila to discuss fitness, nutrition, and how to get a flat stomach! Find Greg at his website | or on Instagram
75 min
Max Lugavere: Simple Ways to Be Healthier
(author of He is also the host of the #1 iTunes health podcast ) sits down with Mikhaila to discuss the consequences of poor diet habits, Gluten and thyroid dysfunction, and tasty alternatives to potato chips! Find Max at his website | or on Instagram
50 min
Aubrey Marcus: Practicing What You Preach, Gett...
Aubrey Marcus (Founder of , Author of ) sits down with Mikhaila to discuss his recent serious car accident, polyamory, and his recent engagement!! Find Aubrey at his website | or on Instagram
59 min