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Bay Area-raised host Ericka Cruz Guevarra talks with local journalists about what’s happening in the greatest region in the country. It’s the context and analysis you need to make sense of the headlines, with help from the people who know it best. New episodes drop Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

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Oakland Is Having a Moment at the Movies
Oakland is having a moment on the big screen. This weekend Blindspotting will be released, the third movie this year featuring the city that is drawing national attention. It follows the releases of Black Panther and Sorry to Bother You earlier in 2018...
8 min
A Bay Area Newspaper Publisher Uses the N-Word ...
Former East Bay Express reporter Azucena Rasilla wrote about quitting her job at the alternative weekly after her stories were retracted by the publisher for being racially provocative. That publisher then resigned.
12 min
Raising Sam: A Story of Seizures, Marijuana and...
Sam Vogelstein was having as many as 100 seizures a day. His parents tried more than 20 different medications. Then they stumbled on research showing the benefits of a marijuana-based drug. After trying to buy and make the CBD (cannabidiol) drug underg...
15 min
East Palo Alto: Bank Desert
There are no banks in East Palo Alto – a city surrounded by some of the wealthiest communities in the Bay Area. There is one lone ATM, though. We’ll take you there and meet some people who say being ignored by banks is a long-standing problem in this h...
12 min
Get to Know London Breed, San Francisco’s New M...
Learn more about London Breed and how she became the person and politician she is today by reading Jamilah King's article in Mother Jones.
9 min
Is This the Beginning of a Tech Worker Revolution?
A standing room-only crowd of tech workers from the most iconic Silicon Valley companies met last week in the Mission District of San Francisco. They were there to talk about how to organize against the very companies that're paying their paychecks.
8 min
FROM THE ARCHIVE: Why Some Oakland Fans Have a ...
The Golden State Warriors have not always been the golden team. Oakland fans supported the Warriors through decades of losing seasons and rode the high toward three NBA Championships. Now as the team plans to move across the bay to The City,
11 min
The History of the Oakland Sideshow (via Bay Cu...
The original sideshows were pop-up parties -- part car show, part block party. They first bubbled up in mall parking lots of Deep East Oakland in the 1980s. Over time the sideshows began to change and the Oakland Police Department began to take notice....
11 min
The People Who Work in America’s Most Famous Bu...
The beloved La Taqueria restaurant in the Mission was fined last year for labor violations. Read the full story from the San Francisco Chronicle.
7 min
Man on the Street: A Story of Homelessness in S...
KQED is airing and publishing stories about housing affordability and homelessness this week as part of the SF Homeless Project collaboration with other Bay Area news organizations to draw attention to the conditions people endure.
15 min
Lake County Hit By Wildfire 4th Straight Year
More than a thousand people have evacuated their homes because of the Pawnee Fire in Lake County. The wildfire that started Saturday has destroyed at least 22 buildings. It's a reoccurring nightmare; wildfires have burned through Lake County year after...
10 min
Richmond Asks How It Should Alert Residents in ...
The fire that ignited at the Sims Metal Management scrap yard site in January alarmed a lot of people who live in the city of Richmond. It got them thinking: How do residents get told when there's a big fire or other emergency?
10 min
Trump v. California Over Sanctuary Policy
The Trump administration's fight against sanctuary policies is now being litigated in federal court. The first hearing was Wednesday in Sacramento. And the consequences of the court case affects sanctuary policies,
7 min
Leaving the Bay Area: Where People Are Going an...
More than 200 people wrote in to tell KQED about their plans to leave the Bay Area and California. Read about where they're going and why.
7 min
When Oil Refineries Flare, What Happens To The ...
On May 5th, 2017 the power went out at the Valero oil refinery in Benicia. Above the refinery, flares blazed and released thick clouds of black smoke. The surrounding areas were evacuated and nearby schools were ordered to shelter-in-place.
0 min
‘Misleading Statements, Otherwise Known as a Lie’
How ICE and Trump spun a false narrative about the Oakland mayor and the raids. Read the full story.
9 min
Warriors: ‘They Bounce the Ball in Oakland’
The Golden State Warriors have not always been the golden team. Oakland fans have supported the Warriors through decades of losing seasons and rode the high toward three NBA Championships. Now as the team plans to move across the bay to The City,
10 min
‘Money Flows North, the Green Goes South’
Huedell Freeman was hauling 47 pounds of marijuana from a farm in Mendocino County to a medical dispensary in Los Angeles when two Rohnert Park police officers pulled him over. They took his weed, gave him a citation and let him go.
10 min
San Francisco: 2. Big Tobacco: 0
Flavored tobacco gets booted out of San Francisco. On Tuesday, voters passed Proposition E with 69 percent of the vote, making the city the first in the nation to pass such a comprehensive ordinance banning all flavored tobacco products from every stor...
10 min
Total Recall: Judge Aaron Persky Voted Out
#TBT on The Bay: Sixty percent of voters decided to remove Aaron Persky from his judgeship in Santa Clara County. He's the judge who handed a six-month sentence to former Stanford athlete Brock Turner after Turner was convicted of sexually assaulting a...
9 min
Inside the KQED Newsroom on Election Night
Find full primary election coverage at
10 min
Your Identity, Your Vote
The three top candidates running for mayor in San Francisco will have the chance to be the city's "first" in some way. But does a candidate's identity sway people's votes? And how does a voter's identity play a role at the polls?
10 min
Fire Inspections Go Undone: An Investigation by...
Read the full story Burned Out: How overwhelmed fire inspectors fail to protect us by the Bay Area News Group.
9 min
From ‘Just Say No’ to ‘Delay, Delay, Delay’
Read Carrie Feibel's story about talking to kids about marijuana here:
9 min
Waiting For BART in Antioch
Antioch has waited decades for a BART station. The city has seen a population boom led by the Bay Area's housing crisis, which has pushed people farther and farther out. Last weekend, BART officially began train service to Antioch.
6 min