Hello Monday with Jessi Hempel

Welcome to Hello Monday with Jessi Hempel – a show where LinkedIn’s Jessi Hempel explores the changing nature of work, and how that work is changing us. What does work mean to us? Should we love what we do? How can we switch it up? Join Jessi as she talks with guests such as Reid Hoffman, Roxane Gay, and Guy Raz to unearth lessons that apply to our own careers. New episodes each week.

Radio Didn't Kill This Video Star: The Anna Far...
Hello Monday is back for Season 2, and Jessi kicks off with a conversation with actor and podcaster Anna Faris.
29 min
BONUS: Creating a Safety Net for Freelancers
Today, a third of the workforce are contractors
12 min
Drafting Teams with Former NFL Talent Scout Mic...
Jessi talks to former NFL talent scout Michael Lombardi about how to put a team together.
33 min
Vulnerability Lessons with Facebook's Carolyn E...
Facebook's Carolyn Everson helped launch one of the most iconic startups of the Web 1.0 era
32 min
Beyond the Open Office with WeWork’s Liz Burow
How did we get from the large private offices seen in Mad Men, to the open desk plans we have today?
28 min
Angela Ahrendts on Intuition
How do you balance calculated decision-making with trusting your gut?
31 min
Stepping into the Spotlight with Melinda Gates
Melinda Gates has begun sharing more about her own life. So what's on her agenda?
32 min
Adam Grant on When to Help Others
Adam Grant is everyone’s favorite career coach.
26 min
A Human-focused Take on AI with Fei-Fei Li
Stanford professor Fei-Fei Li is a pioneer in artificial intelligence. Hear her thoughts on how humans can play a compassionate role in shaping AI's future.
31 min
Abby Wambach on How to Find Your Pack
Two-time Olympian and World Cup champion Abby Wambach made a name for herself playing soccer. Now she's taking the lessons she learned on the field to the office.
31 min
Striking it rich in startups with Google’s firs...
The myth of Silicon Valley is that anyone can land at a tech startup early and strike it rich. Is the myth true?
28 min
How to Make it as an Influencer with Aminatou Sow
This week, Aminatou Sow explains what it takes to build a lucrative career
28 min
IDEO’s Tim Brown on Idea Creation
Where does the CEO of IDEO draw his inspiration from?
26 min
Elizabeth Gilbert on Career Versus Calling
Jessi interviews Elizabeth Gilbert (EAT PRAY LOVE) about the differences among a career, a vocation, a hobby, and a job.
25 min
Seth Meyers on Nurturing Talent
Jessi visits the NBC offices to talk with Seth Meyers about his management style.
33 min
Introducing: Hello Monday
 A new podcast from the editorial team at LinkedIn, featuring stories about how the nature of work is changing, and how that work is changing us.
2 min