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Oh Hey! Hello! How are ya?
32 min
911 Anniversary: Rais Bhuiyan -Pain and Purpose
63 min
Nicola Correia-Damude: From Challenges to Chang...
47 min
Nicola Correia-Damude: From Challenges to Chang...
54 min
Ryan Alexander Holmes: being Blasian and bold
40 min
An unlikely partnership-Part 2: From White Supr...
60 min
An unlikely partnership part 1: A skih and a fo...
45 min
Director David Siev: What is the American Dream?
52 min
Romina D'Ugo: Embracing Life's Fragility
49 min
Allison Kluger: Leading with Love
Embracing Empathy and Kindness in Challenging Situations
48 min
Crystal Chappell: crystal clear on who you are ...
51 min
Cori Thomas: Writing with Sara Kruzan: A child ...
54 min
Sara Kruzan: child sex trafficking survivor
Surviving child sex trafficking with hope, resilience and incredible strength.
68 min
Trae Crowder: The Liberal Redneck
49 min
Ludi Lin: Being bullied, being the outlier, bec...
Actor, Martial Artist Ludi Lin: being bullied and how it made him stronger.
51 min
In Real Life with Mike Bow
33 min
Mike Bow: identity crisis, fighting stereotypes...
Being In the In Between: Identity and breaking stereotypes
47 min
In Real Life With Yvonne Chapman
28 min
Reppin: Yvonne Chapman: metamorphosis part 2
43 min
Reppin: Yvonne Chapman: metamorphosis part 1
Reppin with Yvonne Chapman: metamorphosis part 1
46 min
Reppin: Learned Lessons
SUBURBAN OUTLAW PRODUCTIONSReppin: Learned LessonEvelien & Zach Smadu Zach Smadu by Photo Credit: Richie LubatonActor Zach Smadu from CW’s Family Law shared how his father’s battle with cancer reshaped his life and perspectives. Today, on my time with you, I’m going to share what I connected with and my personal reflections. So, let’s get to know one another as I let you into my own takeaways and see if you agree! I’ve also made my donation to support Zach and to help the brilliant researchers do what they need to to help further along cancer research. Pitch in if you’re able to. Donate to the organizations Zach works with:Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan: cancerfoundationsask.caCanadian Cancer Society: cancer.caLeukemia and Lymphoma Society of
16 min
Zach Smadu: Family First
What can you learn when you and your loved ones are faced with a life threatening illness? Actor Zach Smadu from CW’s Family Law a show featuring a dysfunctional family law firm operating to help other families navigate a host of legal problems.Zach maybe on a show that details a complicated, dysfunctional family-but in real life, his family is anything but that. Zach talks about how he and his family struggled and fought through cancer, how that impacted him -how that terrible experience made his life better and how you can salvage invaluable perspectives and lessons in spite of a devastating experience that can make your life better. Zach’s Twitter:’s Instagram: Donate to the organizations Zach works with:Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan: cancerfoundationsask.caCanadian Cancer Society: cancer.caLeukemia and Lymphoma Society of
44 min
Reppin’s Reintroduction
Start doin your warm ups and get ready -because Reppin is comin back! Yes, the podcast has been on hiatus. This is a really good time to catch up on past episodes because there will be a new lineup of shows and awesome guests comin at ya soon!! Check out what I’ve been working on! Series Directory:
7 min
The Blacklist’s Laura Sohn
Actress Laura Sohn broke onto television screens as Agent Alina Park on NBC’s mega hit The Blacklist with James Spader. Her other credits include NCIS and God Friended Me. Like many of us, Laura has a jam packed schedule—especially being in the entertainment industry which is known to have many, many long hours. Self care and really anything else usually has to take a backseat. Regardless of what your profession is or where you are—the need to have a job and really the demands of everyday life make it extremely hard to slow down and think about the life you want to carve out for yourself. It’s a universal struggle. So, you may be surprised to hear that Laura recently stepped back wrapping up a thrilling run on a hugely successful show so she can take a break. This is even tougher to do being that minority roles in entertainment are still very hard to come by. Today, you can learn more about this talented actress, the values she shows up for and the responsibility she has as an Asian American and how she’s working to open doors. Laura also shares what she’s doing to prioritize her self care, how she’s using her voice to help others and how you can do it too. Laura’s Instagram:
50 min
J.R. Martinez’s Rebirth: Priorities Purpose & P...
J.R. Martinez is an Army Veteran, Burn Survivor, Actor, New York Times Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Dancing the Stars Winner & Host of the podcast Rebirth. He has faced death and come out on the other side finding hope, defining his own path, priorities & identity. The hard learned lessons, about life, value, and worth are what he’s sharing with you. My conversation with J.R. was an incredibly powerful, positive and absolutely inspiring one. it’s not just about facing challenges, it’s about loving yourself and your life. This truly is not a conversation you want to miss. J.R.’s website:’s Twitter:’s Instagram:
53 min