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Bay Area-raised host Ericka Cruz Guevarra talks with local journalists about what’s happening in the greatest region in the country. It’s the context and analysis you need to make sense of the headlines, with help from the people who know it best. New episodes drop Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

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Voters Love School Bonds. But Should They?
School bond measures almost always pass. More money for schools – and by extension, kids – seems like an obvious yes. But less attention is given to how that bond money gets spent and who is on the receiving end. One powerful lobbying group,
12 min
Google Employees Say ‘Time’s Up’ for the Patria...
About 1,000 Google employees walked out of work Thursday and staged a rally on the company's main Mountain View campus. The impetus was a New York Times report published last week about dozens of sexual misconduct allegations and some very large exit p...
8 min
Silicon Valley Is Trying To Prevent Hate Speech... is like Twitter without any restrictions. Gab is also where a man named Robert Bowers posted comments before allegedly shooting and killing 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue. Today: what Silicon Valley is doing to prevent hate speech online.
13 min
How Much Do You Get Paid? *Crickets*
Are you embarrassed to share your salary? Yeah, a lot of us are. Software engineer Jackie Luo makes the case that we can’t improve the pay gap (for women or people of color) in industries like tech without being more transparent. So,
10 min
A Building Burns. Oakland Suspects Arson.
A big construction site of new housing went up in flames early Tuesday morning, and people immediately suspected arson. Some Oaklanders say it's motivated by anger against gentrification. The five-alarm fire in West Oakland isn't the first time new con...
8 min
Priest Abuse and an Exorcism: One Santa Clara W...
We don't often hear about priests abusing their adult parishioners. As advocates renew calls for accountability for priests accused of abusing children, we hear the story of a woman in Santa Clara who came to her priest for help overcoming sex addictio...
10 min
Should S.F.’s Big Businesses Be Taxed to Pay fo...
A Twitter fight between two of San Francisco's biggest, and wealthiest, tech leaders says a lot about the city's problem with homelessness. Proposition C calls for taxing the city's most profitable companies to double the $300 million already spent on ...
10 min
A Raised Arm and a Clenched Fist at the 1968 Ol...
John Carlos and Tommie Smith both won medals in the same track event at the 1968 Olympic games in Mexico City. On the medal stand, both raised clenched fists in a salute to Black power. The backlash that followed cost them the rest of their running car...
11 min
Who Has Power and Who Doesn’t: Changes at PG&E
Power is important. Both the kind that lets us switch on the lights and the kind that gives people the ability to make decisions for us. Tens of thousands of Northern California residents lost power over the weekend after PG&E cut electricity for safet...
7 min
Fighting Homelessness in Oakland, One Vacant Lo...
Oakland sure has a lot of vacant properties, despite being in the middle of a housing crisis. In November, voters will decide whether the city should tax owners of those properties to help raise millions of dollars for homeless services.
11 min
Should We Rebuild Where Fire Could Happen Again?
New homes are popping up in Santa Rosa one year after the Northern California fires. Some are rebuilding in the exact same spots. Others are worried about losing everything again when the next fire comes, including firefighters who live there.
11 min
Struggling to Return Home After the Fire
Kayla Swaim's home was destroyed a year ago in the Tubbs Fire. She lost everything, including her sense of safety.
10 min
Proposition 5: Extending Tax Breaks for Homeowners
Do you ever wish you had a coupon that would give you a discount on what you pay for your house? Proposition 13 is kind of like that. Now Proposition 5 would give homeowners over the age of 55, and a few others,
11 min
Live Event: The Bay Interviews Pulitzer-Winning...
Tap on The Fire Tapes to watch the full special taped on Sept. 22 in San Francisco.
16 min
One Crack Too Many for SF’s Salesforce Transit ...
First there was one crack. Then two. Now San Francisco's new $2.2 billion Salesforce Transit Center could be shut down for weeks. In an earlier episode, we covered the opening of the transit center (called by some the Grand Central Station of the West)...
12 min
Yosemiteland! El Capitan With a Latte
Airbnb, caramel macchiatos and luxury dining. Yosemite is starting to feel more and more like the Bay Area. There are more visitors, more traffic, and now a Starbucks. Today, we'll introduce you to Yosemiteland,
9 min
‘I Believed He Was Going to Rape Me:’ The Heari...
Visit to see full coverage and the complete Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.
9 min
Judge To Decide Whether Mario Woods Civil Case ...
After a police killing, it can be hard to get a clear picture of what exactly happened. Like the case of Mario Woods, who was shot and killed by San Francisco police in 2015. Nearly three years later, as the civil case is being prepared for trial,
12 min
From $250,000 to $0: Taxi Medallions in S.F.
If you use Uber or Lyft in San Francisco, you're no doubt helping to kill the taxi cab industry. But the city didn't help either when it started charging $250,000 for taxi medallions as the ride service companies were getting started.
12 min
How the SF Schools ‘Lottery’ Failed
Parents hate it, for sure. But more than that, the schools selection process has created even more segregated student bodies. The goal was the exact opposite. And now there’s a proposal to get off the so-called "lottery" and try something new. -
9 min
Can Oakland Out-Regulate S.F. on Scooters?
First came electric scooters. Then came policies to regulate them. The Oakland City Council passed new rules Monday with an eye on equity, requiring that scooters be made accessible in areas of the city that need more transit options and that people wi...
7 min
A Dark History of Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley got its start with a man who was regarded as a genius and won a Nobel prize. But William Shockley was also a racist and eugenicist who promoted sterilizations of black Americans. A new monument in Mountain View celebrates Shockley's work...
9 min
Are Electric Cars Too Uncool?
Your car says a lot about you. It can tell people how much money you have. It can say, "I care about the environment." And while we know that the adoption of electric cars is key to cutting greenhouse gas emissions,
8 min
Yoga and #MeToo: ‘I Trusted Yoga, So I Trusted ...
You can read Miranda's full story #MeToo Unmasks the Open Secret of Sexual Abuse in Yoga.
12 min
The Whitening and Erasure of the Asian-American...
Read Iris' personal essay from The Atlantic, The 'Whitening' of Asian Americans.
11 min