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Valemon The Bear: Myth in the Age of the Anthro...
Mythologist Martin Shaw summons the ancient story of Valemon the Bear, showing us how stories can help us access a deep, primordial part of ourselves from which we can re-establish a dialogue with the more-than-human Earth.
15 min
What Survives – Lacy M. Johnson
Feeling for the edge of change, Lacy M. Johnson walks through a wetland nature center near Houston that has reclaimed the land where a neighborhood, sunken by oil extraction and subsumed by floodwater, once stood.
28 min
When You Meet the Monster, Anoint Its Feet – Ba...
In the age of the Anthropocene and entrenched politics of whiteness, Bayo Akomolafe brings us face-to-face with our own unresolved ancestry.
59 min
The Fallout: Voices from Ukraine – Anna Badkhen...
On the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Anna Badkhen gathers firsthand accounts from poets, journalists, and environmentalists of the destruction being wrought on the natural environment.
39 min
Creatures That Don’t Conform – Lucy Jones
In the woods near her home, Lucy Jones discovers the magic of slime molds and becomes entangled in their fluid, nonbinary way of being.
42 min
Sanctuaries of Silence – A Listening Journey
In this immersive listening journey, acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton guides us into the Hoh Rain Forest, one of the quietest places in North America.
13 min
An Ethics of Wild Mind – a conversation with Da...
In this conversation, poet, translator, and author David Hinton calls for a radical reweaving of mind and land, drawing on Tao and Ch’an Buddhist philosophy to help us navigate the sixth extinction with an ethics tempered by love.
41 min
Kinship, Community, and Consciousness – a conve...
In this extensive interview, Richard Powers discusses the kind of storytelling in which humans are not separate from the living world around them and how this inspired his Pulitzer Prize–winning novel, "The Overstory."
66 min
Finding Joy in the Unknown – a conversation wit...
In this interview 17 year-old Dara McAnulty—author and naturalist—speaks about his identity as an autistic person, his award-winning book, and the necessity of staying rooted in joy.
43 min
Prophecies of Possibility: A Ripening of the Ne...
Confronted with narratives of catastrophe and colonialism that restrict her spirit, Afro-Taína author Jamie Figueroa summons the imagination, sovereignty, and courage needed to restory herself and rebirth the world.
49 min
Ten Love Letters to the Earth – Thich Nhat Hanh...
To honor Thich Nhat Hanh's passing, we are re-sharing his “Ten Love Letters to the Earth,” a series of meditations that engage us in intimate conversation with our Earth.
50 min
A Primordial Covenant of Relationship – An Even...
In this talk, Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee reminds us of the ancient, primordial covenant of relationship with the living world that can give us a ground to stand on, and the sacred nature of creation that is waiting for us to return to it.
52 min
After the End – Ben Okri read by Colin Salmon
In this short story by Nigerian poet and novelist Ben Okri, a man and a woman who come to inhabit a world abandoned by humans grapple with what is at stake in beginning a new civilization.
80 min
An Ecological Technology – a conversation with ...
In this interview, writer, artist, and technologist James Bridle questions our fundamental assumptions about intelligence and explores how radical technological models can become portals into deeper relationship with the living world.
57 min
The Inward Migration in Apocalyptic Times – Ale...
As the world falters, threatening native ecosystems and Indigenous lifeways, Australian Aboriginal author Alexis Wright turns inward to the dwelling place of ancestral story.
40 min
The Serviceberry: An Economy of Abundance – Rob...
As Robin Wall Kimmerer harvests serviceberries alongside the birds, she considers the ethic of reciprocity that lies at the heart of the gift economy.
47 min
Coming into Being: Reflections on Mothering in ...
As her daughter learns to speak, Chelsea Steinauer-Scudder meditates on how to listen for a language of mothering that is in service to all of life’s beings.
35 min
Finding the Mother Tree – a conversation with S...
In this in-depth interview, Suzanne Simard, the renowned scientist who discovered the “wood-wide web,” speaks about Mother Trees and how to heal our separation from the living world.
64 min
The Spirit of the Wetlands – Julian Hoffman
Julian Hoffman witnesses the drastic decline of Dalmatian pelicans as they succumb to avian influenza. As the wetlands fall strangely quiet, he senses the porous boundaries between our health and that of the ecologies we inhabit.
52 min
Joy Is the Justice We Give Ourselves – J. Drew ...
In this poem, J. Drew Lanham celebrates radical acts of joy by lifting up liberation, reparations, justice, and deep connection to ancestors and the living world.
12 min
Coming Home to the Cove: A Story of Family, Mem...
As the Point Reyes National Seashore deliberates the fate of Theresa Harlan’s family homestead, she continues her grassroots efforts to involve the wider community in protecting the last standing Coast Miwok structures on Tomales Bay.
64 min
Coming Home to the Cove: A Story of Family, Mem...
Episode Two traces thousands of years of Indigenous presence and history in the greater San Francisco Bay area, all the way through the oppressive colonial systems that have become today’s mainstream culture, and asks: Who gets to define history?
63 min
Coming Home to the Cove: A Story of Family, Mem...
Theresa Harlan shares the story of her Coast Miwok family’s eviction from their homestead on a cove in Tomales Bay—an uprooting which ended her family’s time there but did not sever their connection to the ancestral lands and waters of Tamal-liwa.
48 min
Beings Seen and Unseen – a conversation with Am...
In this wide-ranging conversation, Amitav Ghosh calls on storytellers to lead us in the necessary work of collective reimagining: decentering human narratives and re-centering stories of the land.
41 min
My Wild-Like Refuge – J. Drew Lanham
During the pandemic lockdown, J. Drew Lanham’s backyard, a newly sanctioned “wild-like refuge,” comes to life as he notices the wildlife that inhabits the nearby faraway.
19 min