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Can Cultural Districts in San Francisco Really ...
Calle 24. Japantown. The Leather District. These are all neighborhoods in San Francisco that the city has formally recognized as cultural districts. Not so much for tourism as an attempt to save them from gentrification. But will it work? -
10 min
Oakland Loses Battle With Developer Phil Tagami...
Oakland has lost a battle with coal. A judge ruled Tuesday to uphold a contract that lets a developer ship coal through an Oakland port. Developer Phil Tagami had sued the city after the council had voted to ban the shipment of coal. -
6 min
Hunter’s Point Gets a Hearing at SF City Hall
San Francisco supervisors were not happy with answers they got on Monday from the company accused of falsifying soil data at Hunters Point. In recent weeks, we learned two pleaded guilty to faking reports, and there is suspicion about whether the parce...
9 min
Oakland’s Response to #GrillingWhileBlack: Elec...
Oakland’s Lake Merritt is supposed to be a public space for everyone. But it doesn't feel that way when white residents complain about the way black residents use the park. So how did people respond when a white woman recently called the cops on two bl...
10 min
The Toxic Site in Our Backyard
Read more of Chris Roberts’ reporting on Hunters Point Shipyard and follow him on Twitter @cbloggy.
14 min
Black Women Who Code and the Culture That Eats ...
There are few women in tech. There are even fewer women of color in tech, which can be isolating. At a women's mixer in Mountain View for Google partners, two black women connect over their career experiences.
9 min
What’s So Wrong With Recalling Judges?
Judge Aaron Persky is facing a recall election in June after sentencing a former Stanford student-athlete Brock Turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious and intoxicated woman back in 2015.
9 min
What Does One UC Berkeley Gardener Make?
Thousands of University of California union employees are on strike this week amid failed contract negotiations. Among them are gardeners, janitors, nurses aides and food service workers who say the Bay Area's expensive costs demand higher wages.
8 min
Renaming Julius Kahn Playground
San Francisco named the Julius Kahn Playground located in the Presidio after the congressman who represented the city in the early 1900s. But his racist past as the politician who disparaged immigrants and advocated for the Chinese Exclusion Act of 188...
13 min
Fighting For 80 Square Feet In Chinatown
Chinatown is one of the few San Francisco neighborhoods where lower income residents can still afford to make rent. The tenants living in one Single Room Occupancy - where rooms are 80 square feet - are the latest to sue their landlords over what they ...
10 min
The ABCs of California’s Gig Economy
Working without a boss has its perks. But many gig workers, like those who drive for Uber and Lyft, say they're treated more like employees than contract workers. The California supreme court ruled this week that misclassifying workers as independent c...
7 min
Can You Find the Cameras Above Street Lights? T...
There are license plate readers all over the Bay Area that law enforcement can use to track vehicles coming in and out of a particular area. Many of these devices have hung above street lights for a few years,
10 min
Costa Hawkins: The Housing Law That Renters Hate
The debate over rent control is at a new crossroads. Tenant advocates say they've collected enough signatures to ask voters in November to repeal Costa Hawkins, a state law that curbs rent control polices in some cities. We ask ...
10 min
Golden State Killer Suspect Is Arrested Near Sa...
The so-called Golden State Killer raped more than 50 women and murdered a dozen people. Law enforcement officials said Wednesday that they'd arrested Joseph James DeAngelo, the man suspected of terrorizing parts of the Bay Area,
8 min
Teens Get Personal About the Crazy, Rich Bay Area
What's it like to be a teenager living through the Bay Area's affordability crisis? Today, as part of KQED's Youth Takeover week -- when we hand the mic to the generation that will save us all -- the team asks San Francisco high schoolers about going o...
9 min
Straws Upon Request
Some Bay Area cities want plastic straws out. Oakland and Berkeley are both considering ordinances on Tuesday that would force people to request plastic straws at restaurants. How Bay Area is that? - Guest: Jeremy Siegel, KQED reporter -
8 min
BONUS EPISODE: Elmwood Cafe Closes
We published an episode on Friday featuring comedian and CNN host W. Kamau Bell who told us about a racist incident he suffered in 2015 when he was told to leave a Berkeley cafe for being black. Early on Friday morning that restaurant -- Elmwood Cafe -...
6 min
Race and Coffee
Update: Berkeleyside reports that Elmwood Cafe is closed as of Apr. 20. - Articles by W. Kamau Bell:
10 min
The Big (Hayward) One
The Hayward Fault -- geologists warn this Bay Area fault line that runs through several East Bay cities could unbuckle an earthquake more dangerous, more destructive than the widely-feared San Andreas Fault. The U.S.
6 min
Some parents in Fremont don't want comprehensive sex ed to be taught to their fourth and fifth graders in schools. They've flooded school board meetings to say the curriculum does not respect their parental and cultural choices around sex. -
11 min
Silicon Valley Meets Motor City
Long hours, lots of injuries: That's the story some Tesla workers tell about a factory in Fremont. Elon Musk's electric car company says it's fixed its problem and improved worker safety. But a new story by Reveal from The Center For Investigative Repo...
8 min
Locked Out
Buying a house while black or brown is tough, especially in Vallejo. Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting found that white people are more likely than black people to be approved for a conventional home loan when all else is equal -- 50 y...
8 min
Where Were You Last Time?
A San Francisco doctor grabbed headlines right after the YouTube shooting last week. Trauma surgeon Andre Campbell took the press to task for showing up that day but not for other shootings in the community. - Guest: Laura Klivans,
8 min
Scoot Scoot
First came dockless bikes. Now -- scooters. These zippy, motorized, human transporters have descended upon San Francisco sidewalks. Local politicians (and some residents) seem annoyed enough to want to regulate them. - Guest: Dan Brekke,
9 min
Black Mirror IRL
I know your name. Your face. The way you walk. And what you like. But should I? While Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies in Washington D.C. this week, we turn to some Stanford professors and students who are creating an ethics course for computer s...
8 min