State Bar of Michigan: On Balance Pod...

The State Bar of Michigan podcast series, On Balance, features a diversified array of legal thought leaders. Hosted by JoAnn Hathaway of the bar’s Practice Management Resource Center and Molly Ranns of its Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program, the series focuses on the need for interplay between practice management and lawyer-wellness for a thriving law practice.

Law Student Well-Being: Advocating for Student ...
28 min
How Women Can Speak Up and Stand Out with Confi...
27 min
Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence with Kat...
34 min
Backups For Your Law Firm - Recovering from Hum...
28 min
Empowering Working Parents
18 min
Untangling Fear in Lawyering with Heidi K. Brown
33 min
What You Need to Know About Trauma-Informed Law...
33 min
Top IOLTA Trust Account Questions
16 min
The Creation of Sustainable, Healthy, and Inclu...
23 min
Mental Health Challenges Facing the Legal Profe...
20 min
The Delta Model: Lawyer Readiness and Competenc...
27 min
Succession Planning for Your Law Firm
22 min
Meditation and Mindfulness Practices for Legal ...
34 min
Ethical Wellness in Your Law Firm
Victoria Vuletich explains how ethical wellness helps lawyers make better decisions.
24 min
Suicide Prevention in the Legal Community
Erica Grigg discusses suicide prevention by sharing her personal story and what to do if you or someone you care about is at risk.
26 min
Collaboration Tools, Technology, and Tips
Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell share their insights on collaborative technology in legal practice.
29 min
Gray-Area Drinking in the Legal Profession
Professional burnout and alcohol coach Wendy McCallum offers insights on recognizing unhealthy patterns and making changes.
31 min
Coping With Stress in the Legal Profession
Anne Chambers shares tips for altering your perspective on stress to create better coping strategies.
19 min
Supporting Resilience and Mental Health for Law...
Laura Mahr shares insights on how to help lawyers and law firms recover from pandemic-related stress.
23 min
Personal Branding Tips for Lawyers
Katy Goshtasbi digs into how simple self-examination can help lawyers grow their confidence and develop an effective personal brand.
29 min
The SOLACE Program — Helping Michigan’s Legal P...
If a crisis has affected you or someone you know in the legal community, the State Bar of Michigan wants to help! Their newly implemented offers support in the event of a catastrophic illness, accident, or event; and this help is available to all...
23 min
Building Your Law Firm’s Web Presence
What do we mean when we talk about web presence, and how exactly can your law firm get it? Hosts Molly Ranns and JoAnn Hathaway welcome legal marketing pro Gyi Tsakalakis to chat about what digital marketing looks like in the current legal landscape....
30 min
Stress and Resiliency in the US Judiciary
The recent National Judicial Stress and Resiliency Survey offered insights into the overall well-being of judges and the strategies they use to handle stressors in their work. On Balance hosts Molly Ranns and JoAnn Hathaway are joined by Joan...
25 min
The Attorney Grievance Process in Michigan - Pa...
To continue demystifying the attorney grievance and discipline process, On Balance hosts Molly Ranns and JoAnn Hathaway welcome Mark Armitage of Michigan’s Attorney Discipline Board (ADB). Mark explains how complaints move from the Attorney...
19 min
The Attorney Grievance Process in Michigan – Pa...
When a complaint is filed against an attorney, what happens next? Will you be investigated? Do you need to lawyer up? On Balance hosts Molly Ranns and Joann Hathaway welcome Michael Goetz, Grievance Administrator for the Michigan Attorney Grievance...
20 min