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The podcast about women who don't give a damn if you like them, brought to you by unlikeable female characters Kristen Lepionka, Layne Fargo, and Wendy Heard.

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Episode 97: Reaching the Boiling Point with Cou...
Layne welcomes Courtney Summers to the show for a chat about her harrowing new novel I’M THE GIRL, the significance of writing about girls who are super gay for each other, and how to hype yourself (and your work) without apology.
28 min
Episode 96: From Sex Cults to Rom Coms with Ash...
Layne talks with Ashley Winstead about her absolutely badass new novel THE LAST HOUSEWIFE, the problem of female pleasure under the patriarchy, and how she stays sane by toggling between thrillers and romantic comedies.
34 min
Episode 95: Rage & Rule Breaking with Gwendolyn...
Layne’s celebrating spooky season early with feminist horror author Gwendolyn Kiste! Tune in for their chat about Gwendolyn’s feminist as hell DRACULA meets JANE EYRE mashup RELUCTANT IMMORTALS, why women are so good at controlling our murderous urges, and what makes horror the ideal genre for rule-breaking, rage-fueled fiction.
27 min
Episode 94: Red Flags & Future Selves with Sara...
Layne interviews Sarah Zachrich Jeng about her speculative feminist thriller THE OTHER ME, why selfishness is necessary to make art, and the men we should all watch out for.
25 min
Episode 93: Eat Slay Loathe with Amina Akhtar
Layne welcomes Amina Akhtar (and her celebrity pup Bean!) back to the show to talk about her new novel KISMET, the Christopher Columbusing of wellness culture, and why we’re all getting weirder.
31 min
Episode 92: Hot Goth Summer with Isabel Cañas
Layne celebrates Hot Goth Summer with Isabel Cañas, author of THE HACIENDA (remember that Hot Priest book from our summer reads episode? This is it, bitches!). Plus: how the hell Isabel completed this book while also getting her PhD, why we all love a forbidden romance, and which classic Gothic heroine drove her so batshit crazy she had to rage-write about it.
38 min
Episode 91: Stubborn as Hell with Margarita Mon...
Layne chats with author Margarita Montimore about her new novel ACTS OF VIOLET, writing stories based on your personal obsessions rather than what’s popular, and why success comes to those who stay stubborn as hell.
30 min
Episode 90: Surviving & Thriving with Tess Gerr...
Layne talks to legendary thriller author Tess Gerritsen about the unlikeable female character she just couldn’t kill off, the secret to keeping a long-running series feeling fresh, and why older women make the best spies (and serial killers).
21 min
Episode 89: A Thrill You’ll Never Forget with S...
Kristen and Layne welcome multi-talented multi-genre author Sandra SG Wong for a chat about her new suspense novel IN THE DARK WE FORGET, the challenges of crafting a main character who has no idea who she is, and what it’s really like to road trip with a thriller writer.
25 min
Episode 88: Get in Losers, We’re Screaming Abou...
Kristen and Layne recorded this feminist rant about abortion rights and the Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade back in May, but unfortunately it’s even more relevant now.
24 min
Episode 87: Spice Girls and Sisterhood with Jun...
Kristen and Layne chat with author Juno Dawson about her new novel HER MAJESTY’S ROYAL COVEN, how to create a truly inclusive magical world, and the eternal power of the Spice Girls.
29 min
Episode 86: Queen Shit with Hannah Whitten
Layne welcomes Hannah Whitten for a chat about her new sisterhood-centric fantasy novel FOR THE THRONE, the power of being your own biggest fan, and how Adam Driver brings people together.
31 min
Episode 85: Screw the Sun, Let’s Read All Summer
Covens, creepy houses, weddings gone wrong, gay drama, disappearing acts, and plenty of men who deserve what’s coming to them—Kristen and Layne share their epic list of summer reads that’ll last you all the way until spooky season.
37 min
Episode 84: Unlikeable Until Proven Guilty
Kristen and Layne share a good scream about the disturbing public spectacle of the Depp v Heard case, how Amber Heard’s unlikeability has been used against her, and the bullshit myth of mutual abuse.
24 min
Episode 83: Power and Empowerment with Tori Eld...
Badass author (and actual ninja) Tori Eldridge returns to the show to discuss her new globe-trotting, century-spanning dark fantasy novel DANCE AMONG THE FLAMES, writing fiction that doesn’t give a damn about genre, and why power-hungry female characters can be so empowering.
32 min
Episode 82: Wuthering Heights: The Musical! wit...
This very special episode is an Unlikeable Female Characters first: a sneak peak at soon-to-be-premiered musical! Layne welcomes playwright and composer Hannah Gregory for a chat about her original folk musical based on WUTHERING HEIGHTS, classic unlikeable female character Cathy Earnshaw, and the perils of white feminism past and present.
20 min
Episode 81: Be Gay, Do Crime with Wendy Heard
Our own Wendy Heard returns to the show for a chat about her latest YA thriller DEAD END GIRLS, how to fake your own death for fun and profit, and what’s on her personal gay agenda.
31 min
Episode 80: Queen Bees and Judgmental Nerds wit...
Kristen and Layne are joined by authors Kathleen Glasgow and Liz Lawson to chat about their new co-written YA mystery THE AGATHAS, why you should never underestimate a teenage girl, and the enduring cultural power of OG Plot Twist Queen Agatha Christie.
34 min
Episode 79: Shoulder Pads and Scandal with the ...
Layne hosts a rad roundtable with her YOUNG RICH WIDOWS co-authors Kimberly Belle, Cate Holahan, and Vanessa Lillie.
40 min
Episode 78: The Virtues of Unlikeability with T...
Kristen and Layne are joined by one of their all-time fave authors, Tara Isabella Burton, to discuss her new queer dark academia novel THE WORLD CANNOT GIVE.
41 min
Episode 77: Are Movies Bad Now?
It’s Oscar season, and Kristen and Layne are full of loathing. Join them for a bitch sesh about the nominated movies they hated, loved, or loved to hate this year.
42 min
Episode 76: Keeping It Real with Kellye Garrett
Kristen and Layne welcome THE Kellye Garrett to discuss her new domestic suspense novel LIKE A SISTER.
48 min
Episode 75: Social Horror Secrets with Bethany ...
Kristen and Layne chat with Bethany C. Morrow about her chilling new novel CHERISH FARRAH.
39 min
Episode 74: Kristen Bell, Casserole Assassin
Kristen and Layne provide their expert analysis of Netflix’s satirical domestic suspense series THE WOMAN IN THE HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE GIRL IN THE WINDOW.
35 min
Episode 73: The Joy of Sex Magic with Sara Gran
Kristen and Layne interview absolute legend Sara Gran about her new novel THE BOOK OF THE MOST PRECIOUS SUBSTANCE.
41 min
Episode 72: Deck the Halls with Shreds of Joy
Kristen and Layne close out 2021 by sharing some of the things that have kept them sane during this long, strange year.
46 min
Episode 71: Noir-igin Stories with John Copenhaver
Kristen welcomes Unlikeable Female Characters' first-ever male guest, author John Copenhaver, to talk about his new novel THE SAVAGE KIND.
51 min
Episode 70: Good for Her
Kristen and Layne break down the "Good For Her" genre.
37 min
Episode 69: Rachel Harrison
Layne chats with Rachel Harrison about her brand-new witchy feminist horror novel CACKLE.
36 min
Episode 68: The Final Girl
Kristen and Layne take a look at the many faces of the quintessential horror movie heroine, the Final Girl.
39 min
Episode 67: Amanda Jayatissa
Kristen and Layne interview Amanda Jayatissa about her twisty debut thriller MY SWEET GIRL.
40 min
Episode 66: Fall Reads 2021
Kristen and Layne bring you 30 new fall books to take your mind off the still-raging trashfire of 2021.
42 min
Episode 65: Megan Abbott
Kristen and Layne chat with Megan Abbott about her deliciously dark (and New York Times bestselling!) ballet thriller THE TURNOUT.
42 min
Episode 64: Jess Montgomery
Kristen interviews historical fiction author Jess Montgomery about unruly women, then and now.
41 min
Episode 63: All She Does Is Win
Kristen and Layne celebrate the Summer Olympics by screaming about sexism in sports.
46 min
Episode 62: The Woman in the Window
Wendy's back, for one episode only! The ladies reunite to hate-watch the film adaptation of A.J. Finn's THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW.
42 min
Episode 61: Heather Levy
Layne interviews debut novelist (and her former Pitch Wars mentee!) Heather Levy.
54 min
Episode 60: Cruella
Kristen and Layne chat about the movie CRUELLA.
43 min
Episode 59: Women and Power with Sara Flannery ...
Kristen and Layne chat with Sara Flannery Murphy (author of the feminist sci-fi novel GIRL ONE, out now!) about women wielding power, super and otherwise.
51 min
Episode 58: Summer Reads 2021
Fill up your beach bag with Kristen and Layne's summer reading recommendations.
42 min
Episode 57: Heartland Bitches with Rachel Mans ...
Kristen and Layne are joined by fellow Midwestern lady Rachel Mans McKenny for a deep dive into the phenomenon of "Midwest nice."
43 min
Episode 56: I Hate Men
Kristen and Layne discuss Pauline Harmange's controversial book I HATE MEN.
39 min
Episode 55: Free Britney, Bitch
Kristen and Layne discuss the documentary FRAMING BRITNEY SPEARS.
45 min
Bonus Episode: Jonathan Mallory Davis
In this very special bonus episode, Kristen, Layne, and Wendy bring you an exclusive interview with debut novelist Jonathan Mallory Davis.
10 min
Episode 54: She's Too Pretty to Burn
Wendy’s YA debut drops on March 30th, and we're celebrating with a chat about teenage angst, art crimes, pet wolves, and the mortifying ordeal of being perceived.
46 min
Episode 53: The Head Bitch in Charge
Kristen, Layne, and Wendy celebrate the inauguration of ultimate HBIC Kamala Harris with a chat about their favorite boss bitches
40 min
Episode 52: Promising Young Woman
Kristen, Layne, and Wendy discuss Emerald Fennell’s devastating feminist revenge film PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN.
45 min
Episode 51: The Vain Woman
Kristen, Layne, and Wendy take on the mindf*ck minefield of women’s beauty standards.
44 min
Episode 50: 2021 Reading Preview
Con women, clones, serial killers, snowboarders, time-traveling lesbians - 2021’s slate of new reads has something for everyone!
39 min
Episode 49: The Petty Bitch
Kristen, Layne, and Wendy ring in the new year with a celebration of pettiness.
42 min
Episode 48: Holiday Gift Guide 2020
2020 is almost over (thank f*ck), so it's time for the Unlikeable Female Characters Holiday Gift Guide!
37 min
Episode 47: Halley Sutton
Layne welcomes feminist noir author and friend of the show Halley Sutton back to celebrate the release of her debut novel THE LADY UPSTAIRS.
45 min
Episode 46: The Femme Fatale
Kristen, Layne, and Wendy fangirl about one of their all-time favorite unlikeable archetypes: the Femme Fatale.
38 min
Episode 45: Tori Eldridge
Tori Eldridge, author of the Lily Wong series and actual badass ninja, sits down with Wendy to share her best self-defense tips and more.
36 min
Episode 44: The Vengeful Bitch
Kristen, Layne, and Wendy take on the archetype of the vengeful bitch - just in time for the release of Layne's new revenge-fueled female serial killer thriller THEY NEVER LEARN.
39 min
Episode 43: Alison Stine
Kristen interviews author Alison Stine about her chilling Appalachian "climate chaos" thriller ROAD OUT OF WINTER.
46 min
Episode 42: The Bad Bisexual
Happy Bisexual Awareness Week! Your favorite bi bitches Kristen, Layne, and Wendy are here to make you aware of all the different ways bisexuals can be "bad."
39 min
Bonus Episode: Get Your Sh*t Together
In this special bonus episode, Kristen, Layne, and Wendy share the things that are keeping them from screaming all day, from inspiring books to productivity tips to the perfect jumpsuit.
25 min
Episode 41: Jennifer Hillier
Wendy interviews dark and twisty thriller queen Jennifer Hillier about her latest novel LITTLE SECRETS.
43 min
Episode 40: The Other Woman
Kristen, Layne, and Wendy take on the much-maligned character of the mistress, from scheming best friends to psycho bunny boilers.
40 min
Episode 39: Kylie Schachte
Layne interviews YA author Kylie Schachte about her killer debut novel YOU'RE NEXT.
50 min
Episode 38: The Strong Female Character
What's wrong with "strong female characters?" Let Kristen, Layne, and Wendy explain.
40 min
Bonus Episode: Summer Reads 2020
Kristen, Layne, and Wendy share what they're most excited to read this summer.
20 min
Episode 37: Cheryl A. Head
Kristen interviews Cheryl A. Head, author of the Charlie Mack Motown Mystery series.
46 min
Episode 36: The Woman Who'll Steal Your Girl
Kristen, Layne, and Wendy kick off Pride month by talking about the hot gay ladies you should watch out for.
41 min
Episode 35: Mindy Mejia
Wendy interviews author Mindy Mejia about her latest novel STRIKE ME DOWN.
34 min
Episode 34: The Bad Mother
Just in time for Mother's Day, Kristen, Layne, and Wendy discuss the worst moms of page and screen.
43 min
Episode 33: Sara Sligar
Layne sits down with debut author Sara Sligar for a conversation ranging from Gothic romance to spreadsheets to Tiger King.
46 min
Episode 32: The Hysterical Woman
Kristen, Layne, and Wendy unpack what it means to be a hysterical woman, from wandering uteri to ugly crying.
45 min
Bonus Episode: Quarantine Reads
The best cure for existential dread is a good book, so on today's special bonus episode, we're recommending 15 great reads to distract you from everything that's going on in the real world.
22 min
Episode 31: Lori Rader-Day
Kristen interviews award-winning mystery author Lori Rader-Day about her latest novel THE LUCKY ONE.
37 min
Episode 30: The Woman Who Won't Let It Go
This week's episode is for all the women who've been told to calm down, leave well enough alone, let it go - and responded with a resounding HELL NO.
36 min
Episode 29: Hannah Capin
Layne interviews author Hannah Capin about her new Shakespeare-inspired revenge thriller FOUL IS FAIR.
44 min
Episode 28: The Mean Girl
Kristen, Layne, and Wendy discuss why they love to hate Mean Girls (but LOVE mean women) and share some of their favorite examples.
39 min
Episode 27: What Are These Bitches Up To Now?
We're back, bitches! Find out what we've been up to so far this year, plus get a sneak peek at our exciting podcast plans for 2020.
18 min
Episode 26: Hustlers
Kristen and Layne are joined by special guest Halley Sutton to discuss our favorite heartwarming Christmas movie about scamming strippers: HUSTLERS!
40 min
Episode 25: Holiday Gift Guide
Layne, Kristen, and Wendy recommend the perfect holiday gifts for unlikeable ladies of all ages.
35 min
Episode 24: Anniversary Sexpisode
It's our one-year anniversary episode, and we're celebrating in a very Not Safe for Work way: mocking awful sex scenes by male authors!
50 min
Episode 23: Imogen Church
Wendy interviews audiobook narrator extraordinaire Imogen Church.
48 min
Episode 22: Amanda Lovelace
We wrap up our Halloween Spooktacular with a very special guest: bestselling poet, actual witch, and all-around badass Amanda Lovelace!
36 min
Episode 21: The Witch
For our second Halloween episode, Kristen and Layne discuss why the witch is an enduring feminist icon.
37 min
Episode 20: Feminist Horror Stories
Kristen, Layne, and Wendy celebrate the beginning of the best month with a chat about monstrous women, creepy children, and that problematic motherfucker Edgar Allan Poe.
42 min
Episode 19: Unlikeable IRL
This week, your fave ambitious ladies talk about being unlikeable in real life,
43 min
Episode 18: Bitches of Summer
Kristen, Layne, and Wendy reunite at last to talk about their favorite unlikeable ladies of summer.
31 min
Episode 17: More of a Comment Than a Question
Wendy and Layne take a break from their way-too-busy summer schedules for a quick chat about the men you meet at writing conferences.
33 min
Episode 16: Pride
Your fave bi bitches Kristen, Layne, and Wendy chat about everything from rainbow Listerine to bad bisexual stereotypes to the podcast's super gay origin story.
45 min
Episode 15: Andrea Bartz
Layne chats with author Andrea Bartz about her twisty thriller THE LOST NIGHT.
40 min
Episode 14: Summer Reads
Kristen, Wendy, and Layne share what’s at the top of their Summer 2019 TBRs.
34 min
Episode 13: Rheea Mukherjee
Rheea Mukherjee dials in from Bangalore to chat with Kristen and Layne about her debut novel THE BODY MYTH.
45 min
Episode 12: Rachel Howzell Hall
Kristen chats with Rachel Howzell Hall about her new novel THEY ALL FALL DOWN (which features not just one but SEVEN unlikeable characters!).
49 min
Episode 11: Mediocre White Men
Kristen, Layne, and Wendy take a short break from discussing unlikeable female characters to take on some unlikeable real-life men in the publishing industry.
42 min
Episode 10: Amina Akhtar
Wendy interviews #FASHIONVICTIM author Amina Akhtar (live and in person at the Mayfair Hotel in Los Angeles!).
35 min
Episode 9: Mindy McGinnis
This week we chat with prolific and badass YA writer Mindy McGinnis (author of THE FEMALE OF THE SPECIES, THIS DARKNESS MINE, HEROINE, and many more).
42 min
Episode 8: Oscar Movies
Just in time for the Oscars, Kristen and Layne chat about some of their favorite awards-season movies featuring unlikeable female characters.
37 min
Episode 7: Megan Collins
Layne interviews Megan Collins (author of THE WINTER SISTER, out now from Atria Books!).
41 min
Episode 6: Pitch Wars
It's a Pitch Wars interview extravaganza! This week, we celebrate the amazing mentoring program that brought us all together.
63 min
Episode 5: Gone Girl
Whether you love her, hate her, or love to hate her, there's no doubt Amy Elliott Dunne is one of the greatest unlikeable female protagonists of all time.
45 min
Episode 4: Amy Gentry
Merry belated Christmas, bitches! Our gift to you: an interview with Amy Gentry, badass feminist author of GOOD AS GONE and the new revenge thriller LAST WOMAN STANDING.
56 min
Episode 3: Favorite Books of 2018
This week Kristen, Layne, and Wendy share their favorite 2018 books featuring unlikeable female characters.
47 min
Episode 2: Hannah Mary McKinnon
In this week's episode, we chat with Hannah Mary McKinnon (author of the domestic suspense novel THE NEIGHBORS).
31 min