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Deep Time Diligence – An Interview with Tyson Y...
Aboriginal scholar and author Tyson Yunkaporta illustrates how deep time thinking, born of an intimate relationship between a place and its community, can radically reshape our relationship to the cosmic order.
39 min
Mycelial Landscapes – A Conversation with Merli...
Mycologist and writer Merlin Sheldrake joins Marshmallow Laser Feast creative director Barney Steel and Emergence Magazine founder Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee in conversation about the mycelial webs that infiltrate and sustain the landscapes we inhabit.
66 min
Glacial Longings – Elizabeth Rush
Aboard the first shipbound expedition to the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica, writer Elizabeth Rush puts her ear to this massive body of ice. But can something so large, so vast, so ancient, ever really be witnessed up close?
34 min
Seeds of Reciprocity – A Panel Discussion with ...
In this discussion recorded at our Shifting Landscapes exhibition in December, scholar-activist Joycelyn Longdon, filmmaker Kalyanee Mam, and folk singer Sam Lee consider how we might rekindle reciprocity with the changing Earth.
69 min
Widening Circles – a conversation with Joanna Macy
Joanna Macy discusses her personal journey into the worlds of activism, Buddhism, and deep ecology.
34 min
An Offering of Remembrance – a talk by Emmanuel...
Given at St. Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace in London in November 2023, this talk by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee speaks to the possibility of profound inner transformation amid the great changes that are engulfing the Earth.
44 min
A Path Older Than Memory – a conversation with ...
Speaking to us from Liaoning, China, journalist Paul Salopek shares how his personal relationship to time has deepened while moving through the world at three miles per hour.
50 min
Valemon The Bear: Myth in the Age of the Anthro...
Mythologist Martin Shaw summons the ancient story of Valemon the Bear, showing us how stories can help us access a deep, primordial part of ourselves from which we can re-establish a dialogue with the more-than-human Earth.
15 min
Be Earth Now – Rainer Maria Rilke recited by Jo...
Anita Barrows and Joanna Macy recite a selection of poems from Rilke’s The Book of Hours, reminding us of the ever-urgent call to love the world into being.
22 min
Sanctuary – Camille T. Dungy
In an encounter between a man and an elephant, poet Camille T. Dungy bears witness to a moment in which past harm gives way to an expansive recognition of love.
5 min
And Peace Shall Return — Ben Okri
Twenty thousand years into the future, an exploration of the Earth uncovers the final notes and unfinished stories left behind by the last sentient human beings in the twilight of their history.
56 min
An Ecological Technology – a conversation with ...
In this interview, writer, artist, and technologist James Bridle questions our fundamental assumptions about intelligence and explores how radical technological models can become portals into deeper relationship with the living world.
59 min
Corn Tastes Better on the Honor System – Robin ...
Following a nine-thousand-year journey, Robin Wall Kimmerer reflects on the ancient technology embedded in our relationship with corn.
58 min
When You Could Hear the Trees – Kerri ní Dochar...
Welcoming a newborn son into a troubled and uncertain world, Kerri ní Dochartaigh feels her way through an emerging realization of her mammalhood.
35 min
The Stories I Haven’t Been Told – Jamie Figueroa
Jamie Figueroa brings her pen to the blank pages of her family’s history, navigating generational trauma and lost ancestral stories in order to reveal and reclaim her cultural and familial inheritance.
50 min
Be Dammed – Laia Jufresa
Stranded with a group of survivors in an endless line of boats waiting to cross a border, one woman is tasked with holding prayers for the community’s salvation.
32 min
Portholes – Anna Badkhen
Anna Badkhen traces markers left in the Earth from the near and distant past, unspooling the narratives that thread through the imprints we leave on the planet, and what they foretell for the future.
31 min
They Carry Us With Them: The Great Tree Migrati...
Around the world, scores of species of trees are moving north, or west, or upslope. What is at stake as the forests change around us? Experience four stories of tree migration.
49 min
Ravens and Doves – Jeffrey Jerome Cohen and Jul...
In the face of present-day environmental catastrophe and social injustice, Jeffrey Jerome Cohen and Julian Yates examine the opposing narratives of survival in the story of Noah’s Ark.
40 min
The Place by the Sea – Masatsugu Ono
In this short story by Masatsugu Ono and translated by Sam Malissa, a woman and her young son move to an abandoned village along Japan's eastern coast, where a typhoon begins to gather around them.
50 min
Look Closely, or You’ll Miss It – Natalie Rose ...
With the help of a historian, ornithologist, and birds themselves, Natalie Rose Richardson begins to embody a new quality of attention as she follows a migration path from Chicago to South Carolina.
35 min
Antarctica the Woman – Stephanie Krzywonos
Stephanie Krzywonos interrogates heroic narratives of Antarctica that gender the land through feminine tropes. As she comes to know this expansive landscape, she invites us to consider the continent on its own terms.
40 min
A Whale in the Desert: Tracing Paths of Migrati...
Tristan McConnell journeys across Turkana in Kenya’s Rift Valley, a place whose long story is still being written by a shape-shifting landscape and changing patterns of human and nonhuman migration.
53 min
Stepping into the Liminal – A Talk by Emmanuel ...
Offering a frame for how we might navigate our current moment of transition and transformation, Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee urges us to recognize the liminal—the space between worlds—as an invitation to step into new ways of being.
42 min
Speaking Wind-Words – Chelsea Steinauer-Scudder
On a visit to a nature preserve in Nebraska’s Sandhills, Chelsea Steinauer-Scudder traces the transformation of the Great Plains to the widespread belief in “manifest destiny” and weighs the power of words to shape landscapes.
78 min