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The Enterprise Sales Development podcast offers insights on ABM, prospecting, outbound, and the world of sales development. Host Eric Quanstrom is the CMO at the leading Sales Development company CIENCE, where he interviews proven leaders, rockstar performers, renowned authors, and one-of-a-kind personalities to learn the latest and greatest strategies for success. Come level up with us!

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Enterprise Sales Development with Vince Blasio
In this episode of Enterprise Sales Development podcast, we speak with Vince Blasio, Director of Sales Development at Paychex. Vince has been at Paychex for 21 years and held a variety of roles, so he knows everything there is to know about the organization. He shares the secrets of their success, how they go to market and the types of strategies that they use. He also discusses how Paychex chops up their market and organizes the top-of-the-funnel fighting force for the best effect.WHAT YOU’LL LEARNHow they handle their clients and their data science methodsHow Vince considers his position in the organization in relation to sales and marketing, how he tries to make his department the most helpful and productive and the insights that he’s developedHow Vince plan ahead and what he recommend to those planning 0-3 months ahead to get to where he isThe market drivers to a more sales development modelThe different types of personas Paychex go after, their approach to getting into the door and their targeting planCareer paths for SDRsAdvice Vince would give to other sales development leadersHow they adjusted to remote working during the COVID-19 pandemicQUOTES“It is the cornerstone of what we’re going to go after a specific of what we call a campaign. So very targeted approach of something from a sales development perspective, we will always leverage our data science partners, and also, our strategic partners, to ensure what we do is the right fit holistically for the company, but also in doing so by being smarter about our approach.” -Vince Blasio [07:49]“It never hurts anybody to be planful. It often hurts business to not plan enough.” -Vince Blasio [13:41]“We want to go with a decision maker. Doesn’t matter if I’m calling a two-employee pizza place or I’m calling a 75-person machine shop, we want to go with the person that makes the decisions.” -Vince Blasio [23:06]“A handful of our SDRs are former salespeople that came our direction versus us promoting the other way, and certainly they tend to be really strong producers for us.” -Vince Blasio [31:32]“To me, everybody should be thinking and acting as if they were one of the ones that invested in the company and they’re running the company. If you think like you’re the one that put the money in, you’re running the company, you’re probably going to make the right choices.” -Vince Blasio [47:48]TIMESTAMPS[00:01] Intro[00:31] Meet Vince Blasio[02:28] Size and scope of Paychex[03:18] How they handle clients and their data science methods[08:11] How he considers his position in the sales and marketing orgs[13:48] Planning three months ahead[18:15] Their Market drivers and targeting plan[24:59] Sales compensation and training[30:13] Career paths for sales development reps[33:39] Advice to other sales development leaders[38:38] How they adjusted to remote working[42:50] Essential roles[45:57] Vince’s pitch on Paychex[49:00] How to contact VinceRESOURCESSalesforceConquerHaloSpotlightsTimeTradeWebexCONNECTVince Blasio on LinkedInPaychex WebsitePaychex on LinkedInPaychex on TwitterPaychex on YouTubePaychex on FacebookCIENCE websiteCIENCE on LinkedInCIENCE on FacebookCIENCE on TwitterCIENCE on Instagram
50 min
Enterprise Sales Development with Brynne Tillman
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Enterprise Sales Development with Kevin Avery
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Enterprise Sales Development with Doug Landis
In this episode of Enterprise Sales Development podcast, we speak with Doug Landis, Growth Partner at Emergence Capital. Doug has worked with Oracle, Monster Cable, Google, Salesforce and Box. Doug shares why he calls himself the OG SDR and how he trains companies to develop SDR teams. Listen as he discusses the five components for SDRs to understand for every account through a real live exercise.WHAT YOU’LL LEARNWhy Doug refers to himself as the OG SDRThe type of things he mentors in the business and how he teaches to build an organization that empowers SDRsThe five components for SDRs to understand for every accountQUOTES“What I’m putting out is this skill of being able to access and identify someone’s business and what’s going on, so you can have a real business conversation with them. Again, I think that is a skill that all of us, whether you’re SDRs, where you’re AEs or you’re executives, it doesn’t matter, need to continue to develop.” -Doug Landis [07:20]“I think a level of transparency and honesty needs to be a part of every conversation that we have.’” -Doug Landis [15:33]“Here’s the key. It doesn’t have to be right. So, all you have to do is have a point of view.’” -Doug Landis [18:22]“At the end of the day, words really matter.’” -Doug Landis [25:54]“You can’t claim your brand. Your brand claims you.’” -Doug Landis [47:10]TIMESTAMPS[00:01] Intro[00:49] Meet Doug Landis[01:58] Why he refers to himself as the OG SDR[04:49] Opening up a sales conversation around the business[10:42] Mentoring in the business[15:00] The elements that are involved in conversations[20:43] Who am I calling? Bring a customer to the table[25:27] Learn the company’s current state[31:43] Breaking down the bricks in the wall[36:45] Here’s a challenge[39:51] How he teaches to build an SDR team[46:46] How to contact DougRESOURCESMarc BenioffLarry EllisonAaron Ross on LinkedInThomas GuideBoiler RoomEnterprise Sales Development with Samantha McKennaEnterprise Sales Development with Prometric's Sam SilvermanDale CarnegieCONNECTDoug Landis on LinkedInCIENCE websiteCIENCE on LinkedInCIENCE on FacebookCIENCE on TwitterCIENCE on Instagram
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Enterprise Sales Development with Rachel Keung
In this episode of Enterprise Sales Development podcast, we speak with Rachel Keung, director of Global Public Sector Sales Development at Salesforce. Rachel shares her insights about the public section and selling into the public sector in general. She discusses the importance of stating the why and how to avoid cold outreach mistakes. Listen to her perspective on shortening emails.WHAT YOU’LL LEARNHer secret to moving up consistently within a year or two and examples of what led to her professional developmentHow she looks for opportunities and skills to develop and learn, how she determines when they are worth her time and how she leaves space for her team members for these opportunities and skillsThe unique challenges she has found with working in the public sector at a true enterprise sizeHow she approaches onboardingCold outreach mistakes and how to avoid themWhat she has learned from Salesforce and the biggest thing she has learned about working with public servantsThe sale pitch approaches that don’t work and the approaches that do work in the public sectorQUOTES“Finding that balance I would say comes with managing your time and day, but at the same time, asking yourself before you say yes to that project, I found just taking that extra two minutes of ‘Ok, what’s the end game here? What will I gain out of that side project that will benefit me not only in a role or what it might be?’” -Rachel Keung [06:22]“I’m the biggest proponent of if you’re not evolving, you’re dying.” -Rachel Keung [08:39]“Your goal is just to set that meeting, kind of break down these mini goals and go from there.” -Rachel Keung [13:40]“Use that first line for the why versus introduction.” -Rachel Keung [21:25]“Even if it’s a biggere organization or a bigger title, take that extra three minutes to build that quick tidbit about them you may have found online. About them or maybe their organization or mission or values.” -Rachel Keung [32:09]TIMESTAMPS[00:01] Intro[00:28] Meet Rachel Keung[02:40] Her secret to moving up and what has led to her professional development[05:46] Looking for opportunities and skills to develop and learn[10:39] Unique challenges to the public sector[18:19] What’s on the horizon for Rachel[20:09] Cold outreach mistakes and how to avoid them[23:43] What she has learned from Salesforce and working in the public sector[29:44] The sale pitch approaches that don’t work and the approaches that do work[36:58] How she finds the first person[39:28] A pitch on Salesforce and how to contact RachelRESOURCESCold outreach mistakes and how to avoid them with Jed Mahrle, Florin Tatulea, Rachel Keung at Sales Development ExcellenceSalesforce Public Sector websiteCONNECTSalesforce websiteRachel Keung on LinkedInCIENCE websiteCIENCE on LinkedInCIENCE on FacebookCIENCE on TwitterCIENCE on Instagram
42 min
Enterprise Sales Development with Ding Zheng an...
In this episode of Enterprise Sales Development podcast, we speak with Ding Zheng and Ryan Scalera, from Dooly. Ryan and Ding share their unique approach to selling that includes experimental selling and fun. They also share their process as they think through new campaigns and clients and what they do to stand out during prospecting. Make sure to stick around for the end of this episode as Ding, also known as the The Sales Rapper, performs a freestyle rap about CIENCE.WHAT YOU’LL LEARNDing and Ryan’s unique approach to selling, how they got there and how fun is the glue to stick it all togetherTheir process as they think through new campaigns, ICP and clients and how they stand out during prospectingWhat they learned from the accounts that didn’t workHow Ding brings his approach to marketing teamsTheir take on selling during the holidaysDing’s work in the Asian professional community, what Ryan is currently working on and what they’re doing at DoolyQUOTES“I want to give an experience while I’m prospecting, while I’m selling, going through the motion, that they know that they’re buying from Ryan, and that’s something I’d just laid thoroughly into in the past year and a half, and my results have kind of spoken for themselves with it.” -Ryan Scalera [03:52]“I think fun works because again, people buy from people. People want to have fun. I think it’s the easiest, the most universal way to add value from a blank slate starting point.” -Ding Zheng [09:02]“It shouldn’t take so much time that it becomes ineffective or becomes effective, but only once in a while and for something that’s not really worth the squeeze, and on the other side, you have to understand who you’re going after.” -Ryan Scalera [09:44]“A pattern interrupt is a pattern interrupt until it becomes a pattern.” -Ding Zheng [12:01]“Do your 17 touches across 11 business personas that you have to buy in. That all going to be helpful when it comes time to actually close this down. But if you want to accelerate things, you can add a little bit of creativity in there.” -Ryan Scalera [25:12]TIMESTAMPS[00:01] Intro[00:32] Meet Ryan and Ding[02:07] Their approach to selling[12:07] Getting around pattern interrupts[15:05] Their process for new campaigns[21:48] What they learned from accounts that didn’t work[25:28] How Ding approaches marketing[31:02] Their take on the fourth quarter and the holiday season[34:54] Ding’s work to lift up the Asian professional community[37:56] What Ryan is working on today[41:16] What they are doing at Dooly[43:29] Ding’s freestyleCONNECTDooly websiteRyan Scalera on LinkedInDing Zheng on LinkedInSalesRap.io websiteAsian Professionals on ClubhouseCIENCE websiteCIENCE on LinkedInCIENCE on FacebookCIENCE on TwitterCIENCE on Instagram
45 min
Enterprise Sales Development with Brent Keltner
In this episode of Enterprise Sales Development podcast, we speak with Brent Keltner, author of The Revenue Acceleration Playbook: Creating an Authentic Buyer Journey Across Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success. Brent talks about content pathways and the value plays behind the brand. He also discusses how to give prospects reasons to care and how his background in academia has brought a different perspective to this space.WHAT YOU’LL LEARNProspecting and some of the prospecting plays Brent highlights in his bookWhere new SDR organizations or scaling SDR organizations should start as they target groups or build a pitch that’s about themBrent’s favorite approach to multithreadingAdvice for teams trying to get their foot in the door at the large enterprisesA framework for designing strategies to get to accelerationHow his background in academia has brought a different perspective to this spaceHow he measures early success and consults with companies to pull back from corporate inertiaThe impact of storytellingQUOTES“We always say the goal of discovery is to get to a buyer’s success statement, which is based on the value play.” -Brent Keltner [06:08]“The most powerful selling is around what you’ve already proven for your customers.” -Brent Keltner [06:25]“I think you really got to think about this environment as hyper-personalization, the message and the channel that they care about and figure out what’s going to break through the noise.” -Brent Keltner [20:04]“One of the a-has for me is that we’re actually not wired for authentic conversations… We have a reinforcement bias.” -Brent Keltner [36:18]“Authenticity wins. And we’re on a mission to help people be successful, and be more authentic in the process and really live into who they are.” -Brent Keltner [46:58]TIMESTAMPS[00:01] Intro[00:42] Meet Brent Keltner[02:57] It all starts with value plays[06:30] Building a pitch[14:39] Brent’s approach to multithreading[17:21] Advice for getting through to large enterprises[26:25] His background from academia[29:44] Measuring early success[35:01] Pulling back from ​corporate inertia[42:03] The impact of storytelling[46:19] How to contact BrentRESOURCESThe Revenue Acceleration Playbook: Creating an Authentic Buyer Journey Across Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success by Brent KeltnerPlays in Practice - Uncovering Your Buyer’s Success Statement with Kristen BrennaThe Elephant and the RiderDavid Meerman ScottCONNECTBrent Keltner websiteBrent Keltner on LinkedInWinalytics websiteCIENCE websiteCIENCE on LinkedInCIENCE on FacebookCIENCE on TwitterCIENCE on Instagram
48 min
Enterprise Sales Development with Samantha McKenna
49 min
Enterprise Sales Development with Christina Brady
In this episode of Enterprise Sales Development podcast, we speak with Christina Brady, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Sales Assembly. Christina talks about some of the methodologies she has learned for scaling an organization like Sales Assembly. Her discussion on better decision making also talks about the right time to scale an outbound team. Listen as she shares some smart training practices such as putting the seller in the position of the buyer and how to trigger the helper.WHAT YOU’LL LEARNThe mission and goals of Sales AssemblyHow sales development is failure practice on a daily basisSome of the methodologies and learnings for a scale-on-demand factory for a scaling organization like Sales AssemblyThe price of better decision making for scaling and growing an organizationThings she has see in mid-market companies that aren’t doing as optimitcally as they could with sales developmentWhen Christina thinks is the right time to start to scale an outbound team and an outbound motionThe human psychology behind sales interaction and how smart sales training is putting the seller in the position of the buyerHow to plan the rhythm and the cadence of a sales sequence so everyone can play their roleQUOTES“Failure is learning.” -Christina Brady [30:35]“Sales shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all, not even by company, but by person that you’re talking to. Sales reps have to be among the most dynamic, flexible individuals that exist. It’s not the same thing every day because we’re talking to different people with different experience and different roles and different industries.” -Christina Brady [04:09]“The soil is absolutely rich, but sometimes, people don’t know how to water it.” -Christina Brady [15:16]“I think that’s what smart sales training does is you have to put yourself in the position of the buyer and then say ‘What would make me not delete your email? What would make me stop and talk to you?’ And then you have to train that to people.” -Christina Brady [31:06]“Often times, the person you’re talking to is not the person that you need to. Now I’m going from seller to friend builder.” -Christina Brady [36:57]TIMESTAMPS[00:01] Intro[02:01] The mission and goals of Sales Assembly[03:56] Sales development: failure practice on a daily basis[05:53] The learnings at Sales Assembly[08:14] The price of better decision making[09:45] Mid-market companies that aren’t doing optimitcally as they should[18:30] When is the right time to scale an outbound team[22:23] Price is a weapon[29:14] Smart sales training[40:00] How to plan the cadence of a sequence[46:05] How to contact ChristinaRESOURCESThe Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation by Matthew Dixon and Brent AdamsonThe Transparency Sale: How Unexpected Honesty and Understanding the Buying Brain Can Transform Your Results by Todd CaponiEnterprise Sales Development podcast with Tibor ShantoCONNECTChristina Brady on LinkedInEmail Christina BradySales AssemblyCIENCE websiteCIENCE on LinkedInCIENCE on FacebookCIENCE on TwitterCIENCE on Instagram
48 min
Enterprise Sales Development with Gabrielle B.
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Enterprise Sales Development with Ron Nelson
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Enterprise Sales Development with Rakhi Voria
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Enterprise Sales Development with Isabella Yani
In this episode of Enterprise Sales Development podcast, we speak with Isabella Yani, Chief of Staff and Director of Business Development and Sales Operations at Cisco. Isabella talks about her 16-year trajectory at Cisco and how it helped her hone her skills to connect with people and form partnerships. She also discusses what it means to lead without a title and the importance of building a skill set. Listen as she shares advice on how to establish a productive mentorship.WHAT YOU’LL LEARNHer role at Cisco, her progression path within the organization and why she has been there for 16 years and will continue to for more yearsWhat she thinks leaders see in her and what it means to lead without a titleThe difference between climbing a ladder and building a skill setHer process to creating compelling messaging, doing something new and learning how to talk to people who didn’t necessarily want to talk to herWhere are some misunderstandings in the spaceHer thoughts on mentorships, what they mean to her and how to establish a productive mentorshipHow she coaches mentees about the shift from individual contributor to a leadership role and her advice for SDRs who don’t want to move to a leadership roleQUOTES“You do not have to have manager, director, VP in your title to be a leader.” -Isabella Yani [06:29]“If you’re not willing to keep recommitting yourself and keep reinventing yourself, it’s probably time to find a new role where you can build upon the skills you’ve already got and find some new skills and new context within to practice those skills.” -Isabella Yani [10:44]“You never know what someone has just been going through the hours before or the days before we are engaging in a conversation. So I just think making some human connection is really, really important.” -Isabella Yani [13:43]“I just think taking more time to be more personalized and have that conversation because the last thing you want is for your whole domain to be blocked on our email server.” -Isabella Yani [21:36]“You have to be willing to not be the person in the spotlight and not get the awards and the recognition. You’re the one giving rewards, giving recognition and knowing that because the team is successful, that’s when you become successful.” -Isabella Yani [32:40]TIMESTAMPS[00:01] Intro[00:29] Her role at Cisco[02:44] Her progression path during the organization[06:00] Leading without a title[07:39] Climbing a ladder vs building skill sets[12:21] People first[18:47] Misunderstandings in the space[24:05] Mentorships[30:09] Moving to individual contributor to people leader[35:06] Advice for SDRs who don’t want to be leaders[38:09] Why she’s been at Cisco for 16 years and moreRESOURCESPeter principleWhy are so many Americans quitting their jobs?CONNECTIsabella Yani on LinkedInCisco Systems websiteCIENCE websiteCIENCE on LinkedInCIENCE on FacebookCIENCE on TwitterCIENCE on Instagram
41 min
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Strategies behind how Comparably uses innovative sales techniques to close business.
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