Changemakers In Autism

Who are the changemakers in the autism community — the people who refuse to accept the status quo and are pushing the boundaries of what’s accepted, expected and possible of austistic individuals and their families?

We’ve been fortunate to meet many of these incredible people through our work at REED Autism Services, and we’d like you to get to know them as well. 

During our podcast, hosted by Chantelle Walker, CEO, and Jen Faust, Director of Operations, we’ll introduce you to thought leaders and unconventional pioneers who are raising awareness of the most pressing issues in the autism community — and challenging the status quo.. 

We’ll cover a range of topics, including unique work opportunities, innovative and inclusive housing, sex and relationships, athletes using their platforms to help our community, and much more. 

We hope you’ll join us on this journey. Please like, follow, and subscribe! Changemakers in Autism is available on YouTube and anywhere you get your podcasts. Visit to learn more. 


Changemakers In Autism seeks to provide information only. REED Autism Services does not endorse, sponsor or receive compensation for/from guests..

Opening music performed by Finnigan Ban, Musician, Hydroponic Farmer, and Autistic Adult

Society & Culture
Episode: 6 Finding Meaningful Employment
22 min
Episode 5: Sex and Relationships on the Spectrum
41 min
Episode 4: Athletes, Allies, and Advocates
16 min
Episode 3: Breaking Barriers with Social Commun...
35 min
Episode 2: Cutting-Edge Inclusive Communities
38 min
Episode 1: Athletes Creating a Platform for Change
Reed Autism Services
17 min