I'm a Writer But

We're writers, but...I'm a Writer But is a podcast from Lindsay Hunter and Alex Higley. We talk to writers with, you know, LIVES, about how they make it work, or not.

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Coco Picard
61 min
Elisa Gabbert
62 min
Christina Cooke
72 min
Steve Almond
64 min
Andrew Bomback
77 min
Deborah Shapiro
63 min
Sara Flemington
39 min
Luke Geddes
84 min
Simon Jacobs
72 min
Tim Jones-Yelvington
58 min
Chantal V. Johnson
66 min
A.M. Homes
61 min
A. Natasha Joukovsky
65 min
Shane Kowalski
61 min
Sandra Newman
61 min
Leyna Krow
58 min
Justin Taylor
62 min
Andrew Lipstein
63 min
Isle McElroy
54 min
Sasha Fletcher
59 min
Farah Jasmine Griffin
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Christian J. Collier
72 min
Erika Krouse
74 min
Linda LeGarde Grover
55 min
Rachel Krantz
66 min
Rachel Signer
48 min
Jessamine Chan
56 min
Suzanne Cope
50 min
Isaac Butler
88 min
Christian Tebordo
64 min
Sara Lippmann
57 min
Mike Meginnis
61 min
Joy Lanzendorfer
61 min
Leigh Stein
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Liv Stratman
63 min
Cara Blue Adams
71 min
JoAnna Novak
69 min
Mallory Smart
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Ben H. Winters
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Ted Flanagan
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Brendan Mathews
62 min
Hilary Leichter
55 min
Alice Kaltman
Today we talk with Alice Kaltman (DAWG TOWNE) about her new book, the fun of drafting and the torture of revision, working with a smaller press, trying something new, and so much more! 
56 min
Chris Stuck
Today we talk with Chris Stuck (GIVE MY LOVE TO THE SAVAGES) about publishing 20 years after his MFA, sticking around, letting work go, trying to figure out, and re-figure out, and re-re-re-figure out the publishing industry, his favorite recent...
54 min
Frances Badalamenti
Today we talk with Frances Badalamenti (SALAD DAYS) about her new novel, autofiction, her work in creativity counseling, publishing with an indie press, and more!  Plus: ALEX IS GETTING A PELOTON
50 min
Tyler Barton
Today we talk with Tyler Barton (ETERNAL NIGHT AT THE NATURE MUSEUM) about his new book, the evolution of his writing, submitting a story collection, his literary visual art, and more!
57 min
Dana Norris
Today we're joined by Dana Norris (THE STORYTELLING CODE), founder of the Story Club franchise! We talk what the pandemic hath wrought upon our families and writing, living with anxiety while also loving to perform, writing a book very fast, how to...
71 min
Emily Adrian
We're back for season two and we've got Emily Adrian (THE SECOND SEASON) talking to us about what it was like to write a novel based on a real person; transitioning from writing YA to writing for adults; the notion of a writer's brand; and so much...
58 min
Kyle Beachy
Today we talk with Kyle Beachy (THE MOST FUN THING) about his new memoir/collection of essays, skateboarding, intimacy and selfhood in writing, finding permission in writing nonfiction that wasn't available in fiction, and more!
67 min
Megan Stielstra
Today we talk with Megan Stielstra (THE WRONG WAY TO SAVE YOUR LIFE) about compartmentalization, boundaries, revisiting old work in advance of reissue, writing from grief, giving yourself permission to change as a person and as a writer, and so much more!
64 min
Ilana Masad
Today we are joined by Ilana Masad (ALL MY MOTHER'S LOVERS) to talk about creating authentic relationships in fiction; trusting in fast first drafts; what it's like to be a debut author; reincorporating the "weird" in new work; experimental writing;...
60 min
Lacy Crawford
Today lone Buthead Lindsay is joined by Lacy Crawford (NOTES ON A SILENCING) for a powerful chat about agency in nonfiction, claiming your story, the difference between writing memoir and fiction, where the hell are all the...
69 min
Rachel Yoder
Today we talk with Rachel Yoder (NIGHTBITCH) about her wild, incendiary, fun, important debut novel; coming back to yourself-as-artist after having a child; writing the screenplay adaptation; catharsis; and more!
49 min
Rachel Mans McKenny
Today we talk with Rachel Mans McKenny (THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT) about the hard work that goes in to effortlessness, realizing a project needs a different agent, Snickers salad (!), revising, and more! 
46 min
Julia Fine
Today we talk with Julie Fine (THE UPSTAIRS HOUSE) about her dark, insistent, important new novel, the intersection of postpartum and horror, wedging in the time to write around the harvesting of snacks, what she's working on now, and more!
50 min
Krys Malcolm Belc
Krys Malcolm Belc (THE NATURAL MOTHER OF THE CHILD) joins us to talk his new memoir, finding his way into the work using prompts, rejecting drafts that are "false versions of themselves," shaping a life that is only part writing, CrossFit, and more! 
57 min
Samantha Irby
You know her, you love her, WE GOT SAMANTHA IRBY! The author of WOW, NO THANK YOU joins us to talk about everything BUT writing. Okay, some writing is discussed. Also: secret snacks, procrastinating, her TV work, and more!
89 min
Lisa Taddeo
Today we're joined by Lisa Taddeo (ANIMAL) to talk about her sharp, wrenching, bold, feral new novel! We get into just how Lisa came up with this concept, writing unreliable narrators, allowing the wild to unfold, writing fiction vs nonfiction, and a...
45 min
Marream Krollos
Marream Krollos (STAN) joins to talk about her intense, voicey, bold, riveting novella, waiting years to find her audience, teaching in Saudi Arabia, maintaining the connection to her dream of being published, and more! 
58 min
Zach Dodson
Zach Dodson (BATS OF THE REPUBLIC) joins us to discuss his novel-in-progress about a moon colony (!!!), designing while writing, starting over when a project needs reworking, the marketing/business side of publishing, and more, including a delightful...
61 min
Nikki Dolson
Today we're joined by Nikki Dolson (LOVE AND OTHER CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR)! Nikki tells us how she taught herself to write by reading; the mental gymnastics of being a mom/worker who wants to write; the realness of writer's block; carving out her place in...
76 min
Leah Carroll
Leah Carroll (DOWN CITY) is here! After she reads a relentless, hilarious, wild essay, we discuss horrible bosses; the filthy part of the filthy rich; finding work and community after being laid off; being a rabble rouser; writing hybrid true...
69 min
J. Robert Lennon
Today we talk with our boyfriend J. Robert Lennon (SUBDIVISION, LET ME THINK, Graywolf '21) about the joy in writing/creating/describing physical spaces; how the HELL he came up with the idea for SUBDIVISION; releasing a collection at the same time as...
67 min
Miranda Popkey
Miranda Popkey (TOPICS OF CONVERSATION) joins us to chat about starting an MFA program having not written fiction before (!!!); working with form or idea over plot; the fear of writing sex scenes; working in the publishing industry; being mentored by...
69 min
Jennifer Berney
Today we talk with Jennifer Berney () about what it's like to have a memoir out in the world, leaving off a project during the pandemic and writing letters instead, "enjoying the turtle," how to be a shy writer, the historical novel she returns to...
46 min
Elle Nash
Alex and Lindsay chat with () about writing through the "brain fog" of early parenthood; writing about the body; creating safe spaces in order to access vulnerability while writing; creating/accessing boundaries when writing; working with her agent...
66 min
Shannon McLeod
Today we talk with Shannon McLeod (WHIMSY), author and high school teacher! Topics include: picking up a blueberry with your vagine; what is Shannon's submission process?; how do you pronounce "deluge"?!; Shannon's journey through two rounds of MFA...
56 min
Catherine Nichols
Today we talk to true luminary Catherine Nichols about her novel, which is based on Nijinsky's life and is an exploration of how someone could create something so powerful when they're not the one in power. If that hasn't blown your mind, then wait...
57 min
Kristen Arnett and Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya
In this ravioli of an episode, we talk with queer literary icons Kristen Arnett and Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya! Do they show each other their WiP? Which writer talks to herself while writing? Did you know you could make your own writer's retreat in which...
69 min
Adam O'Fallon Price
Today we chat with Adam O'Fallon Price (THE HOTEL NEVERSINK) on topics including: reading is terrifying; is The Hotel Neversink a novel in stories or is it something else?; what's it like being a "late bloomer" in the writing world?; "walking on the...
63 min
Michael Zapata
Today our guest is Michael Zapata (THE LOST BOOK OF ADANA MOREAU). Topics include: socialist librarians; New Orleans;  storytelling vs. writing; teaching: not for Alex; how serving your community feeds your writing and vice versa; Chicago's...
64 min
Erin Somers
Today we talk with Erin Somers (STAY UP WITH HUGO BEST), author, mom, and industry scribe! Erin's writing has appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Paris Review, American Short Fiction, Tin House, and elsewhere. She is a reporter for the...
60 min
Chelsea Martin
Today we talk to Chelsea Martin (CACA DOLCE), writer, illustrator, and mother, about how reading is weird; writing before baby vs after baby; protecting new projects; PLUS: we invented the hottest new social media craze (it MIGHT be an MLM but it's...
59 min
Dmitry Samarov
The Butheads talk to artist and writer Dmitry Samarov (OLD STYLE) about self-publishing, how pig faces are the more human faces so they are less vegetarian, writing from life and making connections / composites, working in the service industry,...
53 min
Amber Sparks
Amber Sparks (AND I DO NOT FORGIVE YOU), author, employee, and mother, joins the Butheads to discuss boogers, what we thought writing while parenting would look like vs what it actually looks like, the endless pain of noveling, how loving your...
58 min
Matthew Salesses
Today we talk with Matthew Salesses (CRAFT IN THE REAL WORLD), author, professor, and dad. Topics include: his amazing daughter, learning how to write what you want to write, the good news about these young bucks in today's workshops, how Matt gets...
56 min
Rumaan Alam
The Butheads talk to Rumaan Alam, author (LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND), critic, and father, about voice and cooking for children and POV and Willa Cather and Don DeLillo and Wigleaf and how writing short stories is cute. 
71 min
Elissa Washuta
The Butheads talk to Elissa Washuta, member of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe and a nonfiction writer. She is the author of My Body Is a Book of Rules and Starvation Mode, and her book White Magic is forthcoming from Tin House Books....
58 min
Chris L. Terry
Chris L. Terry (BLACK CARD), author, screenwriter, runner, and dad joins the Butheads to talk about transforming his novel into a script, living in LA during the pandemic, rewarding himself by not writing, publishing with a smaller press, and...
48 min
Meghan Phillips
Meghan Phillips is a 2020 National Endowment for the Arts Literature Fellow, author (ABSTINENCE ONLY, Barrelhouse), public library employee, and mother. Alex and Lindsay chat with her about ghost sex, mothers-in-law reading their work, pregnancy, and...
62 min
Juan Martinez
Alex and Lindsay talk with Juan Martinez, a writer, professor, and father about Chicago neighborhoods, Orlando chain businesses, and a groundhog that lives by the Taco Bell.  Later, Alex and Lindsay read some of their work and offer up writing...
70 min
BONUS! Storytime with Lindsay
Lindsay reads you a newish holiday-themed story. 
16 min
Chelsea Bieker
Chelsea Bieker is the author of GODSHOT (2020) and HEARTBROKE (2022), the mom of two little ones, AND she teaches writing. Lindsay and Alex talk to her about the revolutionary act of writing about nursing (and periods), keeping a "mean journal," how...
69 min
Juliet Escoria and Scott McClanahan
Lindsay and Alex talk to writers Juliet Escoria (Juliet the Maniac) and Scott McClanahan (The Sarah Book) about working and living in West Virginia. Topics discussed: diarrhea, Twitter, lying about buying books on Amazon, and more! Plus: Juliet and...
61 min
Kristen Iskandrian
Kristen Iskandrian is the author of MOTHEREST, the owner of Thank You Books in Birmingham, AL, and the mother of two daughters. Get to know this amazing human better, hear how she does or does not get work done, and find out who called Joan Didion an...
56 min
I'm a Writer, But...
Oh hello!
48 min