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A Dark History of Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley got its start with a man who was regarded as a genius and won a Nobel prize. But William Shockley was also a racist and eugenicist who promoted sterilizations of black Americans. A new monument in Mountain View celebrates Shockley's work...
9 min
Are Electric Cars Too Uncool?
Your car says a lot about you. It can tell people how much money you have. It can say, "I care about the environment." And while we know that the adoption of electric cars is key to cutting greenhouse gas emissions,
8 min
Yoga and #MeToo: ‘I Trusted Yoga, So I Trusted ...
You can read Miranda's full story #MeToo Unmasks the Open Secret of Sexual Abuse in Yoga.
12 min
The Whitening and Erasure of the Asian-American...
Read Iris' personal essay from The Atlantic, The 'Whitening' of Asian Americans.
11 min
The Bay’s 100th Episode. What?!
The Bay is teaming up with Snap Judgment to present The Fire Tapes, a night of live stories about the Northern California wildfires. Tickets available now for the Sept. 22 show.
9 min
The Drug With No Street Name: Fentanyl
Fentanyl is partly to blame for a rise in *drug* overdose deaths, according to a recent Centers for Disease Control report. Officials say the synthetic and undetectable opioid Fentanyl is being mixed into all types of drugs from heroin to cocaine and m...
12 min
Bay Area Women Candidates and ‘The Long Run’ Fo...
The KQED special series The Long Run is about women running for office this November including Bay Area candidates and their experiences on the campaign trail. - The Bay is teaming up with Snap Judgement to present a live show about the one year anni...
11 min
Bay Curious: Hetch Hetchy Water’s Epic Journey,...
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9 min
MindShift: Can Inviting Teachers Over to Your H...
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13 min
Q’ed Up: The West Oakland Teacher Everyone Knows
Take The Bay's feedback survey ! Subscribe to KQED's Q'ed Up podcast. Read Vanessa Rancaño's full story on LuPaulette Taylor here .
7 min
Verizon Squeezes the Internet Hose on Firefight...
Read Jon Brodkin's full story here. Plus, an update about what Verizon is doing since the story came out.
9 min
‘Cover the Important Bits’: Alameda Schools Cha...
Read Jill Tucker's story on Alameda's new dress code. - And please take a few minutes to help us make The Bay better by taking our short survey.
10 min
Fight for Water Makes Strange Bedfellows: Farme...
Green bins, blue bins, black bins. San Francisco is known for being super progressive when it comes to the environment. But some say the city's behind the curve on this one thing: water. This week state water officials discuss a revolutionary new plan ...
8 min
‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Is What A Lot of People Hav...
Read Ricky's article here: Asian-Americans Are Cultural Orphans (aka I hope Crazy Rich Asians isn’t a flop).
10 min
Back to the Future: SF’s New Transbay Terminal
Dan's reporting on San Francisco's new transit terminal can be found here . To see a video of the new terminal click here .
9 min
A Lesson in How to Die
There will be a screening of A Dance With Death at the Clay Theatre Wednesday, Aug. 15.
13 min
These Fires Break All the Old Rules
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11 min
One Bay Area City Preps for More Rent Control; ...
If California voters approve Prop. 10 in November, the debate over rent control will continue. Read more from Guy Marzorati on that debate in the Bay Area.
10 min
How the DMV Got Worse
Read Bryan Anderson's full story on the DMV here. Also check out the Capitol Alert newsletter. Finally, thanks to the Sacramento Bee for letting us use audio for this story.
8 min
Are Democratic Socialists a Thing Now?
Read more of Julian Mark's coverage of the Democratic Socialists growth in the Bay Area and his coverage of the local fundraiser for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
11 min
How a Schoolteacher’s Letter Led to the Creatio...
Check out some of the letters between Glickman and Schulz here.
7 min
The Conflicted Capitalist: Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky
Can big tech companies call themselves progressive? One of Silicon Valley's biggest CEOs says he has identified as progressive. Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky says he felt conflicted once about whether to charge people to use the company's platform.
9 min
The Orwellian Take on San Francisco’s Informal ...
Does San Francisco have an informal caste system fueled by tech? Read Wired writer Antonio García Martínez's piece on what are the four levels he sees.
11 min
How Bay Area Activists Harness the Power of Whi...
No one knows how to run a protest like Bay Area activists. In fact, faith leaders and Black Lives Matter activists from the Bay brought their strategies to the U.S.-Mexico border near San Diego to protest family separation at a detention facility for p...
11 min
Fire Clean-Up Mostly Done, but Now It’s Time to...
Read Sukey's story, Cleaning Up: Inside the Wildfire Debris Removal Job That Cost Taxpayers $1.3 Billion .
11 min