So Many Damn Books

A blessing, a curse, a podcast. est. 2014.

Christopher (@cdhermelin) invites folks to the Damn Library to talk about reading, literature, publishing, and trying to make it through their never-dwindling stack of things to read. All with a themed drink in hand. Recorded at the Damn Library in Brooklyn, NY.

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Society & Culture
90: Amy Kurzweil (FLYING COUCH) & Riad Sattouf'...
For the first time ever, a graphic memoirist stops by the Damn Library in the form of Amy Kurzweil, author of the graphic memoir Flying Couch! She also draws New Yorker cartoons! Listen as we chat about form and tone, board games and heartbreak, and...
57 min
89: Christopher + Drew (Just Interview Each Other)
Christopher and Drew hang out and explain themselves. They also talk their jobs, and formative reading experiences, and other subjects. music: Disaster Magic - Pier 6 ( contribute! for drink...
32 min
88: Jonathan Ames (YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE) ...
Jonathan Ames, writer of novels like Wake Up, Sir and I Pass Like Night, as well as series creator of Bored to Death and Blunt Talk, sits down in the Damn Library to talk his new pulp novella, You Were Never Really...
50 min
Minisode: 2018 PEN World Voices Festival!
Christopher and Drew talk about PEN's 2018 World Voices Festival - check out their website of events! music: Disaster Magic - Desert Snake and Coconut Crab ( contribute!...
11 min
87: Ruth Curry (Emily Books) & Sigrid Nunez's T...
Ruth Curry joins the guys in the Damn Library fresh off her #TOB18 judge-ship to chat about all sorts of things, like balancing her reading life and her work life, what she reads for at Emily Books, and why she has a Tiny Letter. We also get to...
43 min
The 2018 Tournament of Books - Minisode #4
Oh my gosh! It's over! Listen to me and Drew talk about what we thought about the Tournament this year, and also, a couple books we really wish had been in the tournament! Bok bok to you! Become a sustaining member of the Tournament!...
14 min
The 2018 Tournament of Books - Minisode #3
Oh my gosh it's still the tournament and we are feeling the madness! Listen to us talk about what's gone on so far, and also, some of the past tournament injustices! Become a sustaining member of the Tournament!...
18 min
86: Gabe Habash (STEPHEN FLORIDA) & Iris Murdoc...
Christopher and Drew wrestle up Gabe Habash to drink, chat, and be merry. Christopher serves everyone a very strange cocktail based on Habash's Stephen Florida, then dive right into the very strange headspace of Mr. Florida. They discuss plot...
51 min
The 2018 Tournament of Books - Minisode #2
Christopher and Drew prognosticate! The first round is still underway, but we still wanted to talk about what's gone on so far, and what might happen for the end of the round. Become a sustaining member of the Tournament!...
16 min
85: John Darnielle (UNIVERSAL HARVESTER, THE MO...
John Darnielle, lead singer of the Mountain Goats and writer of Universal Harvester and Wolf in White Van, sits down in the Damn Library for a far-ranging conversation covering everything from addiction to translated fiction. They talk about being...
53 min
The 2018 Tournament of Books - Minisode #1
Even though the Tournament won't officially start until after this episode has been posted, we're champing at the bit to get some prognostications going. So, for all you other ToB diehards - this one's for you. 9 minutes of tournament talk with...
8 min
84: Rachel Lyon (SELF-PORTRAIT WITH BOY) & Eile...
Rachel Lyon sits down in the Damn Library as the first guest of 2018. She presents her incredible new novel Self-Portait with Boy, and the guys ask questions about it, like about camera research, and changing DUMBO, and other New York-type things....
57 min
83: Katherine Faw (ULTRALUMINOUS) & Fleur Jaegg...
Katherine Faw drops into the Damn Library to talk about things like drugstore sushi, writing about women with ambition, and nail art. Then they all chat about Fleur Jaeggy's Sweet Days of Discipline and how it subverts the expectations of the normal...
51 min
82: Top 6 of 2017
Christopher and Drew chat about their Top 6 books of 2017 - the 4 books they both agree on, and then 2 that only one of the guys puts on the top of the pile. They also pontificate on the book that'll win the 2018 Tournament of Books, and list some...
29 min
81: Holiday Bookclub (Tom Hanks' UNCOMMON TYPE)
Uli Beutter Cohen (Subway Book Review), Bianca Bosker (Cork Dork), and Nozlee Samadzadeh (TMN's Tournament of Books) join Drew and Christopher in the Damn Library for a holiday-tinged book club discussion of Tom Hanks' Uncommon Type. Hanks' status as...
56 min
80: E. Lockhart (GENUINE FRAUD) & John Green's ...
E. Lockhart settles into the Damn Library for a long chat about Genuine Fraud, her new novel, as well as touching on her other works, like Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, and We Were Liars. Then John Green's new book, Turtles All the Way...
58 min
79: Movie Adaptations & MURDER ON THE ORIENT EX...
So Many Damn Books heads to the movies and sees Kenneth Branagh's (mustache's) Murder on the Orient Express, based on the Agatha Christie novel. What you want in an adaptation is discussed, as well as dream adaptations, and adaptations the guys are...
30 min
78: Carolyn Murnick (THE HOT ONE) & Claire Dede...
Carolyn Murnick joins the guys in the Damn Library to discuss her memoir, The Hot One: a memoir of friendship, sex, and murder. Along with discussing that subtitle and the cover, the trio discuss Pop Culture's helpfulness in navigating murder and...
49 min
76: Edgar Cantero (MEDDLING KIDS) & Enid Blyton...
New to Brooklyn (having moved here from Spain), Edgar Cantero drops by the Damn Library with some Meddling Kids and discusses with Drew and Christopher his detective phase, coming up with his style, and why it's easier to write car chases in...
46 min
75: Robin Sloan (SOURDOUGH) & Eugene Lim's DEAR...
To celebrate the 75th episode of So Many Damn Books, Christopher and Drew bring the Damn Library to the FSG offices to talk to Robin Sloan about his novel Sourdough and Eugene Lim's Dear Cyborgs. Food vs tech, analog vs digital, specific pop culture...
44 min
74: Amelia Gray & "Nicotine"
When Amelia Gray stops by the Damn Library, Christopher turns a drink blue again, and they discuss her new book, Isadora. Particularly: what it was like to write a book about a dancer during a time when she wasn't dancing. A quote about dancing...
45 min
73: Backlist: Jonathan Lethem (*Motherless Broo...
Without a guest, the guys make good on their TMN Tournament of Books bet- Drew chose Jonathan Lethem's Motherless Brooklyn. They talk about what matters in a noir, Lethem tackling Tourette's, and enjoying a book about where you live, amongst...
28 min
72: Samantha Hunt & "Things to Do When You're G...
When Samantha Hunt drops by the Damn Library, the guys try to put a shadow in her drink but just end up with something more blood colored. They discuss her story collection, The Dark Dark, the Normas in one's life, and ticks, as well as transcending...
42 min
71: Rachel Khong & "Why Did I Ever"
In the Damn Library, Christopher gets an egg white cocktail egg-zactly right for Rachel Khong, author of Goodbye, Vitamin and also All About Eggs. He and Drew also chat with Rachel about the inner/outer voice of the critic, using family as...
50 min
70: Rosecrans Baldwin & "Brighton Rock"
Rosecrans Baldwin, who indirectly provided the beginning for the SMDB podcast, stops by the Damn Library to talk about his exceptional "HBO series of a novel," The Last Kid Left. Youth is discussed, as well as getting characters right, stopping into a...
55 min
69: Julie Buntin & "Woman No. 17"
MARLENA MARLENA MARLENA! Julie Buntin drops into the Damn Library to talk her terrific debut novel, Marlena, and gets into whether she's a Marlena or a Cat, if there's a real Spicy Bob's Pizza, and what she was hoping to get to at the core of her...
45 min
68: Alissa Nutting & "Him, Me, Muhammad Ali"
Alissa Nutting, author of Made for Love (and also Tampa) joins the guys in the Damn Library to talk surveillance state and let the guys bring up the dolphin sex, and the importance of first sentences. They also talk about Randa Jarrar's Him, Me,...
48 min
67: Elif Batuman & "Swann's Way"
Elif Batuman joins Christopher and Drew in the Damn Library, and they all imbibe a drink called "The Dissertation" which can smack the words off the tip of your tongue. They discuss Batuman's The Idiot, and being nicer to your college self, and how...
52 min
66: #OneBookNY ("Americanah")
The guys decide to participate in One Book One New York, get on the bandwagon, and finally read Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Americanah. They discuss Obama, getting bloggers right, and what it's like for a city to read along together. Plus, they...
23 min
65: Bianca Bosker & "South and West"
Bianca Bosker, author of Cork Dork: A Wine-Fueled Adventure Among the Obsessive Sommeliers, Big Bottle Hunters, and Rogue Scientists Who Taught Me to Live for Taste saunters into the Damn Library with gusto. She and the guys discuss books...
51 min
64: Melissa Febos & "Animals Strike Curious Poses"
When Melissa Febos stops by the Damn Library to talk about her new book "Abandon Me," Christopher goes "Beyond Booze" for the drink, and Drew is also there, because of course he is! They talk pop psychology, gift giving, and everyone having different...
46 min
63: #TOB17 Wrap-Up with Nozlee
Nozlee Samadzadeh-Hadidi, producer of The Tournament of Books for The Morning News, drops by the Damn Library to help wrap up this year's tournament with Christopher and Drew. Drinks are drunk, ancient history is drudged up, least favorites are...
39 min
62: Kaitlyn Greenidge & "Tipping the Velvet"
Just before winning a Whiting Award, Kaitlyn Greenidge brought her debut novel "We Love You, Charlie Freeman" to the Damn Library. She confesses to hating animals, amongst other deep explications, and then we switch to talking the genre of...
51 min
61: Jonathan Lee & "Pereira Maintains"
Jonathan Lee takes a dip into the Damn Library, talking his novel High Dive over a cocktail named after chlorine that surely doesn't taste like chlorine. The ensuing discussion includes fatherhood, pool water, and political awakenings -...
50 min
60: Francine Prose & "Hangsaman"
Francine Prose joins C+D in the Damn Library for some lively talk of theater that misses the mark, thwarted ambitions, and following the characters of her newest novel, Mister Monkey. They also get into Hangsaman by Shirley Jackson, and Francine...
45 min
59: In-Between Books ("Ongoingness" & "Multiple...
Drew and Christopher take a break from tournament reading to enjoy some books that break the mold, namely Alejandro Zambra's Multiple Choice and Sarah Manguso's Ongoingness. The merits of breaking the mold is discussed, along with other topics, like...
22 min
58: Megan Abbott & "Deep Water"
Other than this sentence, not a single reference to Valentine's Day is in this podcast. Megan Abbott stops by the Damn Library with her newest novel, You Will Know Me. We discuss prodigies and the grit of teenage gymnasts, and then dismount the pommel...
48 min
57: Tournament of Books 2017 Primer
After a long hiatus, Drew and Christopher are back in the Damn Library, explaining what the Tournament of Books is, why they like it, and what seems like the favorite to win this year.  New logo by Jefferson Wiggins. GO BUY A...
26 min
56: A Snowisode Holiday Spectacular!
Snowed in, the guys decide to record an episode, because why not? They discuss L. Frank Baum, and then an unexpected visitor shows up in the form of Uli Beutter Cohen, founder of Subway Book Review and co-creator of the new literary newsletter Eye...
47 min
55: "Six of Crows" & Top 6 of 2016!
In this one, the guys look to escape their lives for a bit with some epic fantasy, and they do so via a duologetic ticket to Leigh Bardugo's Grisha-verse. After they extoll the book's virtues and consider the difficulties of escapism, they jump into...
31 min
54: Lisa Lutz & "Dirty Snow"
The indomitable, incomparable Lisa Lutz stops by the Damn Library for a career retrospective. Drew and Christopher very nearly contain their rabid fandom and talk the Spellman Files series, "The Passenger," "Heads You Lose," and "How to Start a Fire,"...
45 min
53: Jade Chang & "Neon Green"
Christopher and Drew are joined by Jade Chang to chat about a road trip, writing what is most challenging, and aliens. Jade likes how cozy it is in the library and the guys love how cozy "The Wangs vs. The World" is as a novel. Then the aliens,...
47 min
52: Kathleen Donohoe & "Charming Billy"
Kathleen Donohoe drops by the Damn Library to talk about her book, Ashes of Fiery Weather, and all the historical disasters contained within, as well as her personal connections to Brooklyn. Surprise '98 National Book Award winner Charming Billy by...
37 min
51: Hannah Pittard & "I'm Thinking of Ending Th...
Hannah Pittard stops by the Damn Library to drink a classic cocktail bastardized by a substituted ingredient and discuss her book "Listen to Me" and Iain Reid's "I'm Thinking of Ending Things." Dread is discussed, as well as what makes for a good...
38 min
50: Teddy Wayne & "The Bed Moved"
Christopher and Drew invite Teddy Wayne to the Damn Library, and he brings along his new "zeitgeist-y" novel, Loner, as well as Rebecca Schiff's short story collection The Bed Moved. The literary reader's intelligence is praised, the drink is overtly...
38 min
49: Alexandra Kleeman & "Pricksongs and Descants"
Christopher and Drew are joined by returning guest Alexandra Kleeman. They all drink a cocktail named after a character who moonlights in both her short story collection "Intimations" and, maybe, within Robert Coover's "Pricksongs and...
42 min
48: Episode Forty-Eight and the Cursed Child
Christopher and Drew drink Firewhiskey Juleps and get feisty about the new story in the Harry Potter-verse. Fan fiction, Sherlock Holmes, and second Death Stars are amongst the subjects mentioned. No one gets hurt. 15 seconds of a song: Harry and the...
31 min
47: Backlist: Donna Tartt ("The Little Friend")
Christopher and Drew sit down with a whiskey drink sweetened with the blood of maraschino cherries, and discuss Donna Tartt's marginalized sophomore novel, The Little Friend. Unjustly pushed to the side? Or lesser entry in the Tartt Canon? They also...
20 min
46: Evan Hanczor & "Their Eyes Were Watching God"
Evan Hanczor, chef at Egg in Williamsburg, drops by the damn library with Tortilla Espanola and the tale of serving a meal inspired by Zora Neale Hurston's classic, Their Eyes Were Watching God. The connection of food and fiction is discussed. Drew...
39 min
45: Top Six of 2016 (so far)
Christopher and Drew decide it's never too early for list making, and choose six favorites from the year to date (2016). Then they get out their crystal ball and look forward to books coming out for the rest of the year. Summertime reading,...
16 min
44: YA feat. "Stargirl" & "Bone Gap"
Drew and Christopher tackle YA through the 2001 classic Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli and the 2016 Printz Award Winner, Bone Gap by Laura Ruby. Grand theories are posited, the state of YA is considered, the line between YA and regular lit is blurred. No...
29 min
43: Stephanie Danler & "Bluets"
Stephanie Danler, author of the highly recommended Sweetbitter, joins the guys in the Damn Library for a chat about anything and everything. Food, identity, sex - you name it, they talk about it. TWO cocktails are imbibed and Maggie Nelson's...
43 min
42: Alexander Chee & "What Belongs to You"
Alexander Chee stops into the Damn Library for a Lilliet and a discussion of his novel The Queen of the Night. Drew and Christopher ask after pop culture parallels and fidelity to nonfiction. They also discuss Garth Greenwell's What Belongs to...
33 min
41: "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72"
Drew and Christopher see if they can draw any comparisons between the current election and Hunter S. Thompson's other Fear and Loathing book. Not the one that he goes to Las Vegas. Gonzo journalism is discussed, but sadly, not Gonzo from the...
27 min
40: #TOB16 Wrap-Up with Nozlee Samadzadeh and W...
And that's a wrap! What a tournament of books that was! Tournament of Books producer Nozlee and former contestant (with his book A Brave Man Seven Storeys Tall) Will Chancellor stop by the Damn Library to talk believability, tooth truths, good tourney...
42 min
39: #TOB16 Chatter
Drew and Christopher talk their brackets and re-reading. They wax nostalgic on the week past and dive deep into the remaining match-ups as we head into the finals. Plus, a bookish wager on who will take the Rooster home. 15...
23 min
38: Katy Waldman & More #TOB16
Katy Waldman stops by the Damn Library to drink "The Rooster" and prognosticate. Jane Austen keeps getting updated, the trio relives the first round of the TOB's ups and downs, and then a deep dive into Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff somehow...
31 min
37: Angela Flournoy & #TOB16
Angela Flournoy, author of the Turner House, stops by the Damn Library, fresh off her Tournament of Books win in round one against Ban en Banlieue. She and the guys talk where she was when her novel published, whether or not she believes in ghosts,...
41 min
36: Maris Kreizman & "The Invaders"
It's tournament time!! Christopher drinks a Slaughtering Mary, Drew and Maris Kreizman don't. They all discuss Maris' book/blog Slaughterhouse 90210 and Kickstarter, and then delve into the complexities of The Invaders by Karolina Waclawiak. There's...
38 min
35: Mark de Silva & "Less than Zero"
Over a round of Dark and Particularly Stormys, Drew and Christopher have the pleasure of chatting, friendly-like, with Mark de Silva, author of Square Wave, out now from Two Dollar Radio. Jazz is discussed! So is Donna Tartt! And Misogyny! And how...
44 min
34: Laura Van Den Berg & "The Naked Eye"
Laura Van Den Berg stops by the Damn Library to talk about her novel Find Me and Yoko Tawada's The Naked Eye. We also find out what tv show she can't stop repeating, and discuss a lot about getting lost, both physically and in translation. Plus,...
40 min
33: The 2016 Tournament of Books Shortlist
Christopher and Drew can't contain their excitement - the short list for the Morning News' ToB 2016 is here, and they are discussing every title. They also explain this whole tournament business, talk snubs and loves, and teach you a new cocktail to...
22 min
32: "The Pickle Index"
Drew and Christopher talk about what books they were given for Christmas, 2016 reading goals, experimentally designed books they love, and then Eli Horiwitz's The Pickle Index which they tried to experience it every which way it came out....
23 min
31: Christopher and Drew's Top 6 of 2015
The damn hosts choose 4 books they loved in 2015, and one book each that the other didn't read/love. Also, one to grow on. Bye-bye, 2015! You were a year. 15 seconds of a song: The Jackson 5 - Never Can Say Goodbye
10 min
30: Marie-Helene Bertino & "A Little Life"
Marie-Helene Bertino stops by the deck hall'd Damn Library in full seasonal good cheer to talk about her novel, 2 A.M. at the Cat's Pajamas. Holiday music is played. A Little Life is discussed. Butter is pondered. Gifts are given! A very happy holiday...
46 min
29: Ryan Britt & "Star Wars: Heir to the Empire"
Ryan Britt stops by the Damn Library to explain the deeper meanings of why Luke Skywalker Can't Read (which is also the title of his new essay collection). The guys then discuss a classic Star Wars novel - Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn...
35 min
28: Alexandra Kleeman & "The Blind Owl"
Alexandra Kleeman takes So Many Damn Books down the rabbit hole as Drew and Christopher discuss her novel, You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine, as well as the novel The Blind Owl. Everyone gets unsettled. 15 Seconds of a Song: Lucy Rose - Middle of the Bed
44 min
27: "Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl"
The two nonmaj/muggles discuss Harry Potter spinoffs, whether or not they listen to music when they read, and Carrie Brownstein's memoir Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl. ~15 seconds of a song: Sleater-Kinney "The Fox"
32 min
26: "City on Fire" & "Purity"
Christopher institutes a new buying books rule for himself, Drew likes scary books, and they both have very different opinions on City on Fire by Garth Risk Hallberg and Purity by Jonathan Franzen.
42 min
25: Happy Birthday!
The gentlemen discuss their favorite book they've read for the podcast so far, a few books they'd like to see in the next Tournament of Books, and tell you how to win a copy of City on Fire by Garth Risk Hallberg. Amongst other things.   15...
30 min
24: Will Chancellor Strikes Back
With Drew under quarantine (he caught the plague), the guys call on Will Chancellor to step in. He returns to the Damn Library to go deep with Christopher on Jesse Ball's latest novel, "A Cure for Suicide". 15 Seconds of a Song: Del...
45 min
23: Vanessa Manko ("The Invention of Exile") & ...
Vanessa Manko drops in to talk about how writing is like dancing, her novel The Invention of Exile's editing journey, and they all discuss The English Patient, and suggest a novel they'd like to see made into a movie.   Fifteen seconds...
42 min
22: Isaac Fitzgerald & "Infinite Home"
Isaac Fitzgerald skates by the Damn Library and joins the guys to talk about his Pen & Ink series, Kathleen Alcott's "Infinite Home", and the joys of recommending books. Hilarity ensues. Also maybe some 80s metal.   Fifteen Seconds...
61 min
21: Summer. Reading.
The guys introduce a new segment ("Reading Comprehension"), which leads to some serious questions. They also discuss their summer reading habits, the Man Booker longlist, and Christopher continues to shame Drew for not reading "A Little Life". 
28 min
20: Ferrante Fever / "My Brilliant Friend"
In which Drew and Christopher wonder what spumoni is (it's ice cream), talk about the books they bought, discuss Elena Ferrante and the first book in her Neapolitan saga, and they recommend books to each other, like usual.   15 seconds of a song:...
26 min
19: Comics / "Sex Criminals"
Summer break is over and the guys return to the Damn Library to discuss graphic novels, comics, brimping, and Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky's "Sex Criminals".   15 Seconds of a Song: "Desire", Years & Years
26 min
18: Saeed Jones ("Prelude to Bruise") & "Citize...
BuzzFeed Literary Editor Saeed Jones drops by the Damn Library to talk about his PEN/Joyce Osterweil Award-winning collection "Prelude to Bruise", Claudia Rankin's incendiary "Citizen: An American Lyric", and whether or not art can change the...
55 min
17: Lev Grossman & "Mrs. Dalloway"
In which Lev Grossman visits the Damn Library to talk about his Magicians trilogy and (one of his) favorite book(s) of all time: Virginia Woolf's "Mrs. Dalloway". 15 Seconds of a Song: "Magic" by Ben Kweller
42 min
16: The Recommendation Game / "Whiskey Tango Fo...
The Guys discuss the business of recommending books, then they discuss Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, a @biblioracle recommendation. 
31 min
15: Catherine Lacey
In which Catherine Lacey (author of "Nobody is Ever Missing") drops by the Manhattan branch of the Damn Library! Drinks are made, bathtubs are revealed, and escape is discussed (among many other things).
43 min
14: ToB Wrap-Up & Call-In
The guys chat with ToB Commish Kevin Guilfoile about the ToB and his writing, then get some friends from the commentariat on the phone including Neighbors73, BradMcGinty, Melanie, and itsonlyzach.  The ToB is over, long live the ToB!
54 min
13: Tournament Gab / Jeff VanderMeer & "Annihil...
More Surprises and More Upsets in the Tournament! Jeff VanderMeer discusses "Annihilation" and the ToB! Predictions for the final! Featuring The Aquabats - Fight Song (still) and Laura Shigihara - Zombies On Your Lawn (from the Plants vs....
33 min
12: Tournament Talk / John Warner & "Tough Day ...
One year of Friendship Surprises and Upsets in the Tournament of Books John Warner talks his role in the tourney, McSweeney's, and "Tough Day for the Army" The Biblioracle Chooses a Book Recommendations Featuring The Aquabats - Fight Song (still)...
44 min
11: "A Brave Man Seven Storeys Tall" by Will Ch...
ToB15 part one!
63 min
10: Event Books / "The Bone Clocks"
Guest Star: Luke Wiget Event Books "The Bone Clocks" by David Mitchell Recommendations Farewell to Luke and the DoctorDR studio
44 min
9: Audiobooks / "Everything I Never Told You" /...
Teaser Audiobooks "Everything I Never Told You" by Celeste Ng Interview: Emily St. John Mandel (author of "Station Eleven") Recommendations
51 min
Stephen King, Stephen King, Stephen King First King Favorite King Stephen King's "Revival" Recommendations
37 min
7: Non-Fiction / "Not That Kind of Girl"
Happy New Year! Non-Fiction Celebrity Memoirs "Not That Kind of Girl" by Lena Dunham Recommendations 15 Seconds of a Song: The Blow, "Come On Petunia" / The Guys Sing The Police
28 min
6: Literary Awards / "Missing Person"
Reading Habits Literary Awards Missing Person by Patrick Modiano Drew and Christopher's Top 5 of 2014 Lists 15 seconds of a song: DJ Deville's Auld Lang Syne Remix recorded at the Dr. Doctor studio in Brooklyn, NY.sound engineer: Luke Wiget
30 min
5: Pastiches / "The Beekeeper's Apprentice"
"A Christmas Carol" Postertext Giveaway (Tell your friends to listen to the show on social media and email us about it at to enter!) Holiday Stories Pastiches The Beekeeper's Apprentice by Laurie R. King Parting...
31 min
4: Gimmicks / "Horrorstör"
Holiday Theme Music! Second Chance Authors Gimmicks Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix Parting Recommendations recorded at the Dr. Doctor studio in Brooklyn, NY.sound engineer: Luke Wiget
22 min
3: Games / "Wolf in White Van"
The Future Library Project, Margaret Atwood, and authors we think should be included next Games in Books Wolf in White Van by John Darnielle Parting Recommendations recorded at the Dr. Doctor studio in Brooklyn, NY.sound engineer:...
28 min
2: Series / "Southern Reach" vs "The Magicians"
Welcome Back Kids Series to Revisit The Southern Reach Trilogy by Jeff VanderMeer & The Magicians trilogy by Lev Grossman Parting Recommendations recorded at the Dr. Doctor studio in Brooklyn, NY.sound engineer: Luke Wiget
25 min
1: Dystopia / "Station Eleven"
Introductions Classics Revisited Dystopia Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel Parting Recommendations recorded at the Dr. Doctor studio in Brooklyn, NY.sound engineer: Luke Wiget
23 min