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Sun House – A Conversation with David James Duncan
Ranging from mountains that move to the wisdom of the great mystics, author David James Duncan speaks about his new novel Sun House, an epic story offering an experiential model of contemplative inner life amid ecological unraveling.
71 min
The Nightingale's Song – A Conversation with Sa...
Singer Sam Lee speaks about the transformative experience of creating songs in collaboration with nightingales and the space for communion that is opened with silence.
53 min
Time: A Conversation at London’s Architectural ...
Exploring the vision behind Emergence to reweave ecology, culture, and spirituality, Emergence executive editor Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee and architect, artist, and journalist Marko Milovanovic discuss Time, our fifth annual print edition.
42 min
Making the Invisible Visible – A Conversation w...
Recorded live at our Shifting Landscapes exhibition, this conversation with Marshmallow Laser Feast’s creative director Ersin Han Ersin explores the power of experiential art to broaden our perception of more-than-human experiences.
60 min
A Forest Walk – A Guided Practice by Kimberly R...
For Kimberly Ruffin, faith is an experience that is palpable among trees. In this audio practice, she guides you on a sensory walk through the forest.
47 min
An Ethics of Wild Mind – A Conversation with Da...
In this conversation, poet, translator, and author David Hinton calls for a radical reweaving of mind and land, drawing on Tao and Ch’an Buddhist philosophy to help us navigate the sixth extinction with an ethics tempered by love.
41 min
When the Earth Started to Sing – David G. Haskell
This sonic journey written and narrated by David G. Haskell brings us to the beginning of sound and song on planet Earth.
42 min
Sanctuaries of Silence - A Listening Journey
In this immersive listening journey, acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton guides us into the Hoh Rain Forest, one of the quietest places in North America.
14 min
Fermentation as Metaphor - A Conversation with ...
In this interview, Sandor Katz, an expert in fermented foods, considers the liberating and connective experience that engagement with microbial communities offers.
47 min
Earth as Koan, Earth as Self – A Conversation w...
Immersing us in the ancient tradition of Zen koan, Australian writer and Zen teacher Susan Murphy Roshi shares the power of the not-knowing mind to open a treasury of resources for navigating the climate crisis.
66 min
Reading the Rocks – Jenny Odell
Taking us on a walk through the folds and furrows of her Oakland neighborhood, Jenny Odell steps into the age-old conversation between rocks and water, attuning to a larger narrative of deep, geological time.
27 min
Holy Terroir: Finding Taste in an Edge-Place – ...
Savoring the complex flavor of milk from local cows who graze on scraps and trash at the outskirts of Pune, India, Lily Kelting contemplates the terroir of an “edge-place” shaped by urbanization, pollution, and a colonial history.
36 min
Enraptured with Earth – Two talks by Emmanuel V...
Given at our Shifting Landscapes retreat in Devon last year, these two talks by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee invite us to become enraptured with the Earth again and expand our love to embrace Her in every moment and landscape.
56 min
Chasing Cicadas – Anisa George
Amid the cacophony of a cicada emergence, Anisa George reflects on her choice to leave the Bahá’í faith. Following her own rhythms of becoming, she seeks unity in a new chorus of voices.
37 min
Finding Joy in the Unknown – A Conversation wit...
In this interview 17 year-old Dara McAnulty—author and naturalist—speaks about his identity as an autistic person, his award-winning book, and the necessity of staying rooted in joy.
43 min
Deep Time Diligence – An Interview with Tyson Y...
Aboriginal scholar and author Tyson Yunkaporta illustrates how deep time thinking, born of an intimate relationship between a place and its community, can radically reshape our relationship to the cosmic order.
39 min
Mycelial Landscapes – A Conversation with Merli...
Mycologist and writer Merlin Sheldrake joins Marshmallow Laser Feast creative director Barney Steel and Emergence Magazine founder Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee in conversation about the mycelial webs that infiltrate and sustain the landscapes we inhabit.
66 min
Glacial Longings – Elizabeth Rush
Aboard the first shipbound expedition to the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica, writer Elizabeth Rush puts her ear to this massive body of ice. But can something so large, so vast, so ancient, ever really be witnessed up close?
34 min
Seeds of Reciprocity – A Panel Discussion with ...
In this discussion recorded at our Shifting Landscapes exhibition in December, scholar-activist Joycelyn Longdon, filmmaker Kalyanee Mam, and folk singer Sam Lee consider how we might rekindle reciprocity with the changing Earth.
69 min
Widening Circles – a conversation with Joanna Macy
Joanna Macy discusses her personal journey into the worlds of activism, Buddhism, and deep ecology.
34 min
An Offering of Remembrance – a talk by Emmanuel...
Given at St. Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace in London in November 2023, this talk by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee speaks to the possibility of profound inner transformation amid the great changes that are engulfing the Earth.
44 min
A Path Older Than Memory – a conversation with ...
Speaking to us from Liaoning, China, journalist Paul Salopek shares how his personal relationship to time has deepened while moving through the world at three miles per hour.
50 min
Valemon The Bear: Myth in the Age of the Anthro...
Mythologist Martin Shaw summons the ancient story of Valemon the Bear, showing us how stories can help us access a deep, primordial part of ourselves from which we can re-establish a dialogue with the more-than-human Earth.
15 min
Be Earth Now – Rainer Maria Rilke recited by Jo...
Anita Barrows and Joanna Macy recite a selection of poems from Rilke’s The Book of Hours, reminding us of the ever-urgent call to love the world into being.
22 min
Sanctuary – Camille T. Dungy
In an encounter between a man and an elephant, poet Camille T. Dungy bears witness to a moment in which past harm gives way to an expansive recognition of love.
5 min