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Octopath Traveler II Deep Dive w/ The Black Stones
110 min
Our Continued Review of The Legend of Zelda: Te...
83 min
Sharlayan Dropouts: Field Studies - The Twinning
52 min
Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Review w/ Tom Marks...
80 min
Honkai: Star Rail: Great RPG or Gatcha Vending ...
101 min
Microsoft is Forever Doomed to Fruitlessly Purs...
93 min
Class Conscious: Thieves in RPGs
92 min
Can Starfield Save Xbox's Generation? And Does ...
87 min
PAX East 2023: The Ultimate RPG Draft!
Five Blood God experts gather in a room to draft the ultimate RPG from the bits and pieces of others.
59 min
E3 is Kaput! For Realsies this Time! And Tears ...
Oh great, E3 is dead again. That's OK; E3 discourse is forever. So are takes on Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom's gameplay trailer!
88 min
Diablo IV Beta Impressions, PAX East, and a Mai...
Kat, Nadia, and Eric talk Diablo IV, the merits of golden routes, and much more.
94 min
Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShop Game Recommendations
The Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShops are on the ropes, so here are the RPGs you need to nab before it's all gone.
99 min
Axe of the Blood God 400: So, What's an RPG? w/...
The Blood God and an expert gather to discuss, after 400 episodes, what really is an RPG?
107 min
Final Fantasy XVI Preview w/ Ash Parrish and Mi...
Why do they call it "FINAL Fantasy" when there are sixteen--oh God please put the serrated knives away, I'm just joking. This week, we invited Verge's and freelance writer/regular guest to talk about their hands-on impressions of Final Fantasy XVI...
97 min
The Octopath Traveler 2 Review w/Jason Schreier
All of life's paths intersect and intertwine, so it was inevitable the Axe of the Blood God would walk down Octopath Traveler 2's twisted roads. This week we're joined by Bloomberg's , who was less than enthused about the original Octopath Traveler....
81 min
Rad RPG Recommendations w/Rebekah Valentine
Axe of the Blood God listeners often come to us for RPG recommendations, and we're happy to oblige (with help from ). We're especially happy when said recommendations are specific, even weirdly so. We'll admit up front that we sadly don't have a...
103 min
Tears of the Kingdom + The Return of Baten Kait...
February is truly when the northern hemisphere gets winter-weary, so hurrah on Nintendo for lighting our lives with another Nintendo Direct presentation. And what an unexpected presentation it was. While we knew we were going to get another trailer...
94 min
Sharlayan Dropouts Valentione’s Day Special: FF...
It’s the battle of the babes this month on Sharlayan Dropouts as we go wall-to-wall to figure out which hotties buff our hosts to max potency. That’s right, we’re ranking the Top 12 stone foxes, the veritable mamacitas, of Final Fantasy XIV....
92 min
Forsooth! This Way Madness Lies w/Robert Boyd
Madness?, no, I'm not going to finish this. Drag me, I deserve it. Just make sure to eviscerate me while listening to our awesome conversation with Robert Boyd, the maker of . Do you like Shakespeare? Do you like PC Engine Magical Girl...
100 min
Are We Past the Golden Age of RPGs? Or Are We L...
When you think of the "RPG Golden Age," what comes to mind? The SNES, certainly--who can deny the brilliance of Chrono Trigger? (Except for Eric Van Allen, who has been banished to the Naughty Step to think about what he said.) But what if we're...
92 min
Fire Emblem Engage w/ Alyse Stanley
Eric had to shoulder the entirety of the show last week because Kat went skiing and Nadia had the audacity to catch COVID, but the gang is well and truly back together this week! Writer and WaPo editor joins the crew to talk about Fire Emblem Engage,...
83 min
Let's Talk About Chained Echoes w/ Austin Walker
Kat and Nadia are both out this week, so Eric shifts into a different gear to chat about the mech-fantasy RPG Chained Echoes with Friends at the Table's Austin Walker! The pair discuss 2022's late-in-the-year surprise hit and why it's captured their...
83 min
Sharlayan Dropouts, Episode 19: An Audio Tour o...
Put on your Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts because it’s tourist season in Eorzea! In this episode of Sharlayan Dropouts we’re taking you on a guided tour. Either listen as a standalone episode or follow along in-game for the Ultimate Immersive...
45 min
Which Trends Will RPGs Adopt Most Over the Next...
Not a single person is ready for 2023, but guess what! It's happening anyway! Time is kind of a dick like that. So Kat, Nadia, and Eric just steel themselves this week and take the full-bodied plunge back into work. That's why this week's episode is...
79 min
What to Expect From Axe of the Blood God in 2023!
Hello and welcome to Year 3 of the Axe of the Blood God! It's going to be an absolutely massive year for RPGs, and that means big things for the podcast. Here's just some of what we have planned as we move through 2023: An expansion to Youtube! We had...
16 min