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Natural Sciences
Who Decided We Needed Vitamins?
Take your vitamins! A phrase from our parents mouths to our ears since time immemorial.
28 min
Stereotypes: The Good, the Bad, and the Truthful
Don’t judge today’s episode by its cover. Why? Because we’re talking the science of stereotypes!
36 min
The Violent History and Cyber Future of War
This week we’re charging into the science of WAR! Are humans really prone to violence?
42 min
Where Do Dreams Come From?
This week we’re getting dreamy!
34 min
WTF Are Algorithms Anyway?
In this episode we’re talking about the science of algorithms. Where they came from, what they really are, whether they’re good or EVIL, and much, much more.
31 min
Why Do We Drink Alcohol?
The origin of human alcohol consumption is a widely debated topic among many scientists and it is an interesting topic at that.
43 min
Your Body On (And Off) Food
You eat food every single day. But what exactly is happening inside your body to give you those essential nutrients?
27 min
How The Internet Changed The World Forever
Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites have helped spark some of the world's most fascinating revolutions and it doesn't stop there!
41 min
Why We Don’t Have Real Holograms Yet
From who invented them and how, to why we don’t have holodecks, we’re answering all your holographic questions.
26 min
Why Fear Is Our Most Valuable Trait
When a fear begins to affect your every day livelihood is when one should seek medical help. Luckily Dr. Ali Mattu is here to show us how.
42 min
The Life And Death Of Stars
Stars come from a very precise situation in the universe. What exactly happens to create them? And what happens when they die?
32 min
Mosquitoes Suck!
There are vast numbers of viruses and diseases that mosquitoes spread, but what do they spread and what do those viruses do to us exactly?
44 min
WTF Is Gravity? Scientists Don’t Really Know Ei...
Gravity is a simple concept, but the “why” and the “how” are magnificently complicated. In today’s episode, we’re digging into all things gravity, from how we discovered it, to what would happen without it, and so, so much more.
32 min
Gold! What Is It Good For?
Gold has more uses than just strictly currency. It's characteristics make it ideal for the medical field, space travel and so much more!
24 min
Can We Actually Travel Through Time?
With a deep understanding of time and relativity, traveling through time might actually be possible, according to Albert Einstein.
47 min
What's This Puberty Thing All About?
We all think that puberty begins in our pre-teens and ends in our early adulthood but, the truth is, puberty lasts throughout our lifetime.
26 min
Microgravity Makes the ISS a Perfect Lab, Here’...
Today, we’re breaking down all things ISS.
34 min
Hearing Colors: What It's Like To Have Synesthesia
Host Trace Dominguez interviews musician Kaitlyn Hova, a synesthete who can see specific colors when she hears musical notes.
16 min
The Periodic Table Of Elements: An Origin Story
From a troubled home life to a lifetime of notoriety and fame in the science world, Dimitri Mendeleev came a long way in his crazy life and gave the world an amazing tool.
21 min
Let’s Talk About Sex Baby, Let’s Talk About Bra...
Today we're breaking down all things sex.
32 min
How The Universe And Everything In It Formed
It took a long time to get to where we are today and several theories exist as to how we got here in the first place. But which are true?
35 min
Sharks Are Awesome!
So humans kill over 100 million sharks per year. But why? These creatures are awesome and should be admired for their incredible longevity!
48 min
The Emergence And Reemergence Of Dinosaurs
Soft tissues, including DNA, of fossils can be preserved but not enough DNA has survived after 65 million years to clone a dinosaur.
39 min
Star Trek Science: Fusion is Happening NOW! Her...
A Bad Science podcast collaboration
43 min
The Compromise Of Renewable Energy
In 2014 USA's 99 nuclear reactors produced 798 billion kWh which accounts for over 19% of our total electrical output. So why the bad rap?
44 min
Using Asteroids To Further Humanity
In 2013 NASA introduced an asteroid-capture mission called ARM (Asteroid Redirect Mission) which would bring an asteroid to moon's orbit.
35 min
Genetics 101
"Gene" is a general word for a piece of DNA that creates proteins, but what exactly are genes? Why do they matter?
34 min
In the 1930s Nuclear Energy Fueled the Future… ...
This sucker is nuclear, baby!
48 min
The Birth And Death Of Earth's Oceans
Ocean acidification, over-fishing, warming climate and other environmental triggers may spell the next "Great Dying," but are we there yet?
33 min
What's Up With Sleep
We spend 36 percent of our entire life asleep, but what exactly is happening to your body and brain while snoozing?
31 min
What's Up With The Calendar?
We've all learned it takes 24 hours for the Earth to rotate once on its axis but that isn't the whole story at all. There's much more to it.
33 min
This is Your Brain on Noise... Any Questions?
Noise is a big deal, it’s everywhere, it’s pervasive, it’s the WORST. But without it, you couldn’t hear this episode.
46 min
The Plan To Evacuate Earth
Earth has shaped the way humans look and behave. How will future generations in space evolve under radiation and little gravity?
42 min
BAD SCIENCE: Star Wars: Episode V
A small taste of our new show BAD SCIENCE
46 min
New Show: Bad Science
A new show to determine what is Science Fiction vs Science Fact
1 min
Why Is Blood So Important?
Today we're taking a deep dive into the science of blood: what it's made of, what it does, and why it's so bloody important.
39 min
A Battery Is a Dynamic and Crazy Place, And We ...
Today we're diving into everything you’re ever going to need to know about the tiny bricks that power all the devices on (and in) your person.
47 min
Is Mars Our Only Hope?
The red planet has captured our imaginations since it was first spotted in the sky, but is it really the only hope for human survival?
25 min
Can Science Help Us Understand Humor?
Today, we find our funny bone. Not literally. Instead, we're going to breakdown the science of humor.
47 min
Space: We're Bad At It, Yet We Keep Trying
Today, we’re going to break down the science of humans going to space.
41 min
How The Internet Uses Your Reward System to Kee...
Today, we’re going to break down the science of Internet Addiction or as we like to call it: Information Obsession.
41 min
Cockroaches are the worst (or are they?)
Cockroaches can survive decapitation, nuclear explosions and they save our forests. Yes, they're gross, but they're actually kinda cool!
25 min
The History And Ethics Of Propaganda
It's a common goal of propaganda to promote a biased opinion, and while many may resist, propaganda actually has the ability to save lives!
32 min
Matter Makes Up Everything, So What Makes Up Ma...
Matter Makes Up Everything, So What Makes Up Matter?
37 min
The Importance Of Immigration
Globalization is a complicated issue with pros and cons both for and against. But what would a world with complete globalization be like?
37 min
What in the World is Happening with Climate Cha...
Climate change is becoming increasingly difficult to deny and as more change happens we all wonder whether or not humans are the ones to blame.
50 min
Are We Alone In the Universe?
We've been asking the question, "Are we alone?" for decades. Has math finally solved the question burning in all of our minds?
45 min
You Think You Know What Meat Is... But You Have...
Eating meat has been part of the human identity for 2.5 million years, but according to science, what exactly is meat?
46 min
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