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Look Closely, or You’ll Miss It – Natalie Rose ...
With the help of a historian, ornithologist, and birds themselves, Natalie Rose Richardson begins to embody a new quality of attention as she follows a migration path from Chicago to South Carolina.
35 min
Antarctica the Woman – by Stephanie Krzywonos
Stephanie Krzywonos interrogates heroic narratives of Antarctica that gender the land through feminine tropes. As she comes to know this expansive landscape, she invites us to consider the continent on its own terms.
40 min
A Whale in the Desert: Tracing Paths of Migrati...
Tristan McConnell journeys across Turkana in Kenya’s Rift Valley, a place whose long story is still being written by a shape-shifting landscape and changing patterns of human and nonhuman migration.
53 min
Stepping into the Liminal – A Talk by Emmanuel ...
Offering a frame for how we might navigate our current moment of transition and transformation, Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee urges us to recognize the liminal—the space between worlds—as an invitation to step into new ways of being.
42 min
Speaking Wind-Words – Chelsea Steinauer-Scudder
On a visit to a nature preserve in Nebraska’s Sandhills, Chelsea Steinauer-Scudder traces the transformation of the Great Plains to the widespread belief in “manifest destiny” and weighs the power of words to shape landscapes.
78 min
Animals in the Room: Why We Can and Should List...
Listening closely for what her nonhuman neighbors are communicating, Melanie Challenger considers what it would take to expand the democratic imagination to include and represent animal voices in the decisions that affect them.
40 min
Ancestral Structures on the Trailing Edge – Lau...
Geologist-writer Lauret E. Savoy unearths the physical and social forces that have shaped America’s Chesapeake region, surfacing ancient tectonic movements alongside the deliberate construction of race in colonial America.
39 min
Thylacine – Lydia Millet
In this short story, Lydia Millet explores the loss of extinction as a man seeks the company and friendship of the last Tasmanian tiger, housed in a failing zoo.
25 min
When the Earth Started to Sing – David G. Haskell
This sonic journey written and narrated by David G. Haskell brings us to the beginning of sound and song on planet Earth.
41 min
The Butchering – Jake Skeets
Summoning the experiences that have shaped his relationship with food and nourishment, Diné poet Jake Skeets puts forth story as a pathway to food sovereignty.
31 min
Joy Is the Justice We Give Ourselves – J. Drew ...
In this poem, J. Drew Lanham celebrates radical acts of joy by lifting up liberation, reparations, justice, and deep connection to ancestors and the living world.
13 min
Creaturely Migrations on a Breathing Planet – D...
Cultural ecologist David Abram reflects on the deep intelligence that guides migrating animals across the wider body of the Earth, presented with “Wandering Within,” a new series of drawings by Katie Holten.
53 min
Hidden Bayou – Nathaniel Rich.
In southern Louisiana, an actuary-turned-field-biologist begins to notice strange occurrences in the uncanny landscape of Nieux Swamp, a man-made climate mitigation project funded by a multibillion-dollar corporation.
51 min
Becoming Water: Black Memory in Slavery’s After...
Navigating Black lineages of thinking and practice, Makshya Tolbert wades into the liminal space that exists between water and Black memory.
23 min
Saguaro, Free of the Earth – Boyce Upholt
In this essay from Boyce Upholt, a coalition of Indigenous voices speak on behalf of the rooted beings of the desert as legal protections for the saguaro cactus come up against the push to build a border wall.
41 min
In the Shifting Embrace of the Ganga – Arati Ku...
During monsoon season, Arati Kumar-Rao returns to visit the ancient, deified Ganga—and the communities who live along her shifting banks. There she witnesses both the life-giving benevolence and devastating waywardness of the river.
55 min
Dwelling on Earth – Jay Griffiths
Marveling at worms, fungi, and ancient water bears, Jay Griffiths brings our attention to what dwells beneath our feet.
38 min
The Inward Migration in Apocalyptic Times – Ale...
As the world falters, threatening native ecosystems and Indigenous lifeways, Australian Aboriginal author Alexis Wright turns inward to the dwelling place of ancestral story.
42 min
Another Kind of Time – a conversation with Jenn...
In this sweeping interview, Jenny Odell, artist and author of “Saving Time: Discovering a Life Beyond the Clock,” invites us to embrace ways of relating to time that are tuned to the rhythms and patterns of the Earth.
63 min
The Nightingale's Song – a conversation with Sa...
Singer Sam Lee speaks about the transformative experience of creating songs in collaboration with nightingales and the space for communion that is opened with silence.
53 min
A Woman Meets an Owl, a Rattlesnake, and a Humm...
High on Sonoma Mountain, the Crow Sisters tell of a young woman drawn to the lost village of Kobe·cha who becomes part of the enduring story of the land.
35 min
Reindeer at the End of the World – Bathsheba De...
Bathsheba Demuth observes the rise and ruin of the Soviet ideology that sought to impose its utopian vision on the Native Chukchi people, their herds of reindeer, and the natural cycles of the Russian tundra.
31 min
Monuments Upon the Tumultuous Earth – Boyce Upholt
For thousands of years, Indigenous societies were building hundred-foot pyramids along the Mississippi River. Beholding the levee system that now curbs its torrent, Boyce Upholt wonders: what do our monuments say about who we are?
37 min
Valemon The Bear: Myth in the Age of the Anthro...
Mythologist Martin Shaw summons the ancient story of Valemon the Bear, showing us how stories can help us access a deep, primordial part of ourselves from which we can re-establish a dialogue with the more-than-human Earth.
15 min
What Survives – Lacy M. Johnson
Feeling for the edge of change, Lacy M. Johnson walks through a wetland nature center near Houston that has reclaimed the land where a neighborhood, sunken by oil extraction and subsumed by floodwater, once stood.
28 min