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Bay Area-raised host Ericka Cruz Guevarra talks with local journalists about what’s happening in the greatest region in the country. It’s the context and analysis you need to make sense of the headlines, with help from the people who know it best. New episodes drop Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

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Smash and Grab
San Francisco's got a problem with car break-ins. Police have been trying to solve it and the first month of the year is looking good. But the city has a lot more work to do. Today, we hand it off to Bay Curious,
9 min
We Reserve The Right
An Oakland coffee shop that refuses to serve uniformed police officers attracts pro-Trump protesters. Coffee shops are often seen as symbols of gentrification. This one is trying not to be that. - Guest: Janelle Bitker, East Bay Express staff writer
8 min
A Taser For Every Cop
San Francisco is one of the last major U.S. cities to arm police officers with Tasers. The city’s Police Commission approved a Taser policy on Wednesday. The fight over this weapon has been ongoing for more than a decade. What happened? -
7 min
‘Not Scared of Guns Anymore’
What if you saw gun violence all the time? Some Bay Area students do. We check in with high schoolers in Oakland where shootings are common, as other students around the country walkout to protest gun control. - Guest: Vanessa Rancano,
8 min
Eight Stories Tall
The housing bill that could remake Bay Area neighborhoods. SB 827 would make it easier to build higher near transit. It pits city versus state. We break it down from North Berkeley BART. - Guest: Bay Area News Group transportation reporter Erin Baldas...
8 min
Invisible Scars
Combat veterans fight invisible but very real battles at the Pathway Home in Yountville. We talk to a reporter who visited the facility months before last Friday’s deadly shooting to see how veterans struggle with the hidden scars of PTSD. -
9 min
BONUS EPISODE: A ‘Vulture’ in the Newsroom
Journalists cover protests. They don't organize them. So it's rare when they pick a side. That's what a group of Bay Area journalists did this week, to protest the gutting of their newsroom by the "secretive, vulture" hedge fund that owns them. -
6 min
‘No Fire Engines Here’
Delayed evacuations, communication gaps, the North Bay on fire. KQED investigated emergency alerts during the North Bay fires. Today, we trace the first eight hours of October 8. - Guest: KQED News reporter Sukey Lewis.
10 min
How DARE You
The U.S. attorney general calls out Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf after filing a lawsuit against California over its sanctuary state laws. During a speech in Sacramento, Jeff Sessions targeted The Town, specifically. Today,
7 min
A Lesson in How to Protest Guns
One Bay Area school is preparing students to join a national movement for stricter gun laws following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. We’ll take you inside a San Francisco classroom where students and teachers talk tactics for next week’s nat...
7 min
What Happens After An ICE Arrest
Immigration officials made mass arrests of hundreds of undocumented Bay Area residents last week. Today, we’ll walk you through an ICE arrest and what happens next. - Guests: Alex Emslie, KQED criminal justice reporter and Julie Small,
9 min
Two Types of Homeless
The Tubbs Fire in the North Bay created a whole new group of homelessness in Santa Rosa. Since October, those who lost their homes have received most of the attention but many people were already living on the streets. - Guest: Jennielynn Holmes,
10 min
Death of the Taxi Cab
San Francisco's taxi industry is dying.
7 min
Introducing The Bay
Hey! Welcome to The Bay, KQED’s latest podcast for daily news in the Bay Area. Host Devin Katayama walks you through the biggest story of the day with reporters and newsmakers.
2 min