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The budget has left The Building with policy, r...
The North Carolina state budget actually passed the General Assembly, with policy, raises and power plays.
20 min
North Carolina’s state budget drama-rama over c...
Start your week in #ncpol #ncga with our latest Under the Dome politics podcast with the latest on the state budget and responses to more gun violence on UNC's campus.
22 min
What the state budget arrival this week would m...
Will the North Carolina state budget arrive this week? Plus, Medicaid expansion and casinos debate for lawmakers.
21 min
What’s next for online sports gambling in North...
Today on Under The Dome, we talk about online gambling legalization and the UNC shooting aftermath. Plus, Headliner of the Week.
23 min
How ‘I Can’t Breathe’ ended up at NC Freedom Park
26 min
Boards, overrides and elections power plays
Start your week in North Carolina politics with our Under the Dome podcast. Host Dawn Vaughan, Kyle Ingram and Korie Dean talk all things #ncpol #ncga.
21 min
Talking state employees with SEANC lobbyist Suz...
Host Dawn Vaughan interviews SEANC lobbyist Suzanne Beasley about state employees raises and vacancies.
19 min
What’s next for Tim Moore, plus NC connections ...
This week, hear about future plans for House Speaker Tim Moore and NC figures in Trump's indictment.
12 min
2023 local elections in Durham and Wake countie...
While statewide elections are more than a year away, local ones are coming up this fall.
23 min
Stalled budgets of yore feat. WUNC’s Colin Camp...
The NC state budget is delayed again this summer. How often has the General Assembly delayed the budget?
20 min
Rep. Marcia Morey, a Durham Democrat, on court ...
For the week of July 17, 2023, host Dawn Vaughan interviews N.C. Rep. Marcia Morey, a Durham Democrat who is also a former judge and Olympian, and the House Democratic whip.
22 min
Three vetoed transgender bills are up for overr...
Start your week with Under the Dome, The News & Observer’s politics podcast hosted by Capitol bureau chief Dawn Vaughan.
19 min
Two major SCOTUS rulings for NC and update on t...
On this episode for the week of July 3, 2023, host Lars Dolder talks with politics team colleagues Korie Dean and Avi Bajpai about two landmark rulings delivered by the U.S. Supreme Court that have direct North Carolina connects.
20 min
Catching up with NC House Majority Leader John ...
N&O Capitol Bureau Chief and podcast host Dawn Vaughan interviews N.C. House Republican Majority Leader John Bell.
23 min
Why bills about NC boards are a big deal
Host Dawn Vaughan talks with N&O legislative correspondent Kyle Ingram about why bills about boards are nowhere near boring.
18 min
NC Sen. Todd Johnson on budget, raises, biscuit...
Host Dawn Vaughan talks with state Sen. Todd Johnson, a Union County Republican.
20 min
Why North Carolina played a key role in the fed...
Host Dawn Vaughan and Capitol Hill correspondent Danielle Battaglia talk about the key role North Carolina’s congressional delegation played in debt ceiling negotiations.
21 min
The head of SEANC talks what’s at stake for NC ...
The News & Observer’s state Capitol bureau chief Dawn Vaughan interviews Ardis Watkins, executive director of the State Employees Association of North Carolina.
21 min
Wrapping up a tense week at the N.C. General As...
Capitol bureau chief Dawn Vaughan talks with politics reporters Luciana Perez Uribe Guinassi and Avi Bajpai about the abortion veto override, tension on the House floor and what it means for the atmosphere at the Legislative Building.
21 min
Triangle Democratic Sen. Mary Wills Bode on the...
Host and state Capitol bureau chief Dawn Vaughan interviews state Sen. Mary Wills Bode about the abortion debate.
22 min
Behind the scenes of the legislative abortion d...
Host and state Capitol bureau chief Dawn Vaughan discusses what’s happening in North Carolina politics with colleagues Luciana Perez Uribe Guinassi and Avi Bajpai.
22 min
Voting rights rulings, ‘compelled speech’ and a...
Host and state Capitol bureau chief Dawn Vaughan discusses what’s happening in North Carolina politics with colleagues Luciana Perez Uribe Guinassi and Korie Dean.
15 min
Whipping the votes with Republican Rep. Jon Har...
Host and state Capitol bureau chief Dawn Vaughan interview Republican Rep. Jon Hardister about being the House GOP caucus whip, caucus changes with Rep. Tricia Cotham joining the party, education issues and more.
23 min
TikTok Jackson and a different NCGA this week
Host and Capitol Bureau Chief Dawn Vaughan talks with D.C. correspondent Danielle Battaglia about Congressman Jackson's TikTok drama and what's ahead at the legislature now that Rep. Tricia Cotham is a Republican.
22 min
How Rep. Tricia Cotham's move will have major r...
NC Insider editor Lars Dolder fills in for Dawn Vaughan and talks to politics team freelancer Kyle Ingram, Charlotte Observer local news editor Josh Bergeron and congressional correspondent Danielle Battaglia about Rep. Tricia Cotham defection from the Democratic Party to the NC GOP House caucus.
23 min