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Locked On A's - Daily Podcast On The ...

How's it going A's fans and welcome to Locked On A's, part of the Locked On podcast network. This podcast is your daily stop for all things Oakland Athletics. Of course we'll be covering the news and providing analysis, but we're also going to incorporate mailbags, statistical deep dives, A's history episodes, series previews and talk a bit about the minor leagues as well! The A's are a young and exciting team, and Locked on A's will be here with you every step towards winning the final game of the season. Locked on A's is hosted by former internet scribe (blogger) and noted baseball fan, Jason Burke.

Episode Five - The Buzzers Are Circling
15 min
Episode Four - Crime and Punishment
The Astros have been punished, but was it enough?
31 min
Episode Three - Arbitration and Pipe Dreams
Arbitration, the A's, and Pipe Dreams
21 min
Episode Two - Cheating Cheaters (You're Only Ch...
17 min
Episode One - The Winter of our Contentment
While the Oakland Athletics haven't made a lot of eye-catching moves, the ones that they have made have built up the depth of a team that made the wild card game in each of the last two seasons
20 min
Locked On A's - Teaser Episode
A quick preview of what to expect from the new Locked On A's Podcast
2 min