ABA Journal: Legal Rebels

The ABA Journal Legal Rebels Podcast features men and women who are remaking the legal profession and highlights the pioneers who are changing the way law is practiced and setting the standards that will guide the profession in the future.

How this lawyer uses TikTok to skewer law firm ...
31 min
How generative AI is already changing contract ...
36 min
What is the future of remote working in the law...
26 min
Changing the culture at law firms to promote we...
31 min
How GPT and other large language models could c...
40 min
What could AI regulation in the US look like?
22 min
Pre/Dicta takes a radically different approach ...
27 min
What the Silicon Valley Bank failure means for ...
34 min
How Casetext utilized the latest GPT technology...
31 min
What to expect from ABA Techshow 2023
27 min
Should lawyers embrace or fear ChatGPT?
31 min
Why this BigLaw firm recently started a legal o...
26 min
It's a long road ahead for driverless cars, say...
27 min
How lawyers can unlock the potential of the met...
27 min
Legal Chatbots: What can and can't they do?
24 min
Why this BigLaw Firm Adopted a Permanent Work-f...
As things are opening up again and people are getting back to how they lived before the COVID-19 pandemic, will that spell the end of the remote-work era?
17 min
How technology can improve immigration policy a...
An immigration lawyer talks about law and policy, as well as the potential of technology to streamline and improve the immigration process.
24 min
Taking on unauthorized practice of law regulati...
A professor talks about New York-based company Upsolve’s lawsuit regarding UPL rules and access-to-justice issues in general.
19 min
EmotionTrac analyzes facial expressions in real...
A legal tech CEO talks to the ABA Journal’s Victor Li about how EmotionTrac works and how lawyers can use it for their benefit.
19 min
TurnSignl app seeks to provide real-time legal ...
A legal tech CEO talks about how TurnSignl works; the benefits of using the app for users, lawyers and police officers; and his plans for the future.
17 min
With alternative dispute rising in popularity, ...
A lawyer realized that there were limited tech options to assist him in the alternative dispute resolution realm, so he and his wife developed a technology platform for mediators and arbitrators.
29 min
How a social justice innovation lab is developi...
“It is a really exciting frontier to be in to be able to look at projects in both the regulatory reform states at once,” says director Stacy Butler.
27 min
How this contracts platform uses AI to help use...
“We treat contracting like a loop, where we feel it is really important that you learn from your executed contracts to make your new agreements better,” says Jake Sussman of Evisort.
30 min
How an e-discovery platform has evolved to meet...
Everlaw CEO AJ Shankar shares how his company has enhanced its e-discovery offerings.
28 min
How a law prof is training paraprofessionals to...
A law professor discusses the creation and components of the VIISTA program, the diverse backgrounds of students it has attracted so far, and the types of work that the program's initial graduates are undertaking.
28 min